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  1. mcv05001

    OOT Bag Goodies for sale!

    im interested in the bags
  2. mcv05001

    *Pics* January 19th ROR

    Beautiful pictures. I really love your dress. Where did you get it?
  3. mcv05001

    For Sale: Straw OOT bags

    I'll take what you have left.
  4. mcv05001

    Plumeria's Wedding Flower Boutique

    what is her website?
  5. mcv05001

    i'm off!!

    Have a great trip and a wonderful wedding! Congratulations!
  6. mcv05001

    WE'RE BACK from our DW in Jamaica!

    WOW you looked beautiful! Where did you get your dress?
  7. mcv05001

    16 OOT bags for sale!

    I tried sending you a PM but your box is too full. I was wondering if you were able to get a quote for shipping.
  8. mcv05001

    16 OOT bags for sale!

    I'm interested. How do I go about paying for them? I'm new to this site, sorry! How much for shipping? Thanks Melanie
  9. mcv05001

    College Football!!!!!!!!!

  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca I always make a PDF of my file so I don't have to worry about the different fonts that I used. How do you make a word file into a PDF file??
  11. mcv05001

    This is it...

    I'm so sorry to hear that. It sounds like you have your head on your shoulders. Good luck with everything, and I would be more than happy to take some things off of you hands. Melanie
  12. Hi everyone, I am trying to make a monogram in word and I was wondering if someone can help me group all of the pieces together so that I can move the entire image instead of all of the different pieces.
  13. Everything looks good! Bet you are very excited.
  14. Ok I guess I need help posting it as well.....*sigh*