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  1. Good luck Rachel!!!! Can't wait to see pics when you get back! I know I'm sooooo delinquent in posting my review, I'm busier now than I was BEFORE the wedding! As I type this I'm still at work and it's after 9pm! I'll post it soon, though, promise. I'm sorry! Teesha - I created a welcome letter and a THINGS TO DO in RM that you could bastardize...send me your email address and I'll pass it along. Happy planning to all the brides with weddings coming up soon!
  2. WOWZER - that dress is GORGEOUS! I say go for it...nothing is too formal on your wedding day
  3. Dreams Puerto Adventurous may also be a good option for you. I got married at 4pm at DT, but thinking back I think I would have loved an earlier ceremony time so we could have had all afternoon to take pics, hang out with everyone, and then go to the reception dinner later on. If you do a noon wedding at DT, perhaps you can do champagne afterward, then let everyone do their own thing while you take pics, enjoy time with your hubby, then meet back up for your reception/dinner with your guests.
  4. OMG Lindz, I LOVE your wedding website!!! I'm now helping my baby sister plan her wedding and designing her wedding website...did you have to pay for it? oh, and thanks for all the flattering comments on our wedding photos...it really was a magical day for us
  5. OK, OK, here's a link to the pics that i finally received; I'll post my review later tonight or tomorrow but didn't want to keep you waiting on the visuals http://claudiaphoto.smugmug.com/share/0tszRd60teclc
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz Neen-you are such a tease with these 2 pictures!! I am dying to see the rest I know, I'm sorry - I JUST got them all from Claudia and I'm trying to upload them all from the CDs into photobucket so I can post them! I'll keep at it tonight so stay tuned
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KylesBrideToBe Neen!! That would be so great if I could use those for our June 12th wedding! Let me know how they turned out for your ceremony. I haven't seen your pics yet. Thanks for the awesome insite. Angela Hey Angela, I loved the way they looked on the gazebo/chuppah....here are some pics (sorry about the size). I'd be happy to send them to you if you want them, I belive I have 7 or 8 strands.
  8. the sand is pretty hard-packed at the gazebo site and we had the carpet runner on top of it and had no problems walking in heels on it (didn't sink in). My mom, BMs and I all wore heels without a problem, so don't worry.
  9. i'm pretty sure it was most recently that Can't Wait rented the Tiffany chairs for her reception, try searching her posts for pricing on that...
  10. um...not to add more fuel to the fire, but we had the sound system for our ceremony and we were NOT charged for it. Maybe because we had the Ultimate Wedding Package or maybe because there were three weddings on my day and the first bride paid for it and they just left the set-up in place and used it for my wedding? i know they used my pre-ceremony CD music for the bride that got married after me, too Or maybe in the midst of everything, Landy just forgot to add that extra charge to our bill. I honestly don't know, but I KNOW I wasn't charged for it...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz so I emailed Natalia a few questions and I wanted to let everyone know her responses just in case they had similiar ones. 1.) I was looking into tulle and wanted to see if you had turquoise down there or should I buy my own? We can offer you with extra cost a blue tull, would be around usd 200.Maybe is more cheaper if you bring your own. 2.) It looks like we are going to have close to 40 people-is it possible to have the buffet option for dinner? Buffet style is allowed with 50 guest not less. 3.) We really want to do a "welcome dinner" on Friday night and I wanted to see what our options were. I remember when we met you mentioned there was a few options for this. Free option in our International buffer Rest (one area will be for your guest) Extra cost options: private party with a special menu usd 55 or 65 per person (tax and services are not include) 4.) I was thinking about doing a bunch of candles on the tables for the reception-should I bring these down with me or is there a place we can either rent them or can you provide them? I was thinking about tall candle holders because of the wind. We can rent for you, please would you like to send me a pictures.You can bring you own if you prefer. Here are my 2 cents on your questions... 1) DEFINITELY bring your own tulle, it'll be much cheaper and its very easy to pack in your luggage 2) Just tell DT that you now have 50 guests and want the buffet options. Our guest list changed right up until the day of our wedding and it wasn't a problem adjusting - you'll just have to pay for 50. 3) Do you have kids in your group? If so, I'd really reco you pay for a private event in one of the restuarants and order off the menu so its only $750. We had our rehearsal dinner in the private room in the buffet with 37 people and the set up didn't work for us. If I'd known about the wine cellar I'd have gone that route (how did I not know), or I'd have paid for a private event to cut down on the utter chaos that ensued! 4) Definitely send a pic of the candle set up you're thinking of and then either buy the candles down there when you arrive or have DT do it for you. Bringing candles in your luggage is soooo heavy and not worth the hassle FYI - I'm just waiting for my pics from Claudia Rodriguez to come in before I post my review, but its coming soon!
  12. OOOOH, I'm so excited for spring planting, though I still have a good two months here on the east coast before i can start! But seeing this thread this morning helps me to know what I'll be researching today at work!!!
  13. i'm in agreement with most of the others in thinking you may need to beef it up a bit to keep folks from getting too drunk. if you don't like the taco/fajita bar options because folks will be having them all week, is there any chance you could add a pasta bar or mac n cheese shooters or something like that? pasta is very filling and would likely be the only addition you'd need to make to keep everything on an even keel. another option could be to just add lots of breads and rolls to the cheese display (instead of just crackers) since 9 out of 10 times bread will do the trick. adding some flavored olive oil and balsamic with dipping dishes might also be a nice touch. just a thought. i know costs are overwhelming, but you def don't want drunkards on your hands too early in the night and you don't want folks to be cranky because they're still hungry.
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