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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by pbjwed how much did they cost? They are very cute! I think I paid around $1 per koozie plus shipping and art set up fee The cups were around $1 a piece plus shipping... I used Aylee Bits :: Aylee on design and weddings, destination, beach, nautical, DIY and budget to design our logo
  2. Pics from rehearsal dinner/ Resort photographer: Honestly.... the photographer was pretty cheesy. It was a woman and she kept wanting us to kiss and take all of these group shots. I was looking for more "action" type shots. I would SERIOUSLY look into bringing someone with you. I lucked out and was able to have our photographer for 2 nights hotel stay plus airfare. I was able to get such a great deal since it was their first destination wedding.
  3. My father in law married us The funny thing is we were so worried about getting our marriage license before heading down... since that's what all the websites say. NO ONE asked to see our license in Mexico. I thought that was a little weird. Maybe it was because we had our own minister. I only used the resort photographer for our rehearsal dinner. I'll post those pics for you to see. We flew Jackie and her husband, Andy from Dallas | Fort Worth Wedding Photography { Blue Sunshine Photography } down. They did AMAZING work and took over 3k pics. Some of my advice : If you are having y
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by August2010Bride Sorry was interested in blue dress but realized it's a large The dress above with the spaghetti straps is a Med. The dress that is a Large isn't shown. Let me know if you are still interested
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by n&n112109 I FINALLY cleaned out my wedding closet today and have some left over goodies to get rid of. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I only accept Paypal. Buyer pays shipping. 15 hard plastic luggage tags with straps Asking: $12.00 Uploaded with ImageShack.us 18 Mini hand sanitizers .5 oz Original and Lavender scent Asking: $6.00 13 2oz sized Aloe Vera gel Asking:$8.00 I bought SOOO many little dresses for the trip and didn't even get to wear some Here
  6. Flowers that were used at the ceremony site were then placed at the cake table THE CAKE was sooooooo good and sooooo big! I felt so bad that most of it went to waste! Boutonniere for groomsmen My Bouquet
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by CeeCee76 Hoping for any Sun Palace brides. Am I the only one? I was a Sun Palace bride I had the Amethyst package and it was AMAZING... I seriously wouldn't have changed a thing!!! We had a rehearsal dinner, Cocktail hour and Dinner reception. Here are a few pics i've been meaning to post Let me know if you have ANY questions!! I would HIGHLY recommend getting the video of the ceremony. He included everyone being seated, coming down the aisle, the ceremony, candids of the group getting our pics, the cocktail hour with our first dance, mother son and fat
  8. I ordered the Koozies from Koozies Personalized Custom Wedding Favors Koozies they were really easy to work with! The cups came from Ebay. The seller is CUPMAN19 I ordered 50 of the 16oz stadium cups. He used my logo I sent him and added the wedding date along the side of the palm tree for me free of charge. I would recommend the 16oz size. Any bigger would have been a total pain to pack!
  9. Hmmm I can see the pics in the post.... if you would like me to email any of them let me know
  10. I was super excited about the OOT bags... My guests loved them! My advice is to keep them simple! The cost can really get out of hand. I had.. A brown handled bag with our Logo 2 Koozie's with our logo 2 Cups with our logo 2 Luggage tags A map of Cancun Welcome Letter First aid kit with Ibuprofen,Neosporin,Bandaids,Immodium, Aloe vera gel, Sunblock and Pepto tabs. I know everything but the aloe vera gel was used. The resort had mini fridges stocked with M&M's, candy bars, bottled water, soda and beer. We also had liquor dispensers in the room so we sta
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