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  1. I have two issues: 1. We are just less than 7 months out from our wedding cruise (1/17/09), and we will be getting married in the port of Ocho Rios and have a lunch reception there as well. We are inviting all guests we would invite to a "normal" wedding, knowing many will not be able to attend. One of the main reasons we are having this type of wedding is because we can't afford a typical wedding, and we expect only a limited number of people will be able to cruise with us. Well, now as the details get out people are mentioning they might just fly to Jamaica instead of cruising. We would like to treat those that actually cruise with us to a nice lunch reception, but if the numbers get out of hand because people just fly in then it will really limit the type of reception we have. Now if a lot more people cruise then expected we have decided just to suck it up and pay what it takes to make it nice for them. I hope we don't sound cheap. In order to not let everyone else know of our Jamaica plans and to keep them from getting the same idea to fly we would like to vaguely word the invites by saying join us on our wedding cruise or something. So....is this wrong to do and if not, how should we word it So far I like: Because you have shared in their lives with your friendship and love, Jamie XXX and Jared XXX together with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Marc XXX and Mr. and Mrs. James XXX Invite you to share and celebrate their marriage blah blah blah we don't want to say aboard Celebrity Century because we won't be getting married on the ship. Issue #2: We have 40 days for our guests to put down a first deposit otherwise we lose the cabins. Therefore, I need to get them the booking info asap. Would it be okay to just go ahead and send invites now with a cardstock insert with booking information and no RSVPs? Then I could always send a reminder down the road requesting an RSVP if we are able to extend the deposit dates or in case people book seperate from the group. What do you think?? It seems silly to send save the dates and then send invitations after they would of already had to book. Thanks in advance girls!
  2. I am starting to get worried that we are not going to find a photographer (and by we I mean me, b/c he could really care less) or that I am going to have to settle for a less than mediocre one. We have a really tight budget, but photography is really important to me. I have found out that there are very few decent photographers in Jamaica (correct me if I am wrong please), and those that seem reputable are outrageous. Am I absolutely crazy to think I can find a decent photog for 3 hours of coverage for a 30 people group for less than $1,000 in Ocho Rios? I have tried Sungold and they are booked, and our next best option is Brian Nejedly whos work is nice but just not my vision. I guess I just need to lower my standards to match our budget Any ideas Thanks in advance.
  3. I searched the forum and wasn't really able to come up with an answer to my questions. I would like to buy adobe photoshop for a couple of reasons...to do invites & STDs, but also because I am slowly getting into photography (just as a hobby). I understand that Adobe Photoshop Elements is the cheaper version, but is it really that different from the expensive one, because the price is sure different? Also, where can I find the best deal on Photoshop products? Is it possible to buy it from someone else who bought it...I would assume the only disadvantage would be that you couldn't register it? Thanks for any advice!
  4. Invitations weren't all that important to me, and I needed to get them out fast due to booking deadlines for our cruise. I would of like to of gone a little more DIY, but I am happy with how they turned out for what they are. I bought two boxes of Martha Stewart invitation kits using Michaels 50% off coupon and then bought colored cardstock to print our cruise information on. I printed the cruise info at Staples for less than $3 and then printed the invites on my home printer. I was going back and forth on whether or not to do STDs, but for my situation I think this was the best route. The kits came with RSVP cards and envelopes, but I will use them as thank you cards, because I chose to have guests RSVP through our website.
  5. I wanted a guest signature plate instead of a book, but I did not want to pay the ridiculous prices for them....so I DIYed mine. There are tons of stencils you can use, but I decided to keep it simple and freehand it. Here it is.... What I used/will use: one oven safe porcelain platter paintbrushes (I used Folkart One Stroke brushes, b/c I already had them) acrylic paint for glass and ceramics one porcelain pen/marker for guests to sign with oven to bake and set the paint/marker
  6. Yay! I can't believe we leave in just one week! I am so happy I found this forum, I would of been a mess without it. Thank you for all your help, opinions, ideas, and reccomendations! Sorry if I copied you idea and didn't credit you...it all a jumble in my head at this point. -Jamie We will be taking a 6 day 5 night cruise aboard Celebrity Century leaving on 1/17/09 with 31 sailing guests and 2 guests meeting us in Jamaica. We will be married in the port of Ocho Rios on 1/19/09. Ceremony to be held on Reggae Beach and lunch reception at Evita's. Reggae Beach where the ceremony will be held... Ceremony set-up only with sheer green sashes and shades of pink flowers with petals down te aisle... Lunch Receptin will be held at Evita's Restaurant (we won't have centerpieces..we are keeping it simple, the restaurant is cute enough itself)... My Dress (Moonlight J5704) - got an awesome deal on bestbridalprices.com... with bustle... side detailing.. Bridesmaid Dresses (found at Macy's)... more to come....
