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  1. I have PM'd you as well I have 45 organza chair sashes in fushia and about 100 paper lanterns in various sizes and colours. The sashes are available now and the lanterns will be available after my AHR which is the 14th. Best of luck!
  2. I love number 1 on you!! OMG! You look gorgeous in it! Good luck with your decision
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    Congratulations! We stayed at the RDC in Panama a couple of years ago and LOVED it!! My only suggestion would be to request a room close to the beach (which thankfully, we did!) as the resort is pretty big and built on the side of a hill. If you get one of the rooms at the top, it's a long walk to the beach if you forget anything! This was truly an amazing resort.
  4. I have to agree with Islandbride! I wore Maggie Sottero's Rasharna at my wedding in April in Mexico and while it was a bit warm () I didn't even really notice the heat. Get your dream dress, you won't regret it!! ps. Islandbride ~ You looked amazing!! Great choice of gown!!
  5. We stayed in the Royal Club and had our "Welcome Drinks" and Rehersal dinner at the restaraunt in the club.
  6. I probably should have been more clear in my first post The food was FABULOUS. Whether it was room services or the restaraunts, we loved it. I think the part that we didn't like was the "vibe" of the resort. Keeping in mind that we had just come from a resort with really personalized service. This resort just didn't give us the same feeling. The staff weren't as friendly when we checked in, the refused to aknowledge our honeymoon (there is supposed to be a room upgrade and bottle of champagne etc.), the excuse for this was that our TA failed to tell them about the honeymoon when she booked it (which is totally untrue as I was cc'd on all of the emails). We didn't bother fighting it as we just wanted to enjoy our honeymoon, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. So really, we had no real complaints about the resort, it just didn't measure up to the first week and it was hard not to compare the two. No matter which resort you choose you will have a fabulous wedding and memories for the rest of your lives together...so enjoy!!
  7. Hi Tinker, We went to the Valentin for our honeymoon and I can't say that I was that impressed. There were some lovely parts of the resort but for the most part we wished that we had stayed at our wedding resort. That being said, maybe with a larger group for a wedding (rather than a honeymoon) it would be better. Good luck with your choice!
  8. We used Michelle Kauntz from Captured Soul Photography in Kitchener. We brought her with us but found that her prices for the whole week were comparible to the local photographers for 5 hours! Here is her website. I loved Michelle`s work and would highly recommend her! Captured Soul Photography Unique Ontario & Destination Wedding Photographer *Capturing Natural Moments
  9. Hi Girls, My AHR is coming up quickly and I am in need of some decor! We have rented a marquee tent and I`d like to do the decorating myself to save some $$ I am looking for the following: Large paper lanterns ~ cream, light green or bright blue (ideally some of each) I have 30 sage chair sashes from our wedding, so I will need about 70 more. I'm thinking in any of the colours above. I am doing my own flowers, but I would love to have a few starfish on the tables as well. Give it the "beachy" vibe. So maybe 30 or so fairly large starfish. I'm also not planning on wearing my wedding dress, but would love a shorter reception dress. I love the bcbg applique dress or something like it ~ size 6 Let me know if you have anything that you think would compliment the colours/decor that I haven't thought of! Thanks!! A.
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    Can't find TTD

    Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ i like that dress, adelaide! whereabouts in Canada are you located? ontario by chance? i am looking for a ttd as well, but want to try it on first as i already have one that isn't working out for me!!! Hey Angela ~ the dress is actually at my Mom's house, which is in Cambridge. Not far at all from Waterloo! If you want to PM me, we could figure something out if you want to try it on.
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    Can't find TTD

    Here you go!!
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    Can't find TTD

    I have a Maggie Sottero that is a size 10 ~ I bought it to use for my ttd but ended up using my regular gown for the ttd. It is a out of the destination line ~ I will try to find a pic for you. I paid $300 CDN for it but would take $200.
  13. Hey Girls ~ Here is a link to my review! Please let me know if you have any questions at all as I know I didn't cover everything! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...al-club-58481/
  14. Thanks everyone! I keep thinking of things that I forgot to put into my review ~ does anyone know how to edit a post? Thanks!
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    April 2010 Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by hoyt75 Any other brides having an AHR? We're having an AHR but not until August!