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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by bride2b10 Apologies as I'm sure this question may have been answered (the 179 pages of the Paraiso thread scared me) but the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is adults only correct? So are there other hotels right around the property that is not adults only? Thank you!!! Yes, the Grand is adults only. There are 4 other Iberostar resorts on the property (Beach, Del Mar, Lindo, Maya) which all allow children.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sam33 Hi Ladies hope you are all well and wedding plans are in full swing. I have just spent most of today working on our wedding website - please tell me if you like it or hate it !! samantha and kevin's wedding Just a couple of quick questions, i hope you dont mind answering ? Do any of you ladies know if the hotel supply coloured bows for the chair backs or if we have to bring them with us. Also does anybody know the kind of set up they have for a beach ceremony. I know that the Lindo had white and gold for sure. Unfortunately that was a detail that we totally forgot about and they used the gold for our wedding. I wasn't the biggest fan of the gold. The set up for the beach ceremony is pretty simple, but there are lots of extras that you can add on. I'll try to upload a picture of our ceremony for you.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Rose13 where was the picture taken of the carisel? if you dont mind me asking. I don't remember it from the iberostar resort. It's a very nice picture! Thanks! It's one of my favourite pictures. It's actually right in the entrance to the shopping centre that is shared amongst all 5 of the resorts.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Rose13 Thanks Ryans girl. I really want great photos, that is a huge part for me. Outside photographers that I have looked at are just so expensive...And I don't know if this is what is going on- but now according to the Iberostar Lindo website, they don't allow outside photography at all. I'm awaiting their email reply on that. Where did you do the reception at if you don't mind me asking? We had our reception in the convention centre and it was wonderful! There are a couple of location options within the convention centre, there's a room (with no windows) and then there is an open area in the convention centre where they can set up a bar/music etc. Regarding the outside photographer, I just read that apparently they will still allow an outside photog as long as you pay the $300 fee. I would definitely get that in writing, sooner than later, if you were planning on bringing your own photographer. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Rose13 Hi everyone! I am planning on getting married at the Lindo. I am wondering how peoples experiences have been in general? Any problems? Any suggestions? My biggest concern is photography, I haven't heard anything about the resorts photographer, has anyone worked any with them? Thanks everyone! Hey! My wedding at the Lindo was nothing short of amazing. I wrote a review, the link is below. Hopefully it helps you out a bit. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try my best to answer (I'm not on here as often as I used to be though...but I'll try) We didn't use the resort photographer. A friend of mine used them though and she was happy with her photos. I guess it all depends on what kind of photos you want and what your expectations are.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Grand Bride Does anyone have any ideas for where to put gifts we receive at our reception in Mexico? We are not having a traditional AHR so I'm sure people will be bringing gifts (I would think probably more cards with checks - since everyone is traveling). We are having a private reception at one of the restaurants...should we just put a basket out for cards?? I'm a little nervous about the safety of having everything just sitting out...but it is a private reception. Any ideas of what we should do?? Thanks! I know what you mean about leaving a basket out for cards, it made me nervous so we didn't put anything out. Most of our guests just came and put them on the head table while we were eating dinner. I designated my sister as the "card holder" so whenever someone gave us a card, I would pass it on to her to look after in her purse for the evening. Even with a private reception I'd still be a little bit nervous about leaving them sitting around. JMO though.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Grand Bride Just realized the El Spa prices seem to be from 09 (although I requested 2010)...maybe they haven't changed. Also realized my 2010 wedding package pricing includes a sheet on "optional services" like Spa Treatments and the bridal hairstyle on here is $140! Manicure is $48, Pedicure is $68.... What the heck??!! Maybe that's for the Spa at the Grand I'm going to email my WC to see what the story is. As far as I understood, there is only 1 Spa that is shared by all of the resorts (unless this has changed since I was there in April). El Spa is located in the shopping centre and provides all of the bridal services. I think it's terrible that there is so much confusion on the pricing. Hopefully they get this figured out for all of you.
  8. Check out this thread. There are lots of great ideas for dress code wording! Hope this helps! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t28233
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Thank you! I ended up deciding on the same, can't just give 1 mug per couple. But isn't anyone worried about the luggage weight with all the extra stuff they are bring? If so how are you guys dealing with it? any idea's? We just packed extra suitcases and had our parents/family check them at the airport (we were allowed 2 checked baggages per person). I made sure to give them the 2 suitcases with the mugs, and the other with all of the OOT bag items (so they knew what they had just in case they ran into any problems going through customs). I think in total we ended up taking 9 suitcases down with us, so we had 5 of our family members check the extras.
