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  1. These dresses are all so gorgeous!! Getting so jealous of all your upcoming weddings... would do anything to go back and do it again
  2. Hi Ladies - Just wanted to say how jealous I am that you all have upcoming weddings at EDR! We were married last November and people are still talking about it. A few things I wanted to mention: Dont stress about the planning... I know it takes a bit sometimes to receive responses but trust me when you get down there and have your meeting with one of the planners you will feel SO much better! They all did such an amazing job. A bride that was marries a few days before us suggested we get the lighted candle bags and tiki torches... SO happy she told me this, it looked great around the pool and in the pictures. If anyone is looking for a photographer, PLEASE check our Melissa Green Photography... she was great and went above and beyond! And finally... ENJOY it all!! I cant tell you enough how much I miss the planning and everything else... your time is going to fly by in Mexico so take it all in! xoxo Lauren
  3. They didnt really seem to cooperate with stuff I was bringing from home. They were going to charge a lot extra so I had one of my friends set everything up Gazebo 55 is beautiful, congrats on the new wedding date in April
  4. FutureSki - DejaVu - we did Gazebo 55 and Tucanes.. best options for sure!
  5. Hey!! Our wedding was November 12th and it was AMAZING! Everyone said it was the best wedding and resort they have ever been to. I am so sad that it is all over with. 4pm was absolutley perfect.... we did the cocktail until 6 then headed over to where the reception was.
  6. Hey Lindsey - So you are just telling them you want the speaker set up? Who is in charge of playing the right songs at the right time - that was my concern
  7. Ladies - what have you decided on for music for the actual ceremony..... I have no idea what to do and would love to hear your thoughts. Â Lauren
  8. laurenvuitton

    Destinationweddings.com Planners

    Honestly... ive had a ton of problems and feel like I have to kiss ass to get things done! Plus I feel like I have done most of the work myself. Wish I found this forum before I went with dw.com. Now 2 months away our agent is denying stuff that she told us re:upgrades. Who is your agent?? Wishing you better luck than I have had!!
  9. laurenvuitton

    Mexicana Airlines .... AHHHHHHHHHH

    We disputed with credit card company and they refunded us right away. The flights from Chicago to Cancun are ridiculous right now - hoping they are going to go down or hopefully AA adds a non stop or another flight to CUN.
  10. I know the prices are crazy! We did get the DJ down a little bit and extended the Mariachi band for 15 minutes!! Woo freaking HOO!! Also, destinationweddings.com have been a serious pain in my ass lately. Our agent totally turned against us and denied things that were promised to us. Of course this was not via email... so we have no proof. Ladies: make sure everything is in writing!!! Â Also, since Mexicana canceled all flights that has been another huge ordeal!! AHHHH only two more months hopefully this acne clears up from all the stress lol
  11. Thanks for posting the template!! What labels did you use to make these  Thanks!
  12. We are doing a cruise that leaves out of San Juan so we wont be staying in Mexico after weddings.
  13. I havent really talked to her as much as I should be (oops). It does take a few days via email to hear back from her though... that is the only frustrating thing. Â No I can not believe how soon it is coming up... What are we suppose to send down to them before we get there?? The package we want and everything we want to add to it?? see how organized i am
  14. My wedding is coming up 11/12/10! So 3 months from yesterday And I'm also working with Carolina!
  15. I just got that sick feeling in my stomach .... how the F can you show up and they tell you your flight it canceled? Im going to wait until September, apparently only "august flights" are messed up according to Mexicana.