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  1. I never can find that "rolling the eyes" smilies when you need it..... j/k there are tons of photogs on this site that would fit. just start inquiring with the ones you like. maybe Jean Marcus?
  2. Hey Jen, I was just at the Barcelo Maya Property in Jan. that place is pretty amazing. It has a sweet stretch of beach and a nice place to host your reception with super cool lighting... see ya round nic
  3. i loved the Barcelo property, but when you said no outside vendors... that busted my idea. the photogs there are absolute hacks. might as well give a point and shoot to a friend! however, the property is amazing and sounds like a good fit for you.
  4. why is it that when you buy hot dogs you get 8 but the package of buns come in 10? why is it that nobody knows how to drive in so cal? why is it that we can't drive and use our cells phones with our hands but we can shave, put on makeup or read the paper? why is it that your president goes around and apologizes for you when you didn't do anything wrong? why is it that when you or I are in debt we have to cut back and spend less but your president thinks we have to spend more? I really don't get this one
  5. why is it that when you buy hot dogs you get 8 but the package of buns come in 10? why is it that nobody knows how to drive in so cal? why is it that we can't drive and use our cells phones with our hands but we can shave, put on makeup or read the paper? why is it that your president goes around and apologizes for you when you didn't do anything wrong? why is it that when you or I are in debt we have to cut back and spend less but your president thinks we have to spend more? <--------- I really don't get this one
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan yep, that was local only. I started putting it together for someone getting married at the hotel where I had my wedding. the wedding is in 9 weeks & they just found out how bad the hotel photographer is. so i compiled everyone local I could find so they could find someone better ASAP. ahh... next time I'll have to make my sarcasm a little more funny... nah, I was joking, kinda
  7. im always the guest ... never a vendor or pro photog.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Evan Baines You're going to be spending more time with your wedding photographer than just about anyone else on your wedding day. Since you like each of those vendor's work, I'd say the next step is to get as much contact as you can (phone calls, email) to see which vendor has a personality that wins you over. Getting great photos requires that you be comfortable with the person, not just the style. Good luck in your selection! + 17 trillion since we are just throwing around trillions these days
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jpitts78 Well, I think I will have to replace the old car within a year... it's getting old, rusty, and it's starting to slowly become unreliable. It's a 98 Ford Contour... it lived a long life I think... lol And it's going to suck to have another vehicle payment since we are making payments on a new vehicle as it is... I was thinking of another car, but would much rather something that has 4-wheel drive... and I don't want another truck since we already have a big F350 monster. So I guess it will be a SUV/Crossover type in either a diesel or hybrid. Right now I checked out the Lexus RX 400h, BMW X5 xDrive35d, Audi Q7 TDI, Mercedes ML320, Yukon Hybrid, Chev Tahoe Hybrid. Anyone own one of these vehicles? Opinions? a friends mom recently purchases a Nissan Murano and she loves it!! plus they gave her a great deal. good luck nic 2009 Nissan Murano Crossover - Nissan USA Official Site
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jennwo Is it rude or taboo to pass on another photographers work to show him what we like and want? nah, i don't mind having my work passed around j/k... again
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan here is a list I just put together Vanessa Vargas Photography Claudia Rodriguez, Photographer, Cancun & Riviera Maya Wedding photography | Cecilia Dumas, Cancun y Riviera Maya | Imagenes de Bodas Elizabeth Medina Photography, Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalism throughout the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Mexico Mexican Wedding Photos & Videos | Wedding photographers Photographer Martha Roque Cancun México Lidya Solemidt Wedding Photography for Cancun and Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer Mexico , Cancun , Playa Del Carmen , Mayan Riviera del Sol Photography CANCUN STUDIOS Pierre Visual Studio - Wedding Photography - Home - Wedding Photographer Morgan, Im really heart broken that Jean Marcus and me didn't make your list... where's that sad face icon?