  10. Also sold are the bride tank top and bride panties
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Joss Hey girls, in an abrupt change of topic: I've seen a lot of past and future brides on here doing a boudoir session / book for their FHs. Does anyone know of photographers (by experience, word of mouth or reputation) here in Winnipeg who do boudoir sessions? I've googled Winnipeg photogs, but it's not yielding good results for me. I looked into it a little bit before my wedding but ran out of time to do it. So I decided to save it and get BD photos done for a one year anniversary gift. Here are a couple of the photogs that I found... Elcheshens 231-1234 (When I called them, they told me it was a $95 session fee, pretty reasonable I thought) Kamp photography 792-8217 Nghia Tran photography 997-6946
  12. We used 'to have and to hold, to keep your drinks cold'. I looked for other sayings to use but didn't come up with anything. I'll be interested to see if any other sayings have been used.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Paige2010 Ryansgirl~ I love your review and your pics! Do you mind sharing where your dress is from and your MOH dress (and what color do they call that pink?) I love them both! Thanks! I loved my dress! It is from David's Bridal, style T9435. It was perfect for a DW. My MOH dress is from JCrew, it's the 'silk chiffon Juliet dress' in deep rose. They actually had it on sale online from $180.00 (what I paid) to $99.99 (what I wish I paid!) when I was online yesterday. I even contemplated buying one for myself!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by toshalea I was wondering who sings the 1st song in your slideshow of pictures? It is really pretty!! It's called You're the One, by David Keen. Little story, not that you asked for it! I first heard it when I was watching a wedding slideshow of someone I didn't know and I fell in LOVE with the song and knew right away that I wanted it for our wedding song. So, I went searching to find it. Couldn't find it ANYWHERE (I didn't know the title or singer so I was just going on the lyrics of the song). Anyways, finally DH contacted the photograher who did the slideshow that we heard it on and he told us that you actually had to purchase rights to the song. I was bummed and thought it would be way too expensive so I settled for a different song. Every once in awhile I'd search hoping that I'd be able to get it. Anyways, as I was just about to get ready to walk down the aisle, the song comes on! DH secretly purchased rights to the song and had it played as I was walking down the aisle. I loved it!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Joss Here's a question for the Winnipeg girls. Did you get your dress here in the city? Or head down to Fargo / Grand Forks or Minneapolis? I could not justify spending a fortune on a dress so I drove down to Minneapolis to look at David's Bridal. I ended up buying the first dress that I tried on! I could've taken the sample dress home that day but I wanted a new one so they ordered it in for me and had it shipped to the David's in Fargo. I did have my alterations done here though. I had a great experience at David's Bridal. I actually was just at Stella's here in Winnipeg with my friend who is looking for a dress and I noticed that they have a rack of dresses for destination weddings.
  16. Hey girls! I thought I'd join in on the fun seeing as I am a 'Pegger. I got married on April 1, 2009 at the Iberostar Lindo in the Mayan Riviera. It's great that there are so many of us from Winnipeg on here. When I first joined, I think there was only one other bride from Winnipeg!
  17. Congrats and welcome to the forum! I got married at the Iberostar Lindo back in April! You should come and join our Iberostar thread, you'll find lots of answers there. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t27304
  18. Quick update, the following items have sold 22 White finger starfish 4x6 starfish postcards 5x7 starfish postcards blue ribbon All other items are still available
  19. We ordered mini starfish for our invitations from Balloons Galore. Here is the link (I hope it works!). We ordered the package of 500 real mini starfish. They shipped to Canada and were pretty quick. Search Results
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by rach220 I'm glad I found this thread....I'm having issues right now with changing my name. We got married in Mexico and for some reason, we didn't get a translated copy. The Social Security Office said it didn't matter, but my job is telling me I will need it in English for other things...has anyone actually used the Spanish copy to change their name? I am just going through all of this right now. We did have to get our Spanish copy translated into English. I tried using the Spanish copy but nobody would accept it for a name change. When I did some calling around, I was told that yes, our marriage is legal with the Spanish copy but places will not accept it as a document for a legal name change. Needless to say, we took it down to an official translator, paid the $90 and now have it in both Spanish and English (our translator also gave us a letter of authentification stating the documents are valid and have been translated, with his seal on it). I've had to provide both the Spanish and English copies everywhere so far. Hope this helps!
  21. I plan on heading to the post office tomorrow to get shipping quotes for everyone so I'll get back to you sometime tomorrow. Quote: Originally Posted by a_dawn_w Where abouts in Canada are you located? In in Barrie (North of Toronto), Ontario I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  22. Here is the link to a thread regarding tips... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t26560
  23. The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings - $10 (paid $25) 2 Books of 21 Mexico postcards - $5 for both (paid $10) 22 Starfish white finger starfish 4-6" - $20 (paid $40) 43 Starfish postcards 4 X 6" - $3 (We printed a message on velum paper and put on top of postcard, attached to OOT bags. Back is blank so could be used to write message on as well) 80 Starfish postcards 5 X 7 - $5 108 sheets of light blue cardstock - $3 75 sheets of light green cardstock - $2 I also have 3 spools of blue ribbon that I will throw in for free with a purchase
  24. I have a few things that I'd like to get rid of. If interested, please post item and where you are from so that I can calculate shipping costs. Once I know where you are, I will inform you of shippings costs. Flower Girl basket - $15 no marks/stains (paid $35) Bride tank top, size Medium - $15 Never worn-forgot at home! (paid $25) Maid of Honour, size small - $15 Never worn-forgot at home! (paid $25) Bride panties, size medium - $5 Never taken out of package (paid $9) More to come...
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by toshalea Thanks! I am just concerned about the DJ- I've read that he doesn't speak English so you have to have someone do announcements anyway. Is this true?? I emailed DJ Bob- reviews on here say he's great- and he quoted me $600 for 4 hours. My reception is only 2 hrs so I am waiting for that price quote. I'm not sure that I want to spend that much more when I can make a playlist on my IPod and use it for $100! Any suggestions? We used DJ Bob for our reception and he was fantastic! We had the same problem of only needing him for 2 hours. If I remember correctly, he said he'd only do it for the 3 hour rate because it's not worth it for him to travel for only the 2 hour rate (or something like that). I can't remember what we paid but when I get home I'll check and let you know! I definitely felt that it was worth getting him, my guests really enjoyed him.
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