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  1. hi Yesenia! I just got back from Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday and would have stayed for months if I could have made it possible! I stayed at Villa Tizoc (private villas in old town Puerto Vallarta) it was charming! But we had friends down by the Marival, which looked beautiful. And I shot a wedding at Yelapa, a short boat ride from PV. I know this isn't too much help, but if you and your man need to get away for a night or two I highly recommend this little villa situated up in the cliffs of old town. Executive Getaways Luxury Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Vail,Colorado and on Lake Michigan Congratulations again and Best WIshes, Pamela
  2. yaaay! welcome and congratulations! Pam
  3. Hi Michelle! Congratulations and welcome!! best wishes, Pamela
  4. Hi Tami, Like Maura said (hi Maura! You shouldn't be having problems with your external drive and retrieving files. There is always the genius bar and any apple store you can bring your mac in for free and they will trouble shoot with you. It might be corrupted like Maura said, in that case there are some recovery programs you can download to get your files back and places you can send the external drive o that can usually recover most of your files. Hope that helps. Also, as for bookmaking software...here are some good ones I have found... blurb.com mypublisher.com you can purchase software called page gallery by Yervant (it works with photoshop) it is for professional photographers, but I dont think anything is required to order it. It's not as user friendly, but LOTS of options! good luck! Pamela
  5. welcome Nicole! Best Wishes, Pamela
  6. Hello Joanna and welcome to the forum!! Pamela
  7. local is definitely going to be a cheaper option for you. Unless you can catch a photographer who is trying to break into the destination wedding scene. Sometimes we offer coverage for travel expenses, etc (which can also get pricey though) when its somewhere we haven't been yet in order to beef up out portfolios. if there are any bridal stores or florists in the area, they can usually recommend som great photographers. hope that helps!! good luck and best wishes!
  8. welcome Tony!! You have a beautiful website and some gorgeous work! You will find this forum as a valuable asset...especially being in Florida! best wishes! Pamela
  9. congrats and welcome!! Dreams Los Cabo is a great place for a wedding!
  10. welcome!!! cancun will be gorgeous! <a href="http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e315/Pammycakes111/?action=view&current=BDWsiggie.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e315/Pammycakes111/BDWsiggie.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  11. welcome!!! congrats and best wishes!
  12. GORGEOUS!!! and your dress looks like a dream on you! you guys make a beautiful couple!
  13. welcome!!! I know a lot of the "dreams" locations are beautiful! good luck! Pamela
  14. yay! cuba! congrats and welcome!!
  15. Hi Melanie! Congrats and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find a ton of help here! My advice as a photographer would be to stick to local vendors, vendors that work with the venue aren't necessarily the cheapest, so be sure to shop around a bit. good luck with your planning!! Pamela
  16. hehe "and to buy stuff" I can see you're a girl after my own heart! congrats and welcome!
  17. most romantic place I've been. It's in Puerto Vallarta Executive Getaways Luxury Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Vail,Colorado and on Lake Michigan
  18. I actually see this a lot at weddings, everyone does it a little differently. I've seen the mother do it, but I've also seen the guests all have candles lit as the bride walks down the aisle in memory of her father and then the officiant will say something about how the candles represent the memory of her father who is with her in spirit as she walks down the aisle...or a little memo in the program about what the candle represents. mothers a lot of the time or grandfathers... ad it can definitely be more than just the person walking you down tha gives you away, it might be nice to include you sons
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