  12. Im a photog but this is a thread Im going to answer thats non-photo related. I voted for "you betcha" cause I didn't see the HELL YES button!!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by lolkitteh As someone who knows that business travel is NOT glamourous and fun at all, you're welcome! You may not like my comments above though. (Argument for hiring a local rather than bringing one with you) I don't mind.... I know how to travel, know how to photograph a wedding, and love to do both. There are plenty of weddings to go around for the locals and non-locals. Im in San Diego, so its a really quick trip to most destinations for me.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lolkitteh OK, I'm not a DW photographer, but I do have to come to the defense of the photographer on this issue. I did spend many years on the road as a consultant, and currently still have a job that involves high travel. I have enough FF miles and hotel points banked for multiple in first class for FI and myself for many years to come. I used to travel about 90% of the time, now it's more like 20-30%. I've been to many exotic places as a result of my job, and for that I'm grateful. But don't get me wrong. It is WORK with a capital W. It was maybe fun for the first couple of trips, but having someone pay for my travel is NOT a perk, it's a necessary expense on the part of my client who wants to engage my skills and services. Sure, it's nice to get out of the house now and then, but I certainly don't look at my business trips as a chance for a fun vacation. High-travel jobs like mine don't retain people for a long time, and when they do, they have to pay a premium, because at the end of the day, travel for work just isn't fun, and people don't like to do it very often. I think it is rather unreasonable to think that just because you don't see your photographer "working" all the time that they are just sitting around sipping margaritas on your dime. I'm not a pro (but I tinker), so I would guess that at least 80% of the real work is involved in reviewing, story-boarding, and post-processing the images into something that will work for you. Not to mention organizing and backing up the images against loss. Then there is album creation, (if you have one in your package) that also involves design work. If your photographer was there for four days and you saw her for only the equivalent of one day "working", I can assure you that she spent at least four more days actually getting the images print-ready for you. She probably also spent at least 1-2 days scouting out the shoot locations for lighting and set-up. This is all work that has to take place, whether you see it or not. I would also mention that photographers take on a huge risk when going to a DW - here they are traveling to a location where they don't know what the lighting conditions are going to be, what the shoot locations are, and what unexpected, uncontrolled events might take place. All of these things could easily result in an unsatisfied client. Frankly, if I were a wedding photographer, there would be no way I'd do a DW in an unfamiliar location. If I were a pro, I'd probably only shoot as a favor to a friend, and not take on any contractual risk. And if I did agree for some reason to shoot a DW, I'd probably be more inclined to charge more, not less. thanks for that.... but you really need to get out of my head. My brain is not big enough for the two of us...
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Although it may not be a full "vacation" for the photographer, there is still some vacation to it. I mean, you may be working a lot of the time but chances are you do still have some time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. with all due respect, where I live, here just 30 minutes north of san diego, we get plenty of sunshine and perfect weather. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Bottom line I think is that the fact that the couple are paying the photographer's trip definitely has to count for something, although it's not the same as if they were giving that amount to the photographer in cash. It may not be a full "vacation" but it's probably still better than being at home! Im really sorry, but you are wrong again. I really love to get out of town and see new places and meet new people, but that means being away from my life at home with my wife, two dogs, and I can't really work on the road. So I have to put the biz on the shelf, for 4 or 5 days. so really its a trade off although I love to shoot destination weddings. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Not saying all this to attack you personally Nic. I've just read so many times photographers saying that shooting a DW isn't a vacation at all, and I guess I just find it hard to believe they don't find a little time outside the wedding day to enjoy themselves. trust me, its not a vacation at all. I do find time to enjoy myself to some degree, but again, its not like I can surf the morning away then go shoot a wedding.... or go para gliding or zip lining, or take any other chances of being injured while traveling to cover a wedding. I take my job very seriously, and don't take any risks. I LOVE to have FUN! please don't get me wrong... but when its on your dime, I want to do the right thing, and that means playing it safe. Can you imagine your photographer that you paid handsomely, gets hurt the day before your wedding or has a hangover and shows up late or gets sun burned so bad he or she can' move? not this kid. I want you to remember me for taking amazing photos of your wedding not ruining it. nic
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk . Keep in mind that you are paying for a vacation for them, so hopefully this is enough to get you some wiggle room on prices! Um.. I have a bit of a problem with this statement. at no point do I consider going to photograph a destination wedding a "vacation". Im a professional, with the responsibility of traveling, shooting, archiving, traveling home, and editing to deliver what I hope to be amazing photos to a bride and groom. Although I love to travel and photograph weddings, Im not really going to go into why its not a vacation. If anyone wants to know why, id be happy to respond to a PM. But trust me, if you hire a professional, there's no "vacation" involved. nic
  17. I don't think you need one... what makes you feel you need one?
  18. ahh.. gotcha Tammy Hostest. your work is great too!
  19. the only way to get outta this thing is to let the the companies that are not responsible FAIL. The thing thats worse is that that bonus money is OUR'S ... its taxpayer money
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host Well you can always lead by example. We love when photogs offer good insight, tips, advice etc. Im trying Tammy. By the way, your work is lookin great... and good luck on your giveaway!!!
  21. there appears to be lots and lots of spam or noise to signal ratio I know we can offer the girls here more than a good welcome.
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