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  1. My FI and I have just decided we want to get married at DT as its beautiful!!! I just have a couple questions (considering therre are 431 pages, they may have been answered before, but I dont have time to go through all the pages!) 1. Are outside photographers allowed? 2. We want to have a ceremony in the later afternoon that will allow us to take sunset pictures. How much before sunset should we plan our wedding?? 3. I'm a bit confused about this having to be there four days before. So that means if we get there on a Sunday we can get married on a Thursday? or Monday we can get married on a Friday? Thanks so much for all your help!!
  2. That is supposed to say might NOT come, instead of might now come. It's been a long day !!
  3. Hi everyone!! I'm recently engaged and we have decided we want to get married sometime in early 2012 in Mexico. I have run into a dilemma though, my Fiances' brother and sister in law are both teachers and the best time for them to come is during February break (something we have in Alberta). I was looking up prices online, and it seems like during this time prices for vacations are almost $400 more then during the week before or after!! I know if we book it for a different week there is a good chance they might now come, however, I don't know if Im willing to pay that much extra money! What would you do?
  4. I have been to Maui a few times and have always stayed at the Outrigger Palms at Wailea. They are beautiful condos that are decently priced! They are spacious, have a small living room and kitchen, nice bathrooms and one or two bedrooms (One bedrooms do mostly all have a pull out couch). They also have a BBQ on the deck which is a must for my family. The only down fall is its not right on the beach, but they are still only a 5 minute walk away.
  5. I would try to find a resort where you can make your own custom wedding package so you only pay for what you need (then you dont end up paying for dinner for 20 guests, and extra flowers ect) or resorts that offer free wedding packages if you book so many nights in a certain room.
  6. Your puppy is so cute! And your ring is beauuuuutiful!!!
  7. I have tried to search this forum but have not found many results. I want to have my hair half up and half down and curled. However, Im torn between a flower and a veil or both. Originally I didnt want a veil, but I realized, when else in your life can you wear one? And I love the look of them. But I also want flowers. Would it be to much to do both? And if anyone has pictures that would be great!
  8. Don't give up!! This will eventually fall into place. I was very confused when starting this whole process, but found it helpful to pick a place, and then a resort first. Once the resort was picked everything else seemed to fall into place. There is tons of useful information here that you can definetly use! Welcome, and happy planning:)
  9. I'm just not sure if I want to spend the extra 200-300 per person for preffered club when I dont know how much we will use the services provided. As well, the view to us is not that important as we dont plan on spending a ton of time in our room. Thanks for all the info.
  10. Welcome. Hope you can find the information you need here!
  11. We chose to do STD but not formal invitations. We are only having 15 guests (mostly all immediate family and close friends) and set up a web site. We chose not to do formal invites as everyone we want there has already told us they are coming. We thought it would just be another expense we didn't need.
  12. I think we are going to do Jelly Belly jelly beans in little shot glasses (we are only having 15 people). We are going to go to the bulk store and get only the colors we want to make them so we dont have to buy so much!
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