  7. Hi all, We have been back for about a week, and have just been trying to catch up with work and classes. I don't have many pics yet, but I wanted to share our experience especially for those brides looking for vendors outside of Ocho Rios resorts. First, we arrived in Ocho Rios via Celebrity Century cruise ship on 1/19. I won't review the ship here, since the wedding itself took place off of it, but if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them. I will rate everything on a F-A+ scale Wedding Transportation - Lee's Tours and Taxis A+: We had arranged our transportation through Lee's Tours and Taxis, specifically with the owner Norma. There were 37 of us, and we arranged for 2 larger shuttles and a 7 seater for me and my bridesmaids. The plan was that the groom would get on the 2 large shuttles with the rest of the group and then leave before I got off the ship and got picked up by the car. Well, I pictured this being a complete logistical mess, but everything went suprisingly smoothly!!! The drivers were waiting and watching for us as soon as we got off the ship, and the timing worked perfectly. I can't say enough about the owner Norma, she has been wonderful to work with. The shuttles were very nice...they were new, clean, and most importantly had a/c. The drivers were fantastic, very accomadating and funny too. All of our guests received bottled waters for the ceremony and then on the drive from the ceremony to the reception they received rum punch or red stripe. Everyone loved the rum punch...they said it was very strong. All these drinks were complimentary with the shuttles! Ceremony - Tropical Weddings Jamaica: We aranged the ceremony through Almarie of Tropical Weddings Jamaica. I had heard rave reviews from many former brides, and had a hard time finding another coordinator. The rating for TWJ is hard, because we loved the location and the ceremony set-up...but to say I was very happy with Almarie would be a lie. The reason being is that through the whole planning process she was very short with me and seemed annoyed by all my questions. I never actually talked to her by phone, with the exception of giving her the credit card info. Most everything was done via e-mail. If I put many questions in one e-mail, I would have to number them out, or I would not get answers to all of them. I will say that her response time was very good. I thought TWJ's prices were pretty high, but I really didn't have another option. I got the same vibe from Almarie on the day of the wedding. My bridal party and I felt very rushed down the aisle. My mom was upset because she was shoved down the aisle before she could even say anything to me and hug me. I was still trying to get my veil on with the help of one of the guests when the processional was started and that guest wasn't even able to get back to her seat before we all walked. Granted I never spoke up, but I felt like I didn't have time to. The chair set-up and arch were beautiful. The colors were perfect. One problem was that we were short a chair for our guests...which didn't end up being a problem b/c someone was standing in order to keep a toddler under control. Had everyone wanted to sit down, it would of been embarrassing. We hired a steel drum band for an hour through TWJ. I didn't notice, but my family said that there is no way they played for an hour, but instead put a cd on. I'm not sure though. The officiant was great, I loved how the ceremony flowed and he was funny at all the right moments too. I highly recommend him, his last name is Higgins. We brought our own silk bouquets and just ordered corsages for the mothers and grandmothers through TWJ. They were mediocre corsages, and we could of done without them all together. The small issues really didn't end up mattering, our ceremony was beautiful and I wouldn't of changed a thing. A side note, Reggae Beach is a private beach, meaning you have to pay to enter. There were very few people on the beach that day. I think a few natives even lived there in little huts. It is a very rustic/natural beach. Lots of shade and coves....we loved it. Lunch Reception - Evita's Restaurant A+: I had worked with the owner, Eva, to arrange our menu and a band to play for approx. 2 hours. We paid $150 to close down the restaurant for the day, and made our own menus from the regular menu. Our menu was a choice of soup or salad, a choice of stuffed tortellini alfredo, fish of the day, jerk sausage spaghetti, or chicken parmesan, and a choice of cheesecake, tiramisu, or chocolate bobsled pie. There was also great bread on the tables with yummy dipping sauce. We paid $25pp for that menu and had an open bar at a 10% discount. The restaurant is sooo cute. It is up a hill just minutes from the port and the balcony (where we were seated) overlooked all of Ocho Rios. There was a dance floor area between us and the band. The servers were amazing...very friendly and fast. Everyone loved the food, and everything had a little spice to it. The desserts weren't as fabulous as the food, but they were good too (we didn't have a wedding cake). Eva wasn't there that day, but she was wonderful to work with throughout the planning process. Eva had arranged for a husband/wife duo "Just Us" to play for 2 hours for $250. The wife was the main vocals. They played some older popular music like...At last, unforgettable, last dance, Route 66, along with Reggae. I was so caught up in all the events that I hardly paid any attention to them, but they did a great