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  1. After reading all of this, we decided to have our legal ceremony here. We need the marriage certificate for important documentation so we weren't taking any chances.
  2. I have one that I found so weird. We were watching the wedding of a young Christian couple from our hotel room. We were on the balcony which overlooks the bar and they had the reception at the outside bar area. First they had the ceremony in our walkway so we had to cut across on the grass area close to other rooms which we felt weird doing. Anyway, they are playing Christian music through the whole reception even during the entrance so later as they are finishing eating, they play, "Islands in the Stream". lol! I almost choked on my food with laughter.
  3. I'm trying to find a Bride and Groom for my stairs on my wedding cake. I'm having a cake with two satellite cakes on the side with the bride on one stairs and the groom on the other. I was reading on another website that a Bride had added stairs to symbolize the long journey and obstacles that they went through together and I thought well, that's us. Problem is, I've been searching a searching and can't seem to find the Bride and Groom separated.
  4. Maybe, you could call or e-mail them. They just opened so I couldn't find much information on them either but what I found was positive. I was thinking of staying there but it's out of my budget right now.
  5. My BM can't make it to my DW so I invited her as well. BTW, I love your outfit.
  6. My wedding planner put the lifting of the veil from the cake on my program but since his mother is deceased and my mother is unable to attend, I'm not sure who would do it. The cake lasts for a very long time. After all, we are supposed to keep it for a year for good luck. I love the cake. I don't know about the mailing part never heard of that but here everyone shows up at your wedding and reception and guests take leftover food home covered with aluminum foil or extra plates. Never heard of the ridiculing but it is quite common here for people to comment on what everyone is wearing. That's the reason that I wanted to have my wedding in Jamaica. lol!
  7. I'm using my reception dress for my legal ceremony and thinking of taking pictures but I am a little worried about taking away from the actual ceremony.
  8. I talked to her today. She asked me about me paying half of the ticket so I told her that I don't want to cause her any undue financial distress. I told her that she would still have to find money for food and a place to stay and if she can't find money for the ticket which is very cheap then I don't see how she can find money for the rest.
  9. Yes, I was wondering if I could just send paper invitations to those that don't have e-mails and use my website for those that have e-mails.
  10. I'm a little confused about the thank you cards...are they sent out after the wedding or when people book? Just wondering because I am so late with sending out my invitations but was wondering if I need to send out cards saying, "Thanks for booking" since most people have already booked. I finally have my website done or partly done since we didn't get our pictures yet. This is very hard living in two different countries. I sent the website address to the people that have e-mails and was thinking I could have people RSVP there but a lot of people don't have e-mails so I need to send paper invites. I couldn't send paper to those that don't have e-mail can I? and send by e-mail to everyone else?
  11. Thanks Murmel. I don't think stress free is what I would call my wedding right now. I'm going to speak to her as soon as we are finished dealing with some other issues.
  12. I paid for the BM but the MOH said that she would buy her own.
  13. I have this problem with my BM too. I ordered the dress and now she's making a lot of excuses about why she can't come. It's quite annoying to have bought a custom made dress and now I'm stuck with it. I can't even think of anyone else that can wear it so it was a waste of money.
  14. It rains mostly in the afternoons which is typical weather for this time of year. We should know by Tuesday what Tomas will do. Hopefully, it will just go away. Congratulations and hope you enjoy your trip. Site visits is so much fun. I really enjoyed mine.
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