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  1. These are all different sizes - I just have a few pictured so you can get the general idea. Thanks!
  2. I have 71 stafish. They are all different sizes. I will ship anywhere in the U.S. Starfish + shipping = $12
  3. I would say there are 100s of these tiny little shells. I will ship them to anywhere in the U.S. -- $8 includes shells + shipping
  4. I would guess there are about 100-200 of these starfish. I will ship them within the U.S. for $8 (includes starfish & shipping)
  5. I have maybe 100-200 little little starfish, and I have 71 bigger starfish (variety of sizes). There are 100s of the little little shells.
  6. I have one yellow tiger lily "real touch" hair flower from Enchanting Memories in Canada. It is kind of big.. hopefully you can tell from the pictures the approximate size. I didn't actually end up this one. $15 (this includes shipping in the United States, if you want more than one I can cut some off the price) I also have one other yellow hair flower from the same company. It's more of the common silk type material hair flower, and it's quite a bit smaller. I actually did use this in my wedding.
  7. I have the yellow real touch and the yellow silk left
  8. I used Enchanting Memories in Canada for my real touch hair flowers. I have seen other brides on this forum use them and the bouquets always looking nice I have white & yellow hair flowers left if anyone is interested.
  9. They are from Enchanting Memories in Canada. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can talk about shipping. Thanks! Stacy  Â
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