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    Hello Paradisus Palma Real Brides!

    Hi there! I just recently started planning the wedding there too. From what I understand only the Gabi Beach Club for a private reception is additional (alot additional). We're doing the beach wedding and guest count permitting, the reception (which Viviana, WC@PPR says will be private) on the Olympus Terrace. I am working things out with a Travel Agent now for rates & apparently if your guests want to stay @ a more affordable hotel/resort, they will have to pay a day pass. If you find out if that can be waived, pls let me know! They will send u their shutterfly pics of weddings & options & they have a romance calculator to find out approx how much ur options will cost. Wish u lots of luck!
  2. Vanessa & Hugo, Paradisus Palma Real, June 19, 2009
  3. Thanks Carla! That makes sense, Cielo is sky in Spanish
  4. Hey Carla, where is the Ciel Bar? I have been on the website often, but I don't recall the Ciel Bar.
  5. Hey guys! How many of your guests actually stayed @ the resort?? I need to find out about options outside of PPR because I know some of my guests are on a tight budget. Any ideas on that topic?
  6. We wanted a beach wedding not too far from where most of our friends & family live (Miami), so we chose DR. Although my boyfriend's father is Dominican, that really has nothing to do with it; we went to DR b4 & I loved the ppl and atmosphere Plus we wanted it to be like a mini vaca with our guests & we didn't want to spend a fortune on a wedding. We are pretty laidback so it just suited us :-D
  7. Vane

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Aimee; I will definitely look for that acronym thread Thanks everyone for the tips & I will now look for the Dominican Page...I am glad to have found a great bridal survival tool!
  8. Vane

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for the feedback guys Now, i need to learn the acronyms, LOL Is TA-travel agents? and is PM-Post Message? Just want to make sure :-D Any other acronyms used often on the forum, please do tell! Have a great one guys, V
  9. Vane

    New Paradisus Palma Real Bride

    Hi there! We're in the same boat; I am a palma real bride, but on June 19, 2009. Let's exchange notes!
  10. I know most ppl liked #3 & it is nice on you, but I like the way #4 molds your body; you look curvy and beautiful
  11. Vane

    Hi Everyone

    I am Vanessa Reyes & I am new to weddings, planning and forums so I am excited and happy to be here. Our wedding is on JUNE 19, 2009 @ the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana, DR. I am going to need help with virtually everything. Any suggestions on live music, djs, photographers, favors or anything really, please let me know!! Oh & where do I look for group travel airfare rates and is there any site for reasonably priced hotels in Punta Cana for guests?? THanks guys!! Vanessa