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    Coming up Fast!!

    Wow kate, what info are you looking for? Use us as a resource- even if its helping you search for stuff. This is a great board with lots of info!
  2. Scarletina

    Wedding in Mexico!

    Welcome to the boards! There is so much valuable information about Mexico weddings here you will find the perfect spot in no time!! Give us an update as soon as you pick a spot!
  3. Scarletina

    I'm new here

    That is amazing! Thanks for coming to the boards as encouragment for all the women on here!! I know so few people who have been married for as many years! Your wedding will be lovely because your love is beautiful!
  4. Scarletina

    I'm a newbie!

    Welcome fellow cruiser!!!! I am doing a cruise wedding and getting off at our first port for our wedding! Welcome!!
  5. Scarletina

    Hello from a Newbie!

    Welcome to the boards! Happy planning!
  6. Scarletina


    Whooohooo!!! Welcome to the boards! You will love it here!
  7. Wow. I never thought of this! I am going to add it to my welcome info that is going in our OOT bags. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Scarletina

    Awesome Las Vegas Wedding

    Thanks for sharing! I am looking for a place that can do a cool Elvis wedding for my legal marriage. I live closish to Vegas and we thought it would be fun to go there the weekend before we leave for our DW and have a fun Elvis wedding! I am going to check out their site when I get home!
  9. Definitely do some reading on the boards about this company. There doesn't seem to be much grey - you either love them or hate them. If you want to hear my experience PM me - I am happy to share.
  10. I love the colors! Everything is beautiful!
  11. Scarletina

    New here and a bit stressed

    My first few steps were to decide my overall vision for my wedding and to hire a travel agent. Definitely consider some of the ones from these boards if you decide to use a TA. Deciding your overall theme and vision will save you a lot of hassle and frustration later.
  12. Scarletina

    Advice needed/vent

    Please do reading before choosing DW.com for your travel agent. I know that I have not had an ideal experience along with many other girls on the forums. They have a great idea - but their execution is awful.
  13. Scarletina

    I give up!!!!

    Why are they not allowed to touch the sand after? I mean I am sure it has a spiritual meaning - I am a curious one.
  14. I think every woman on this forum has gone through the panic moment of did I pick the right dress? I definitely think that you picked the perfect dress for you! I love the long train and the simplicity of it all!! Plus the material has a very beachy look. The second dress is lovely but I really think that the first one is beautiful!
  15. Not to beat a dead horse but I feel like I shoudl re-inerate what the girls before me have been saying about DW.com - mostly because I am to the point where I have no choice but to keep moving forward with them and I wish I had known a long time ago how crazy it was going to be. I am also on my third agent. The first was a flake and got nothing that I was telling her, the second one was mean and snooty and then was either fired or quit - then I got my third one and she is MUCH better - but when you are going from awful to slightly better than awful it' snot saying much. DEFINITELY consider other options than DW.com - it's not worth the savings etc that you might think you are getting. The majority of complaints I have had so far from my guests have been about the women at DW.