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  1. Wow! Okay, your pictures turned out amazing! And you are absolutely gorgeous to top it off!! We are very confident with our decision to use her! A couple of questions for you. We have chosen to book with Cecilia but, the only reason why I am a little hesitant is that shes doesn't typically provide a contract and wants for us to wire her money. Is this standard? Or I should ask, is this what you also experienced? I just want to make sure that I have all of my bases covered and this is how everyone else has worked with her? Because, we are to wire her money and just meet her once we arrive off of the ferry.... Adriana
  2. I saw those too! I couldn't decide but I ended up going with bags from crate and barrel! They have the cutest bags in sevel colors that are for a perfect size for carry on toiletries. I want to use for aspirin, tums, etc
  3. I think that sometimes, as brides, we loose sight of things during the planning process. While we want our friends and family to be there on our big day to celebrate (Which we chose to be a destination wedding) , I think that we forget that people have lives of their own, responsibilities and financial obligations out of our control. I think that people have the best intentions when saying that will be coming and sometimes I think they commit out of excitement and when they review finances, vacation time, etc... it doesn't work out as planned. As for the friend having kids young, etc.. Who Cares?! I'm curious as to why so many destination brides take it so personally if certain people are unable to attend? I have experienced this as well, but hey. its my day with my soon to be husband and I am happy with whoever can make it!
  4. We Love San Fran! In fact, we wil be taking a trip down next month again! (We go every couple of months) If I had one recommendation, I would suggest booking a night tour of Alcatraz. You need to book now, as the evening tours fill quickly. The evening tour is hosted by a park ranger and its really fun, spooky, and overall educational & interesting! We had a blast! And then the Wharf.. and make sure you look out for "Bush Man"
  5. Hi Amanda!I have a great TA for you. He is in Maui and he is also a business partner of mine. He is the owner of Klahani Travel. Jerry Downer, 808-662-3222 He has been wonderful and very helpful with coordinating everything!! Let him know Adriana Bayer sent you!
  6. Whoa! I just realized that we have about 5 months until our wedding and I think that I am officially a little stressed. We have been soooo BUSY with our business that I have put the wedding aside. We sent out our save the dates and now are just waiting to see who is going to book, etc. This way I can start with a head count. I just don't want to wait last minute to buy favors and put together goody bags for the guests. How soon did you ladies start these tasks? And did you just over buy and then sell whatever you had left over? I need to strategize! I am not the bridezilla type that stresses about all of the minor details, but I am afraid that if I wait too long,I will become her! (nothing wrong with her-but not just me) And, I don't know if I can wait two more months for an onsite coordinator to get in touch with me! I want to know details now Adriana
  7. I love the white theme! In fact, I think that is what we are leaning toward. I am going with a very non-traditional wedding dress that is not white, but a very pretty raspberry color. I figure I would for sure stand out with an all white ceremony and reception!
  8. This is why I have opted to not have a maid of honor. I asked a girlfriend of mine to be a bridesmaid but because she lives on the east coast and I am on the west coast she will not be available to help with things. But, I think she was a little bummed that I didn't ask her to be my maid of honor. To be honest, I would rather not have either bridesmaid or maid of honor! Adriana
  9. Okay, so don't laugh.. but, FI and I met off of Craigs List. (I know, a bit creepy right?) FI had posted saying that he was going to a jazz bar with a group to celebrate a friends birthday and was looking for a lady friend to meet. (I'm almost embarassed to admit the CL thing) So, needless to say, I responded to the ad.. I had nothing else going on at the time and said that I would meet him for a drink. So, when I arrived to the jazz bar, I was greeted by a group of his friends and I said that I was meeting Shawn. His friend Sean, quickly stood up and said, "I'm Sean!" (Not the Shawn I was looking for, he was about 5' 4" and asian-it was really cute and funny) And I said, "um, yeah, I don't think you are who I am looking for!" He told me Shawn was over by the bar so I walked over and introduced myself and the rest is history! The entire evening we talked and it was almost as if nobody else was around us! We were so fixated on one another. It was an amazing connection right away. And a great and memorable first date!! So, my first date was the first night we met! And the wonderful thing is, Shawns Grandparents had their first date on August 21st, the same as FI and I! We have been inseparable ever since and this was almost three years ago! It's amazing how we meet our mates isn't it! Adriana
  10. Hi Ladies! I am looking for a TA for the Palace Resorts in Cancun for our August 24th ceremony! FI and I live in Seattle but location of TA is not a big deal! Hope to find someone soon! Thanks! Adriana
  11. Woo Hoo! FI and I have been so good. We have been exercising every day! I have dropped 9 pounds in the past week from cutting carbs, exercising, and drinking lots of water and being conscious of the foods I eat! I feel so much better but I still have 20 pounds to go! Adriana
  12. Hey Ladies! Not too many of us in here yet!! Cassie- I love your inspiration board! Love the colors. We are going with white with hints magenta and turqoise. Here is where we are at so far: Wedding date: August 24th, 2010 Moon Palace , Cancun! - My mother and I went dress shopping right away and found a very non traditional dress. The white dress was very hard for me because I LOVE color! - Chose colors, as I said, white with hints of magenta and turqoise. But again, because I LOVE color.. I will probably add green and yellow - We have ordered and received our STD's. I will have to post some pics soon. They turned out great! We went with postcards after finding them on Etsy. They are so cute and pretty. FI just loves them! - We decided to start a blog on wordpress, rather than a wedding site, so that we can continue to update even after the wedding. I have to get all of our information on it before we send out the STD's. That will be my weekend project! We have been so busy with our business that I can barely find time to fit everything into our busy schedule! We are the type of people that want to get everything done asap so its hard not getting it all done right away esp. since we are not in contact with our wedding coordinator yet! Ugh, drives me nuts but I need to learn to just let go. All the ladies have said wonderful things about Moon Palace so there is no reason to stress! Adriana
  13. Oh! I'm so glad to have found this thread!! I want to lose about 30 pounds by August! I have been working out every day this week and have changed my diet! I cannot believe how hard it's been to stay away from all the wonderful carbs and sweets that I enjoy so much! FI and I are meeting with a trainer at the gym tonight to get us on the right track! Super exciting! We figure.. we gotta start somewhere!
  14. Welcome to the forum! I am also a Moon Palace Bride! August 24th, 2010! Very exciting! Have fun!
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