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  1. Thank you everyone! I think I will go for it - a sweetheart neckline is so romantic! I just hope the beading detail on the bodice isn't an issue.... Does anyone know if this type of alteration is expensive? Wish me luck!
  2. Hello, I have found THE dress, and I love it. However, I love sweetheart necklines, and this dress has a straight neckline. Do you think it would look good if I altered it to have a sweetheart neckline, or would the new neckline be "too much"? Thank you in advance for your input!!!!
  3. Thanks for your input, everyone! I was battling with some guilt for making a fuss about the legal ceremony, but in the end I realized that, while my DW will be my symbolic joining to my FI, this is my legal joining and is still really important and worth celebrating. I used to say "you only get married once"...now I am amending my statement to "you only get married twice" (unless we decide to do a catholic ceremony as well...lol this is not really important to me but my FI is Mexican and has said he wants to....) Here is an updated picture of me in the full ensemble (I still have to figure out how to work the birdcage veil, though! ): I LOVE it!!! Because we are not exchanging rings (I felt that this symbolic gesture should be saved for the DW), I am getting a nice fountain pen engraved with "Mr & Mrs Blanco 12.9.10" - I plan to have us use this to sign the marriage certificate and any important documents we have later as a married couple. I thought that this reflects the "legality" of our union - and would be a nice thing to pass on to future generations, Kinda corny, right? lol What do you think? If so, do you have any other suggestions? Thank you all again!!!!
  4. I know this is probably greedy of me but I've decided to treat my legal ceremony (I'm having a DW in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) as a mini-wedding ceremony. I just couldn't resist the chance to have another, totally different wedding gown and to have a theme! I am planning a vintage, "mad-men"ish theme; here is my ensemble (as of today, I have all the pieces and I'm officially ready for my 12/9 legal ceremony! ): I have also hired a photographer that I adore (Emily Heizer - check out her blog here, she takes AMAZING pictures: http://eheizerphotography.blogspot.com/) for 2 hours - I am hoping to have a fun, dressy but not too formal short ceremony and take tons of fun pictures which may or may not tell a "story" pointing to my future DW wedding. I know a lot of people are treating their legal ceremonies as "paperwork" (which I initially did, until I went WEDDING CRAZY ). Is there anyone out there who isn't? I would LOVE to hear what you are planning! Sheila
  5. Hello, everyone: I've been having some much fun planning my symbolic wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that I've decided to "upgrade" my legal wedding (to be held prior to the symbolic wedding in San Francisco). Rather than just treating it as "completing the paperwork" like I'd originally planned, I've decided that though it will be really short and small (15-20 minute civil ceremony, 4-6 people total including bride and groom) I can still have fun with it. I have hired a professional photographer and would like to have a fun yet beautiful theme. Here is my "legal dress" which I plan to wear: Can anyone please tell me if it fits more of a 1920ish theme or a 1950ish theme? If neither, which historic fashion decade works the best? I know NOTHING about fashion history! I would love to do a glamorous, maybe "gangster" theme - something fun and sexy that the FI can get into too (he HATES taking pictures, so I'm hoping a fun theme would make him enthusiastic ). Lots of white flowers, feathers, and crystals in the accessories. For example, I plan to have a birdcage veil fastened with a white satin flower/ostrich feather pin. Maybe one of our pictures will be me forcing him to the altar at gunpoint - as my bridal and wedding planning obsession has grown significantly since he proposed, I think he would definitely appreciate the irony! And the final picture in the resulting album would include a sign that says "to be continued" to reference our DW in Mexico. I don't want it to be too costumy, though - just something fun and sexy. What do you guys think? Any input is greatly appreciated!!! Best, Sheila
  6. lol - Wow, I didn't think there would be so many "lime green and purple" brides like me! When I first chose these colors, I was scared that everyone would think them too "Halloween" lol but I love them together. Everyone, please post your lime green/purple ideas - I would love to hear them!!!!