job. It is an open-air restaurant so it was a little warm, but not uncomfortable. Photographer - Bella Luce Photography A+++: We found Katie and Bryan of Bella Luce Photography via this forum (they are members). Katie is the main photographer and her husband Bryan is her assistant. They are based in South Dakota of all places, and we arranged for Katie to fly to Jamaica to capture our big day. Lucky us, Bryan ended up coming too! They met our shuttles at the port and rode along with us the entire day. They are a great couple...very friendly and fun! We spoke before the wedding, and I told her just a basic overview of the shots I wanted of our families. Besides that we had no clue, and thankfully they just took charge and arranged some great shots. They were very attentive to what they were shooting, and even instructed our family members to remove sunglasses, hats, and random stuff from their hands so they wouldn't end up in our pics. I didn't even notice but my grandfather had a Home Depot hat on to take pics....thank you Katie for directing him to take it off! Hiring them was one of our best decisions. They were a perfect fit with our group, and all of our guests just loved them. After the lunch reception, we went to Ocho Rios beach to do a very quick TTD shoot (we had to get back to the boat). It was a lot of fun, and our cruise ship was part of the background of some of the pics. We have only gotten a few sneak peak photos, but so far they have far exceeded my expectations and I love them all! I will post a seperate thread once we get them all back. Here is a link to their blog, including an entry about our wedding.... Bella Luce Photography All in all, our wedding was perfect and we wouldn't of changed a thing, except to slow everything down b/c it all went by so fast! The weather was hot, but beautiful. We can't wait to spend some more time in Jamaica in the future. PRO PICS Non-PRO PICS
  8. Thanks girls! Quote: Originally Posted by OchoRioBride82409 Congrats! and thank you for your honesty regarding your wedding. I found it very helpful, due to the fact that my wedding is in August and I'm using TWJ also. I have a ton of question I would like to ask you, but I'm new to the site and not sure how to navigate a private message. Please respond if it's okay to send you a personal e-mail. I would be happy to answer any questions you have...you can email me at JLLEWIS119@gmail.com.
  9. Finally, I have gotten all my leftovers together and I am ready to sell! Buyer pays shipping from Tampa, FL (I will try my best to pack efficiently). Let me know if you are interested by posting in this thread only! I will be happy to answer any questions. PLEASE do not PM me...first come, first serve by posting in this thread!!! Raffia Fans from Oriental Trading - 24 fans total for $10 (15 have ribbon that can be easily removed). First pic shows how they very in size, which is what you get when ordering from OTC, also slight natural variations in raffia color. Largest and smallest of the 24... All 24.... 1oz Purell Hand Sanitizers - 29 total for $8 Individual Tissue Packets w/flower design - 14 total for $2 Fancy Hair Pins - $3 - Never Worn Real Touch Green Cybidium Orchid Pin-on Corsages - 2 w/pink & white ribbon, and 3 w/pink ribbon for $25 4 Pink w/blue turtle OOT bags - $4/each - large bags w/a pocket on each side, zippers closed, with small zipper compartment inside
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by skilltroks I will take the 48 note cards. Svoorhorst@gmail.com. I will set up a paypal account. great, I will email you! Quote: Originally Posted by MegaShay Where did you find the green OOT bags? Very cute! I got them from Michaels last summer.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by colby2277 Do you have any items left? All that is left are the hair pins, 2 green bags, and the 48 note cards.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Maui_Bride I'll take your left over Cosmo's Invites if they are still available. I used those for my local celebration and need just a few more! Please email me at nkovalt@hotmail.com if they are still available. Thanks-Natalie I just sent you an email!
  13. Congratulations on your new business, I wish you all the best! I thought you were the sweetest person offering your assistance way back when I was having a crisis over our passport STDs. I ended up skipping the STDs, but I really appreciated you genuinely wanting to help me. Good luck!
  14. FLgator

    Costa Rica Anniversary Trip???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ask.CostaRica FLgator, For Arenal, stay next to Vagabondo restaurant, clean cabins, real budget ($30), just outside of La Fortuna. Sorry, I don't remember the name, stop by. Keep in mind that any place you decide will be willing to negotiate price. Be ready to walk away. I love Lomas del Volcan for a mid-range. It is quiet and away from the road. Pay in cash and skip taxes. Haggle, haggle. Thanks for all the recommendations...I will definitely check them all out! The Vagabondo Hotel is a great deal! We weren't planning on getting a hotel this cheap in this area, but it will allow us to do a lot more and the hotel itself looks pretty nice. Now we can splurge on luxury in another town. Thanks so much! Here is the link for the Vagabondo Hotel and Pizzeria near Arenal for those budget travelers...Vagabondo - Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Pizza and inexpensive lodging
  15. FLgator

    Costa Rica Anniversary Trip???

