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    Destinationweddings.com Planners

    I believe your resort is on our list for review. I'd loved to see pics from your ceremony and reception. Were you able to do a site visit? BTW, Congratulations
  2. newtothis2010

    Destinationweddings.com Planners

    Thank you, I found it. Along with the "avoid luxe..." thread. This whole process is slightly overwhelming. So to answer your question/respond to your statement, we are still deciding on what we're looking for. But hopefully we'll have a location and top resorts selected by July.
  3. newtothis2010

    Destinationweddings.com Planners

    Thank you for your thoughts and congratulations on your recent nuptials! I just read through the "destinationweddings.com" thread and the thread "avoid luxe destination weddings." This is a great forum and quite helpful for me in just the past 24 hours!
  4. newtothis2010

    Destinationweddings.com Planners

    Hello all, I recently got engaged (March 2010) and we are hoping to have the ceremony in fall 2011 in one of these three locations: Turks and Caicos, Aruba, or Riviera Maya. Has anyone used or currently using "destinationweddings.com" to assist in planning your special day? I'm looking for feedback/reviews/testimonials not located on their website. I'll appreciate any information you may have for these planners as well as any other destination wedding planners. Kelley