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  1. Well don't feel bad about not getting to it soon ... it's been over a year and I haven't gotten rid of anything yet (also drives my husband crazy). I had/have high hopes of using some of it ... like the starfish I think I'll use to decorate a photo wall ... but I do need to part with some of it ... great reminder LOL Â P.S. Kendall ... second for me too and my daughter loves looking through anything I have left from marriage to her daddy ... (lost some of it in a house fire). I too kept my dress but instead of possibly making her feel obligated to wear it ... I'm thinking of making her s
  2. We decided to get legally married before going to Mexico just to avoid the hassle and expense of marrying there. We had a few friends who wanted to come to JOP since they couldn't make the trip and Ken's uncle happen to be staying with us so he joined us too. We did NOT take our children or tell them because I didn't want it to be confusing to them. Some family members asked about the legalities of getting married in Mexico and I told them what we were doing because I didn't want to lie to them. Â This is become a pretty heated topic on some of the etiquette sites ... some feel it's disho
  3. OK ... I too have read through this whole thread and I think it sounds like you're headed in the right direction. At first my husband told me to do whatever I wanted and to just tell him where to be and what time (I'm not kidding LOL). Then, once he saw me planning ... he started to give me his opinion on things. This was fine with me ... as long as it was what I wanted!!! Then I realized that it was just as important to him as it was to me ... he'd just never planned anything like this before. Once I asked him what was really important to him to have at our wedding and reception he only
  4. The pics are all amazing! When I read the post title I thought you meant shot with a Flip camera Gorgeous couple and great photos! *SmiLes* Suzanne
  5. This whole thread hit home with me! The night we got engaged my husband (then fiance) called his mom ... and he told her we had been dreaming of a destination wedding. Her reaction? "Why on earth do you want to do that?" Urgggh! Totally put me in a mood 20 mins after he proposed. We went to dinner ... had a wonderful time ... and we decided right then and there that we were going ahead with our plans. His whole family had that same bad attitude and mine was totally excited for us. In the end my sister, brother-in-law, and their grown kids were with us and I wouldn't have changed a thing! I kep
  6. Beautiful bride ... great wedding and gorgeous pictures ... CONGRATULATIONS! They were so fun to look through *huGs*
  7. Awesome deal Misti is running right now: "Today is 7/13. Sometimes "7" is lucky for people, other times "13" is their lucky number. So I've got all bases covered-- for all lucky brides, I will give an additional 25% off ANY package (including the destination wedding packages!) if they book within the next 7 days and 13 hours (by 7/21 at 5:30 am). This means their package would only be $375!!!!!" That really is a great deal! Her site: http://www.studiodouglasweddings.com/ Her blog: Expressions By Misti
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MAK Might be TMI... but I think a cute pair of blue panties is going to be my something blue. LOL ... that was mine too I found some stretchy lace boyshorts at Victoria's Secret ... and I think Misti got a pic while I was dressing ... could be a cute pic too ... And I've seen the blue starfish for your bouquet ... that's cute too
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by moepeedy All of your photos are awesome especially your BD. VaVa Voom! Thanks! I just saw your planning thread with pics from your BD book and I was soooo envious! LOL ... I have NO idea how my BD pics will look ... and don't know if I'll even have enough pics to put in a book Misti said I do ... but I want them to look awesome so he'll love it You looked so gorgeous in yours ... the clothes and props ... your hair and makeup ... I actually have a window open with those pics ... I kid you not! I'm also still waiting to see if I can add wording to the
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lolosmama Suzanne, thank you SO much for posting your wedding review and your pics from Misti. Based on your review alone, I've been in contact with her to book her for my November wedding (I'm SO far behind in planning/organizing). Your pics are so great...the black/white of all the kids holding hands brought tears to my eyes - gorgeous!! Maggie ~ You're welcome! I just LOVE the "pay-it-forward" atmosphere on this forum ... and I am committed to sticking around to help for many years to come. Misti was one of the best decisions we made ... period.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Chanti Hi Suzanne!!! I wish we had had more time to chat :-) We luckily had all brought umbrellas as we were expecting it to rain! I still can't believe the sun came out 50 minutes before our beach wedding, we were so lucky. You looked beautiful too, I saw you on your wedding day while you were getting photos done!!! I don't know how to post a review: do I just start a new thread? Chantal I put the actual review thread here: Wedding Reviews - Best Destination Wedding Forum and then came back here and linked to it ... because I know I lived in this fo
  12. Got my pro teaser pics this morning ... so fun! On Misti's blog: Expressions By Misti: SUZANNE & KEN's wedding (Tulum, Mexico) Some more on this thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...768#post878094
  13. These were so fun to look through ... here are mine: Kinda silly ... but it really was a lot of fun! *SmiLes* Suzanne
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lolosmama The BD shots are amazing!!!! Beautiful pics! I hope you are going to do them! I wish I'd done them before we left so I could present his book to him while we were there ... but this was still awesome! I never felt uncomfortable at all ... and I just knew she's know how to minimize and maximize LOL ... too funny.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by JGAMMAGIRL77 I really love your wedding pics but I especially like your BD pictures. Everything looks great. Did you do the BD pics at the hotel in Dreams? Jess Thanks! Being so hard on myself ... I was of course most "worried" about the BD shots ... and Misti is a genius! LOL Yes, that was in my room at Dreams Tulum ... Misti moved furniture, took down pictures, rolled up rugs ... she really knows what she's doing and made it very comfortable and easy for me.
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