  7. Wow Sara, I'm shocked - she send me her price list (the one I posted before) on 9/27. Perhaps she has been getting a lot more business since then?....that doesn't make it right, but perhaps explains it? Sheila
  8. Hi KarenM: Would you please email them to me also? I can't open the attachments either. smangicap@yahoo.com Thanks! Sheila
  9. Thanks everyone! It feels so good to get positive feedback - no matter how much you love something, there is always that little twinge of doubt
  10. Also, here is a picture of the lime/hydrangea (I think) centerpiece I want to have:
  11. Hi everyone: Despite much initial trepidation, I have discovered that planning my destination wedding is actually REALLY FUN! I've discovered a creative side of me that I never knew existed! We are having our wedding at the beautiful Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - so I felt that a mexican "theme' was appropriate. However, I didn't want to do an extreme, fiesta Mexico theme - I wanted to do a more subdued, "mexican meets glam" type of theme. Our colors are lime green, black, white, and a splash of purple. To incorporate my FI's mexican heritage, I decided to use some traditional mexican items in my decor: 1.) Papel Picado - this translates roughly to "cut paper" (think paper snowflakes, but much more intricate). Typically, these banners are brightly colored and really festive; however, I will be using only black and white banners. I will lay some of the black picado sheets on the table as decoration (see below picture). Basically, I wanted a sort of "lacy" look, but with a mexican twist 2.) Limes - when I think mexico, I definitely think LIMES Thus, our signature lime green color. I will use cut up limes in the centerpiece vase with purple and green flowers (I am thinking hydrangeas). I will also use lime green fans as favors - I will spread them out over the table - to me they look like beautiful lime slices! 3.) Lime eyelet paper lanterns - mexicans use a lot of paper lanterns in their parties, and I love how these are reminiscent of whole lime fruits. The eyelet pattern will also cast pretty shadows 4.) TEQUILA - what mexican doesn't like tequila??? lol I have decided to have a tequila shot "toast" rather than the traditional champagne/wine toast during the fiesta. I will set up a special "toast section" on each table, which will have a bottle of Patron tequila, small limes (painted with "I do" and "si", and with crystals glued on - I know, I am really getting into this!!! a personalized shot glass, and a mini charro sombrero (see picture below). I honestly never thought that this would be so fun! I was never a girl who dreamed about her wedding, so discovering that I actually enjoy this makes it all the better! Below are pictures of my planned wedding reception table decor (created using word and microsoft paint), the logo I created (I'm not sure yet how I will incorporate this into the decor) and the tequila toast setup. I hope you like these - please, please, please don't hesitate to reply with any comments/suggestions! Reception Table layouts (I'm still undecided on rectangle vs. circle tables):
  12. Hi Ladies: Everyone has such cute logos I'm not very creative, but I'm giving it a try. Here's what I have so far, but it doesn't feel quite right - if you have any suggestions to make it better, please let me know Our wedding colors are lime green, black, white, and a "splash" of purple.
  13. I was going to get package #2, but I can't find away to get around the Dreams outside vendor policy (e.g. having to pay at least $500 just to be able to bring her in) . Since I am purchasing the Dreams Ultimate wedding package, I decided to just use their photographer for the wedding (Adventure photography) to avoid the fee and am purchasing an extended TTD session from Karla for $400, which will include a 25 page photo book, DVD with all edited pictures, and picture slideshow. I found her prices to be way lower than other photographers - here is the price list she sent: Services provided by Karla Benítez. Wedding photography Wedding package 01: $ 200 USD -1 hour of photographic coverage -Photo book with 20 pages -High resolution digital files on a CD (some in color, some in b/w) -DVD with slideshow NOTE. shipping cost is not included on this package ( $ 30 USD ) Wedding package 02: $ 500 USD -3 hour of photographic coverage -Photo book with 25 pages -High resolution digital files on a CD (some in color, some in b/w) -DVD with slideshow Wedding package 03: $ 800 USD -5 hour of photographic coverage -Photo book with 30 pages -High resolution digital files on a CD (some in color, some in b/w) -DVD with slideshow *Each additional hour of photographic coverage: $200 USD Trash the dress session : $200 USD -High resolution digital files on a CD (some in color, some in b/w) -DVD with slideshow Engagement Photo session : $ 200 USD -High resolution digital files on a CD (some in color, some in b/w) -DVD with slideshow Flexible schedule to fit the costumer´s needs
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