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  1. I didn't have any problems whatsoever with there being too much of a "party scene" although I did see 2-3 topless, older European women soaking up the sun My dad was a little turned off my some canoodling by the pool - but come on, the place was SO romantic (and besides, I had too many other things to look at to really notice). I am really sorry about anyone who has messaged me questions and requests for info - I was locked from my email account for a few months If anyone needs anything - please ask - I still have every tidbit of miscellaneous info that I gathered up before I got married last year (although I still cry when I look at any of the lists, pictures, forms, etc that I have - they all bring back such awesome memories!) My husband and I have booked a room at EPM to celebrate our 1 year anniversary next month (I swore I wouldn't be one of "those" people, but having been to Mexico a few times, I just don''t want to take a chance and be disappointed on where I stay). The swim-up rooms were just as cool to us as the suites with the private dip-pool upstairs (we split our 11 day stay into two rooms - one pre-wedding and one post-wedding) . Although I enjoyed upgrading to the "Excellence" club, it was really only because they have a special concierge-lobby area that had a little buffet of hors d'oevres that you could walk in and grab a plate anytime without putting on clothes and sitting down and stuff (just lazy I guess). We won't be upgrading this time. Word of advice, though, if you take a day-trip to Isla Mujares - be very careful!! They drive ridiculously and our experience was horrible; we totally felt like we were being harrassed or hustled. On the other hand - downtown Cancun is really cool (as long as you don't mind saying "No thank you" every 2 minutes - which I don't) and make sure you try a homemade "michelada"! YUM! Congrats Everyone
  2. Yeah....there were topless women...not a lot...just 5-10 a day. There were all European and above 30 -- and after the first two days...we all quit noticing...they just kind of blurred into the scenery. There was this one 50 or 60 something woman topless in the pool on the 2nd to last day. She was DRUNK and trying to get up on a raft...I noticed her! You can't swim in any of the pools from 8 pm until 8 am. I was pissed when I found out...but then never really had the urge and the energy to go swimming late night anyway. We went swimming in the ocean one night..that was nice..and we had our own jacuzzi and pool upstairs..so it wasn't really a big deal. You'd be surprised at how early you will be cutting out at night....I didn't make it passed 1:00 am any night I haven/t figured out how to upload pics...but I'll try to get them on my wedding site today. Katrese...I haven't forgotton about you..I know I have to email you all my stuff...It's just taking me a while to get it all together..I've used so many different computers (2 laptops...paretn's computer...work computer) and I have so many removeable disks and stuff with the stuff stored....Im scattered all over the place. I WILL email them to you this weekend though
  3. Oh yeah..I forgot breakfast...a Mimosa bar, bloody mary bar, and 3 rooms of buffet food at Barcelona!! YUM!
  4. OMG girls! Excellence was GORGEOUS!! It was not overcrowded like the other resorts in Cancun that I have been to....there was always a swinging bed, hammock or palapa to take a nap in on the beach or by the pool. We stayed 5 nights in an Excellence Club Swim up Beachside Suite and 4 In an Excellence Club Rooftop Terrace...we stayed directly above the Honeymoon suite...and the view was AMAZING. I really liked being at the swim up suite because I was close to everything..one push on a raft and I could have anything I wanted! Moving on the wedding day was a litle hectic, but the staff helped a lot! Yamina is beautiful and makes everything perfect! I honestly decided every little detail with her in a meeting the day afer I gt there..and even I was surprised by how perfect everything was! BTW...if you don't want to spring for the floral arch ($500)..there are other options including just the bamboo w/ draperies for $200. I wanted more of a simpler look, and the fact that is was cheaper was just icing on the cake....speaking of cake, I asked for a smaller cake since there were only 8 of us, but the choices were decadent. You can get anything you can think of! My cake was chocolate mousse and butter cake layers on the bottom, and a rasberry ganache-filled cheesecake on top. We had fondant on half and whipped cream on the cheesecake (I am not fond of traditional cake, and I don't like the taste of icing usually...) We chose our hors d'ouvres from the gold menu since there were so few of us and Yamina let me make a few exceptions to the dinner for my mom and sister who don't like filet of beef (they wanted chicken). The rest of us had filet of beef. Every one of the four courses was delicious!!!! We had a private spot on the beach (X Lounge) for the cocktail hour, and the SOl bar all to ourselves for the reception. The IPOD thing wrked out for us...but if you have a larger group, I would suggest bringing your own speakers or getting a dj or a band...the volume wasn't very loud. They provide the wedding songs for the wedding, too. We had a religious ceremony and did the sand thing (I used to think it was cheesy..but it felt right The Minister spoke in English and I couldn't have asked for a more meaningful ceremony. The Excellence Club upgrade was worth it for us for only 3 reasons.....24 hour room service from an extended menu (evreryone else gets a smaller menu and it is from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm only), bottles of liqour brought to your room (worked well to have cognac brought ot our room when we had eaten too much) and the Excellence Club "lobby" always had a lught buffet going. It was so quick and easy to run in, grab a plate of food, and still catch our taxi, texas holdem gae, dance lesson, etc) By the middle of the week, we were grabbing plateS of food for everyone else too, so we could all snack on the run! he food at the resort wasn't bad at all....but I am a food snob, and the only restaurant that had my full approval was Spice, the Asian one. Everyone else loved Chez Isabelle and the Italian restaurant. The grill and the lobster house are great for lunches, though...all of the wraps, salads, french