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  1. I lived there for four years and rarely saw a roach or palmetto bug (unless I was somewhere gross) so no worries. I second Peninsula Grill - yum.
  2. Great idea. I have a friend that did that in Charleston for a while. She was successful with it - not sure why she stopped. I like the sound of Bliss Bags, but it sort of leaves out the jewelry part. For some reason I like the word: SPARKLE jewelry and purse parties Well I did...now I think it's lame. Nothing is popping into my head. Maybe it would be easier to come up with a tagline to convey the products/fun/idea.
  3. Even if you have a base tan - you will still have lines. And it isn't really an easy fix in photoshop either. I would suggest getting a suit that lets you slip the straps off while laying - and then cover up when you are up. I know that stinks -
  4. Fun! Can you give us an idea of what type of bag and jewelry? That might help with some ideas. Why will people buy bags and jewelry from you rather than other places? Better product? Customer Service? Price? Probably a reference to the above listed things should be included in your biz name or tag line.
  5. I like Matachica too. Can't wait to get back to Belize...only a few more months...
  6. Delverlon sent super cute save the date boarding passes several month's ago - and two days ago I went to my mailbox and found her super cute invitations... How do I get so lucky with having the cutest, most awesome clients The invitation was so cute I had to post it on my blog and thought I would also share it here. Not only was it fun and cute - but it smelled great too. I'm so excited about their wedidng.
  7. I have a wedding in Cancun in July so maybe we will bump into each other! lol The wedding that I am shooting is at Moon Palace, and I would recommend checking with them. I have photographed a wedding there before, and it is a fun, laid back place.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie jill, sarah is actually due to have a baby any day now. she might be a little busy for a while (in case you cant reach her or dont hear back from her.) I have not heard from her so thanks for letting me know. Abbie - do you design albums? If you do can you email me at jill @ jillhiggins.com? Thanks.
  9. Thank you! Hopefully I can source something out to her.
  10. I can't find it - I know it's spruilldesign or something like that.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Susanandmo Hi! My cousin got married there and I can tell you that it was very beautiful, but very expensive... The only thing that I didn't like as a guest was that we were really rushed to finish up the reception, since it was a mid afternoon event.... granted I'm not sure what arrangements were made prior... Most likely they had to set up for another event. Also, most of the guest including myself really like to party and there wasn't much of a nightlife there...if I remember correctly we ended up driving to Savannah There is much more nightlife on St. Simons.
  12. Sorry I didn't realize I couldn't post a link to the photos on my blog. I would be happy to post more here. One more from the beach session... More wedding photos...
  13. I just wanted to say that Elizabeth rocks the house. You will have gorgeous/vibrant photos even if you use all beige! ha I hired her to do photos of my husband and I when I was there for a wedding last summer.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by amaxiech I will be renewing my vows in St.thomas on 08/14/2009, I need an idea of how much it will cost me for the following. I would like to have the cremony on the beach (sunset would be great). I would like to have a reception near the beach after the ceremony for about 20 guest. I would like to plan activities such as Island hopping to St.john and St.croix the days after the ceremony for my guest. Is it beneficial to stay in an AI resort? For those of you who have been married in St.Thomas or is planning to wed in St.thomas how much is it costing you? I ask because we also plan on buying a house at the end of the year so I need to stay within a budget of 10,000-15,000 which must include everything from traveling, hotel stay etc. Can this be done? Just a thought...have you thought about renting out a big house or two somewhere cool like Jost Van Dyke - I bet you could accommodate 20 people and you would be in the most AMAZING place! Either way - I know the BEST sailboat to go island hopping - email me if you want me to get her contact info.
  15. Hi, Savannah is my very favorite city. I don't live too far from there, but I never eat Mexican there. I have a friend I can ask though. If you want to email me at jill@jillhiggins.com I will let you know (I may forget to check this thread again). I will go email her right now.
  16. Victoria House is my fave place in Belize! Actually, my signature photo below is at VH.
  17. The King and Prince is another good place if you are interested in beachfront.
  18. Shirlene and Brian live in Boston, but had a super fun destination wedding in Orange County, CA. We did a get to know you session at the beach at Dana Point... and the wedding was at Tustin Ranch...
  19. The mermaid cottages on Tybee are super cute.
  20. I am finally making it back to post about the wedding I mentioned above. Although I will be photographing a wedding at Ocean Lodge in the fall - the wedding linked to below is at Epworth by the Sea. It was a destination wedding for Mary and Josh. Jill Higgins Photography Blog
  21. I pulled it up - and for those who might look - it came up as page 37 on my computer. St. Simons is a beautiful place. In fact, I am on St. Simons this weekend to photograph a wedding. I'll be sure to make a new post about it when I get home.
  22. I don't know what her wedding prices are - but Elizabeth Medina rocks the house. She photographed my husband and me the last time I was there to photograph the wedding. She is awesome!
  23. You all are so sweet - thanks for all the kind words. You sure know how to make a girl feel good!
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