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  1. Is anyone putting scented candles in the bag for the guests' rooms? I read on another thread that some girls did this, along with matches. I found candles at Michaels for $.39 each! Would it be a problem to pack the candles and matches in our luggage? If anyone has any thoughts that would be great!
  2. Joanna

    BEST ROR video Ever!

    Thank you so much! That is great!!
  3. Joanna

    Best Flip Flops EVER!

    I love them all! Thanks for sharing! I need to start shopping around for sandals soon!
  4. I am in your shoes!! We are getting married two days after you, December 5, 2009. I have also been getting nervous about the weather, but as everyone else said, you can't really guess what will happen. We wanted the 4pm time so that we wouldn't have too much lag time between the wedding and ceremony. From what my fiance and I have discussed, we are going to stick with the 4pm slot and hope that everything works out! I would be more upset if I made the wedding earlier and then it still rained!!
  5. Joanna

    ROR Seagrape Questions

    I am also getting married on a Saturday and was told that I cannot have my reception at Seagrape because of the beach party. We are planning the poolside reception as well, but I'm a little nervous being that there are no pictures!! The only other options are the Plantation and the disco. For now, I guess we will stick with the poolside... I hope whoever goes next has a poolside reception or at least sees one and can give some input!!
  6. Joanna

    Site Visit

    Thanks!! I have already booked my wedding at ROR, so this makes me feel even better about it!
  7. Joanna

    Jamaica Brides, wheres the HM?

    We are getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios on December 5, 2009. We are staying there for 5 nights, from 12/2-12/7, and then heading over to Sandals Royal Caribbean for 7 nights for our HM! SRC is a smaller sandals, more romantic feeling. They also have a small private offshore island which looks great!! They have nice plush couches right out on the beach!! We are very excited for it! If anyone has been here before, I'd love some input - good or bad! We have plenty of time if we wanted to change our minds!
  8. Joanna


    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!! You will love it!!!!!
  9. Those look great!! We are interested in doing Save the Date magnets as well so I going to take a look at that site! Thanks!!
  10. Wow, such a great idea!! She did such a good job on them. Your guests will absolutely love them!!!
  11. Wow, that all came out so great!! I never would have thought of Vistaprint before seeing this forum, but that do such great work!! I think I am going to look into it!! I love the postcards, that's such a cute idea, i may steal it, if you don't mind!!!
  12. Joanna

    I'm a newbie

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!! You will find tons of info. to help you choose a resort!