fries, sandwiches, etc were fantastic. The lobster was HUGE! The desserts were the best part...make sure you get the chocolate cake somewhere...it's actually like a little chocolate mousse filled truffle-style thing. i can't describe it really, but it was AMAZING! We went t Isla Mujeres and went mopedding one day...I wan't impressed. You couldn't really swim anywhere but Garafon Park (a tourist trap) and a taxi ran my husband off the road and hauled ass. Noone asked if he was ok, we had to pay $250 for $30 worth of damages, and the guy who ran the rental place refused to call the policia and even tried to pretend that he knew no other English except..."give me $250 or I will not give you back your license" They really ticked me off. That was the pnly place we went the entire time where we didn't feel safe. Tulum was beatiful, but I have been a few times....downtown shopping is still fun, and the hotel zone is worth seeing if you have time. We parasailed and rented jet skis...that was really fun, too. The snorkeling wasn't great where we went (isla mujeres) but it was fantastic the last time I went to Cancun when we rented the little two-seater power boats on the "Jungle Tour". They offer this package in the lobby..I would DEFINAELY recommend it. What else....oh yeah, the rooftop pools are freezing...kind of a buzzkill late at night...the resort is clothing optional (which I did not realize) and 1 out of every 15 women will be topless (mostly the 40 and over crowd) . Everyone there seemed extremely friendly and relaxed...making friends was constant! The service was impeccable..I have NEVER felt so pampered and I have vacationed quite a lot in the arribean and Mexico in luxury resorts...this one is my FAVORITE! We left our sliding glass door inlocked a lot, and never had anything bothered with in our room. The shows are great, and a little risque....the staff made everything fun. Im usually not an "activities" person, but I got a little addicted....ping pong tournaments, tequila tastings, I even volunteered as the assistant in a magic show. Fun was totally contageous!!! Don't buy anything from the gift shop...you can get a taxi downtown for $20 and buy it all there for 1/30th of the prices. Keep your head down when getting out of the Cancun airport..those people are NOT your ide..they are lying, and will say/do ANYTHING to get your attention so they can try to sell you timeshare....walk OUTSIDE and look for the placard with your name on it being held by one of the guys out there...this is your ride! um...make sure u ask for ketchup when u order fries..that doesn't just come with it, dont get caught in the pools or jacuzzis (the publi ones...not the ones in your room) after 8:30 pm or the head honcho guy comes out and makes you sign a clipboard saying that you have broken the rules and this is your final warning. We sat on our terrace every night and watched someone getting written up. Just go in the ocean if you feel like a late-night dip...its netted around the swimming area...so no worries. Sand is beautiful...there were no bugs....no problems with seaweed, temperature, weather, or anything else. Just PRFECTION all around! Ya'll will see when u get there! Congrats to everyone!
  5. My girls are coming in on Thursday and leaving Sunday. My family is coming in on tuesday and leaving Sunday-- there is some kind of special deal my TA got me for 3 night guest stays I am only having about 10 guests, though....we're having a Southern style throwdown when we get back
  6. I will!!! I'll give you every beautiful juicy detail about the place...I'm also spending a day mopedding around Isla Mujeres, I'm going to go see the 200 acre aMayan ruins (it's the only one I haven't seen yet from previous vacations) and I'm going to spend a day in Playa del Carmen...there's a bar/restaurant there that is literally in a cave...you drink cocktails under stalagmites, and eat next to cave-streams...It looks AWESOME and there are really good reviews on Trip Advisor for it. Thanks!
  7. Ps Yamina sent me some really different and pretty seating for the weddings...they are like golden, overstuffed, soft benches. They have a very minimalist/modern look--I haven't seen these before yesterday...also, she has he amazing pics of different themes and colors that she has put together!
  8. Katrese, If you give me your email address, I'll send you all of the stuff I've been collecting from everyone here, my TA, and Yamina (the wedding coordinator at EPM). It's A LOT Don't get stressed about Yamina not responding quickly....we've all had this problem starting up--she gets WAY more attentive the closer you come to the wedding. The truth is, aside from collecting pictures, color swatches and ideas, there is not much you can do after you pick out your package and menu from EPM now.....almost everything gets finalized upon your arrival...which is why you should make sure you get these a few days beforehand even if you aren't having a "legal" ceremony. Anyhoo...I'm pretty bummed that I haven't been able to get my picture of me and Alex to load properly.... I leave for Mexico this Sunday---SO EXCITED!!!! If someone will teach me how to attach files to comments, I'll post pics everyday of the resort -- I know I loved seeing everyone else's pictures when they came back...it was like Christmas every time!!! Katrese, I'll check before I go and see if you have posted your email address and Ill send all my stuff on over before I go... Wish me luck girls!
  9. Have a blast Lauren You'll be in my prayers for a safe trip and beautiful wedding!
  10. my site is Lori and Alex - wedding website by mywedding.com I really like yours too, Jennifer....I really hope Mesita is having the time of her life!
  11. Hey Girls! Sorry I haven't been on in a while.. I wanted to let you guys know if you call the 1.800 number associated with Excellence resorts in general, they will connect you (for free) to Yamina's supervisor at EPM. Just a note..I was waiting about 2 weeks for a list of questions to get answered, and after i was hung up on for the third time (for an expensive call mind you) I tried this.....I got answers to 20 plus questions (along w/8 or 9 attachments) the next day....
  12. Congrats Jewels! Don't worry about time, I just started a couple months ago with an october date and now mine's aug. 22. You've got plenty of time. That reminds me...I need to change my ticker
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