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    Resort vs. condos???

    I recommend a condo, it makes things easier to have people book their own accommodations. VRBO has been a great money saver. There are so many options out there. Do your research and anything you decide will be great!
  2. Choose the day based on when you want to get married. If it's less expensive in November less time is needed to save, and if it is in January and more expensive they will have more time to save. If your wedding is on Saturday, which mine is too, have your rehearsal dinner later in the evening on Friday so if guests are coming in they can come. We are having a welcome BBQ the night before the wedding. I'm not sure where your reception is located, but try to serve dinner. If you guests are traveling from far away it's best to give them a good meal. It could be heavy appetizers, or a middle of the road dinner, you can choose the least expensive thing you think will be nice. I'm skipping a wedding cake, and just having dessert at the restaurant. Hope this helps.
  3. jam8x2

    Wedding Planner recommendations please!

    I am using Kara Byrne from Your Aloha Wedding Co. Maui Wedding Coordinators, Planners & Consultants- Your Aloha Wedding Company: Welcome She has been fantastic. There are lots of photos on the website. I have been working with her for about just over a year now for my wedding this June. She is always on top of things and I couldn't have asked for someone better to help with everything. I am involved with planning some of my vendors too and she has been very helpful about all of the details. Good luck choosing the best wedding planner to help!
  4. These are great! I found similar bags at Target! Great find!
  5. jam8x2

    I'm a Newbie!!

    Welcome. You'll find this website very useful!!! Congratulations and happy planning!
  6. jam8x2

    Rehearsal Dinner or Reception

    we are having our rehearsal/ welcome dinner on the rooftop of the condo where my fiance's parents are staying also!! We are really excited and plan on having our dads BBQ chicken and pineapple and have teriyaki sauce to add. I would love to hear how the space is after your wedding since mine is in June and you'll be there in May! It sounds great and from all of the pictures it looks perfect. Quote: Originally Posted by cutefeet We are staying at a condo in Kihei where the rooftop is set up with BBQs tables, and a small covered kitchen. We are going to have a rehearsal dinner/mixer on the roof and watch the sunset. We aren't sure yet if we are going to have some of our master BBQ friends help us cook up something great on the BBQs or if we will just cater something easy from Da Kitchen or some other restaurant where we can do an easy food pick up.
  7. I started tearing up reading the story, so cute and clever
  8. jam8x2

    Is Your Wedding Trip Also Your Honeymoon?

    We are getting married on Maui and staying for a day after then heading to Kauai for 5 days. Most of our family is staying on Maui for a week after the wedding. We didn't want to feel obligated to hang out with people so we decided to go to another island. Plus we have been to Maui a few times and wanted to go to another island!
  9. jam8x2

    Free Maui Maps

    This is great. When I was in Maui in July my mom and I went around to all of the tourist places and took back a whole bunch of maps similar to this one! That's great they mailed them to you.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa which hotel vs. cottages? we did both for our HM on Kauai so i may have some insight for you I haven't narrowed it down yet so any suggestions are welcomed. I am not even sure which part of the island I want to stay at.
  11. jam8x2

    I'm getting a puppy!!

    So cute, my fiance and I just got a puppy about a month ago. She's 4 months old and a ball of energy! Be prepared!
  12. jam8x2

    hi there!!!

    Welcome and congratulations on deciding on a destination wedding!
  13. I am booking my honeymoon soon for 5 days on Kauai and I keep going back and forth between beautiful cottages that are steps away from the beach and resorts that offer a multitude of amenities. I am having trouble deciding which I would rather have. Anyone have any thoughts?
  14. Great information! Thank you! Always looking for new websites!