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  1. HI girls, My fiance and I will be getting married in Lake Tahoe on June 25, 2010. We are going to get married at Emerald Bay State Park. I am so excited! How is everyone's planning going?
  2. Hi gals, My fiance finally has a job again (it really stinks living in Michigan since we have the highest unemployment rate in the country) so I officially have permission to start planning and spending money again! We were originally considering Jamaica, but are now thinking Costa Rica. I am looking at the Playa Grande area and want something small and relatively inexpensive. We are going more for the small and intimate setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, we still also want access to get away for day trips, etc. Have any of you been married in this area? What kind of prices did you pay for your rooms, wedding coordinator, etc. I have been talking to a lady named Severine from Costa Rica Exotic Weddings. Has anyone used this wedding planner? Also, she suggested a few smaller and less expensive hotels in that region including the Rip Jack Inn, Hotel Bula Bula and Tamarindo Village. Has anyone heard anything about these locations or seen them? Are they nice, should I look elsewhere (other hotels and locations)? Thanks!!
  3. I cant wait to see your pictures. THe review was great. We had originally planned on Jamaica, but since we are changing the date, we are also considering changing the destination.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lauren i miss all the time i was able to spend on bdw over the summer. i'm busting my butt to get all of my regular teacher work in, plus taking a grad course... i miss bdw and the shout thread and all of you girls (and a few of you guys)... *sigh* being an adult sucks. I totally feel you! I am also a teacher and also taking a grad class. This is the first time I have been able to log on to BDW in weeks!!
  5. How is the sewing coming along? I saw something very similar to this at Ikea for about $8 a piece. They are adorable!
  6. At least they are unique, right? I don't think they are bad, just different!
  7. Ok, so I know there are a lot of budget threads out there, but I am more specifically interested in ROR budgets. What are your rooms, flights, ceremony and reception extras, excursions, etc. costing you? How long are you going for and how many guests are you having attend? A lot of people seem to choose ROR for the cost, but is it really a lot less expensive then the other AI resorts?
  8. That is so exciting! Yay for both of you!!! ")
  9. Congratulations! That is so exciting!!
  10. That is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan you only can cash out your commission once it reaches $300. I can't imagine getting to that level. I just wanted to post the $5 off. I thought it was just in iherb merchandise, but it's actually money. that is weird. I only need 198 more people to buy a diva cup & I can get $300! You only need 197 more...I just bought one and used your code. Thanks a bunch, I am actually kind of excited for my upcoming monthly visitor just because I want to try this diva cup thing. Whoo hoo!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan A few to add * You can call your credit card companies & tell them to stop sending anything that isn't neccessary. I do like getting my bills because I keep a folder of my credit card statements with my bank statements. But, I get a lot less junk mail. It's also a lot safer to not get those checks in the mail. *https://www.optoutprescreen.com/ you can opt out of being prescreened for credit cards. then you no longer get those preapproved cards in the mail. I did this about a year ago & have maybe received 2 since then. Mike needs to do it because he gets several a week *I always drink tap water. *we buy the powdered gatorade to mix ourselves to avoid the waste then I do a lot of the things people mentioned above. I eat meat, but at most once a week. I've never really liked it. *maintain proper tire pressure. I was just at a discount tire & they will check your tires for free in 3 minutes. it improves gas milage *i keep my driving minimal. I also have a honda civic that is 9 1/2 years old. It's better for the environment to keep a car longer than to get a new one often even if they are more fuel efficient. I know there is much more I can do. I need to get better about paper towels. I go through a lot of napkins. I've also been planning to call more people who send me junk mail & get it to stop. I throw away so much mail a week. Awesome website, thanks!!!
  13. So...can the Diva Cup be worn during running and working out? Will it slip out of place and cause a disaster, or does it actually stay put that well?
  14. Wear the pin! Wear it! lol I can just imagine going to work and having my students ask about the pin..."uh...well kids...its a pin...and uh...well...it supports women and women's rights...."
  15. If I change my last name I will sound like a certain porn star. I would be Gina Jasin, which sounds an awful lot like Jenna Jameson.
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