    Ask.CR- Can you suggest the best moderately priced hotels in Monteverde and Arenal? Unfortunately, we have to sacrifice some luxury, in order to enjoy CR longer. Thanks!
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    Costa Rica Anniversary Trip???

    Ask.Costarica- I just wanted to thank you for all of the advice, just seeing your answers to other girl's questions has helped a lot with our planning! Your knowledge of every town amazes me, I don't even know my own state that well (Florida), let alone my country!
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    Costa Rica Anniversary Trip???

    Ask.CostaRica - I know the green season begins in May. I don't mind short periods of rain as long as it is dry enough to enjoy the outdoors for a good part of the day, so would you advise against going to CR in May or June?? Are there certain areas to avoid during the green season? We would like to rent a car, but I am worried about encountering washed out roads during those months. Thanks!
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    Costa Rica Anniversary Trip???

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bisha Hubby and I went on our anniversary trip and stayed in Arenal and in Manuel Antonio on the pacific coast. Our hotel was La Mansion Inn! Absolutely stunning views and was a great mix of being secluded but also close enough to all of the attractions. And not right on the beach but a nice mountain walk away, about 10 mins. We absolutely loved it and totally recommend it to anyone! Let me know if you have any other questions. Pura Vida! Sorry to butt in on this thread, but we have been researching CR for a late HM in May. La Mansion Inn looks great! I would love to hear more! We will only have a week there, so we are looking for somewhere that lets us see a couple sides of costa rica without too much traveling...especially wildlife in the forest and the beaches. How was the beach that was in walking distance? Were there places to snorkel in the area? How did you get to and from the airport? Were there a lot options for places to eat in the area? Any info would be great...thanks!
  19. Yay! We received our dvds of our wedding pics, now I just need to get around to printing them. I found Bella Luce Photography (Katie & Brian) through this forum, and I am so thankful that I did. They are based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and we hired them to shoot our wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on 1/19/09. This husband and wife couple were very fun to work with, and really fit into our group. Our guests loved them! They made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and the quality of our pictures far exceeded any of our expectations. Any couple would be lucky to have them shoot their big day! We had our ceremony on Reggae beach, a lunch reception at Evita's (a restautrant on a hillside overlooking Ocho Rios), and then went to Ocho Rios beach for a TTD with our cruise ship in the background. I have posted a few of my faves below, but the rest can be viewed at Bella Luce Photography click "proofs" then click "Jared and Jamie's Wedding" then enter an e-mail address.
  20. I was in a similiar situation, where my stepdad had been a part of my life forever and I wasn't very close with my dad. Since my dad suprisingly decided to fly to Jamaica no questions asked, I just couldn't leave him out. So, I had my real dad walk me down the hill to the start of the aisle where my stepdad was waiting. My dad kissed my cheek and handed me off, and walk around the back of the seats to sit down. My stepdad walked me down the aisle and gave me away with my mom and dad sitting in the front row. The officiant didn't even ask "who gives this bride"...so that worked out well too (I think it may be a Jamaica thing not to ask..not sure) This worked out perfectly and I think it really made everyone happy. Good Luck!!
  21. I know most brides have just used the steel drum band provided by a resort, but does anyone know of how I might go about hiring one myself for a beach ceremony at Reggae Beach? Does anyone know the name of the RIU band? Thanks!
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 okay thanks. well since the are sold do you mind telling me where you got the ribbon for to rap the bottom of the fans. You have the same colors as me. Jennifer Actually the orange ribbon was on there when I bought them from another girl. I used the burgandy ribbon for all of my fans. I got it from JoAnns, and I believe the color was called wine. I can't remember what the brand was, but they had all different widths. Good luck!
  23. The fans, pink bags, tissues, purell, and flowers have all been sold!
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli I will take the tissues They are all yours...I will PM you. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenamie Hey I will take all 4 tote bags I'm doing a turtle theme and I love those!!! PM me or email me with the info jenamie@gmail.com I sent you an email! Quote: Originally Posted by nscheatham Thanks. I would love to talk to your friend about the silk flowers. If she is willing, you can e-mail me contact inforamtion. my email is diva4life@gmail.com I will let you know!
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by ACA Amy I would love to purchase the 29 Purell Hand Sanitizers!!! I can paypal you money right away if you'd like! Thanks!!! They are yours, I will PM you for more info. Quote: Originally Posted by aimee&ted i would like all of the fans, i can also paypal you right away. They are yours, I will PM you for more info. Quote: Originally Posted by BakersGirl I think the purell's are gone, but let me know if the sale fell through. I can also paypal. They are taken as of right now, if anything changes I will let you know. Quote: Originally Posted by rach220 I want the flowers pleeeeaaaase. They are my colors! How can I pay you? They are yours, I will PM you for more info. Thanks girls!