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  1. aaaah!!! im leaving in 6 days and still havent heard back from claudia!! :-( i thought shes supposed to get back to you quickly when its right before your wedding.. sooo frustrating.. do you guys know whats the best form of payment for all the wedding bills there? check? check card? travelors checks?
  2. Im so nervous about getting my hair and makeup done there since im so particular abotu those things.. any advice or reviews from people who have had it done recently would really help put me at ease?
  3. Hey everyone... I know i've seen these on here somehwere.. does anyone have numbers 1-10 in the sand as pictures? I want to get these framed and take them over as the table numbers. cant remember where i saw them. THanks!! would help so much! Michelle
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by destination Thanks for all the pics, but i'm still a little concerned about the construction on the terrace. Wish I knew what it will look like when I host my reception there! there is construction going on there currently!? and if so, do u know when itll be done?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by KirstenRN6 I've ordered a few flowers from Gabbymac. She is from Canada. She ships really fast and usually has a lot of flowers on sale. I don't know her website off hand, but just type in Gabbymac in Google and her site will pop up. are these hair flowers with a clip? or do u still have to buy clips and attach them?
  6. i bought a second dress for the TTD session. someone posted this awesome site that has sale dresses.. i couldnt believe how cheap they were.. but the dress was $40 plus shipping and looked jsut like the picture.. :-) hope that helps.. the dresses on the site change as things get bought and added Sale Gowns
  7. got the dress!!! its as great as the picture shows.. i just simply cant believe i got a gorgeous dress for $40!! :-)
  8. well, i bought one for my TTD pictures.. hopefully its as beautiful as the picture is.. soooo hard to believe its so cheap! we'll see.. ill let you know what its like when i get it! keep your fingers crossed!
  9. I have about 80-90 people coming as well.. and def want to do something, just not sure what yet.. for those of you that have lots of guests as well, how are you transporting all these OOT bags?
  10. this is great! know of anyone who bought on here already? I am looking for my TTD dress...
  11. July 2008 Deitra & John Bell - July 19, 2008 August 2008 Amanda & Michael - August 20, 2008 September 2008 Kathi & Ryan - September 7th, 2008 October 2008 Stacey & Ely - October 14th, 2008 November 2008 RJ & Stephanie - November 8, 2008 Kristi & Neil - November 10, 2008 Samantha S & Damon - November 20, 2008 December 2008 Brianna & Danny - December 6, 2008 January 2009 Kristy & Mike - January 16, 2009 Michelle (Michelle&Steve) & Steve - January 18, 2009 February 2009 Reilly & David (soon to be Mrs. Glasser) February 23 March 2009 Angel & Sanford - March 1, 2009 April 2009 Diana & Anthony - April 25, 2009 May 2009 Jaymie & Ales - May 4, 2009 Kelly & Joe - May 13, 2009 Sylvia (cancunbride) and Albert - May 14, 2009 Marie (hartyt509) & Scott - May 15, 2009 Lisa (mummergirl) & Tom - May 28, 2009 Tamika (quackquack) & James - May 30, 2009 June 2009 Jen (simbasim) June 13, 2009 November 2009 Jodey & Simon - November 12th 2009
  12. hey guys! just wondering if anyone has found good quality hair flowers that arent expensive? Need 5 of them! THanks!
  13. we did!! J-DATE!! i started med school and had zero time for dating, and ending up chatting with him.. 2 weeks later we met, and 9 months later we were engaged!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by vanessahall Hi Mich Glad to hear you've booked Antigua. Have you ever stayed at a sandals before? If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I've lived on the island most of my life. oh wow.. thanks!! havent stayed at sandals before... any advice on great things to do? we def wanna get out and do some cool excursions.. def some romantic things, maybe a private dinner cruise, and some adventurous things.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Michelle
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