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Tipping etiquette

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With regards to tipping at your DW, I was wondering who you're tipping and approximately how much? I know that I'm going to tip my wedding coordinator but was thinking about the bartender, photographer...etc. Anyone that I'm not thinking about that should be considered?

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I understand tipping wait staff, drivers, and anyone who goes above and beyond. However, I must be really cheap, because I have a hard time justifying tipping my wedding coordinator who I am requesting very little leg work from and who is pocketing over 50% of what she is charging us to put on a very simple ceremony. Is that awful of me?

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These are all really good questions. I was wondering the same thing. Everyone that I am dealing with is included in my package and I am meeting them all on the day of my ceremony. So do I tip all of them, which would be a photographer, videographer, harpist, officiant and wedding coordinator? Or do I just tip my coordinator? Also they are not really doing that much so what should I tip? Im so confused!

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I have the same questions and the same problem. My wedding coordinator doubles as my travel agent/officiant. I am being charged enough since they really have nothing to do until the day of the wedding. They did setup payment to the restaurant for the reception.


Do I have to tip the wait staff if a gratuity is included in my bill? Do I also have to tip the lady making the cake? When does it end?

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