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Calling July 2009 Brides!

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22 DAYS and counting...CRAZY!


Crazier than that, we leave in 18 days...and I'm not even close to being ready.


Things I still need to do:


*Choose my jewelry!

*Finish/print/put together the welcome books & programs

*Buy new makeup and learn how to put it on...ha!

*Choose the ceremony readings (I'm back and forth between a couple)

*Create a photoshare site (any suggestions?)

*Book spa appointments (I think I'm going to do my own hair and makeup but I want to get my nails done and I want to treat everyone to this too)



I'm a little stressed...ok a lot stressed. FI and just bought a house and are supposed to close a week before we leave for Mexico...really cute planning huh.


But this weekend is my shower AND my bachelorette so hopefully that will be fun and calm me down a bit.


I also just did BD photos this weekend, so I'm waiting for the proofs so I can choose pics and get the book before we leave! Add it to the list!

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I am trying to get things done from my to do list and my remaining 8 days are FULL of hair/nail/waxing appointments...I can't believe I am leaving so soon...it has been a long time coming but now...I am just trying to slow it down!

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We leave exactly 2 weeks from today!!!! OMG! I can't believe it! I am super excited but also a bit stressed because I will be running around trying to get all the last minute things done. Luckily I'm a teacher an Friday is my last day...so I will have some time off before we leave.

Things we still have to do:

-Finish putting together welcome booklets

-Wrap fans for ceremony with ribbon

-Make playlists

-Write vows

-Get shirt and tie for groom


Probably a bunch of other things i am forgetting!

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I'm leaving 2 weeks from yesterday and I am a teacher also! I know what you mean about having some time off from work before leaving to get everything done. I have so many lists!!!! I have a list for the welcome bags, a list for wedding stuff to still do, a list of non wedding stuff, a packing list...etc! I think I need to consolidate all my lists.


I tell ya, I'm a danger on the road these days. I easily get zoned out thinking about my lists and have been missing turns and exits! :-)

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Originally Posted by eblum999 View Post
I am getting Married on the 18th also!!! I honestly can not believe it is less than a month away.... starting to get nervous :)
I KNOW! I leave in 19 days. I'm in the TEENS! I can't believe it. In some ways, I still can't. LOL. I have so much to do for work before I leave! And so much to do for the wedding!

I still need to:
Make welcome letters
Make flower girl baskets
Make my bride bikini
Final dress fitting is next week
Hair Trial
Finish putting together OOT bags
Figure out reception decorations - I have to wait on my WC though for that
Get everything packed....

And I'm sure there's more. I think I've been slacking! The good news is my fiance and I both pretty much have off the whole week before we leave, so we'll be able to get a ton done then. I just have so much work stuff to do - that really needs be my focus!!! UGH!

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Hi all!! We are down to 10 days till we leave, 16 till our ceremony!! We will be in Cancun for 11 days once there! It is very exciting!


We still have lots of shopping for travel items. I also have lists everywhere. I think our shopping is a little more complicated because we will be there longer and we are going to plan for several tours.


We still have to buy pants for the guys but will hopefully have that done today or tomorrow. I told them all, alterations have to be done by next FRIDAY or tell them I will be in there raising a hissy.


The only other things is compile a photo sample document for our photographer, assemble and deliver OOT bags. (We have too much stuff to try and take ours) Just our cups is a huge box)


Congratulations to you all!! We are almost there!!

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I'm leaving in 2 weeks from today! AHHH!! I have no clue what I have left to do. I think I'm somewhat in denial and I'm definitely slacking! I need to get my butt in gear.

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It's been a very short year since my engagement, and I'm looking forward to the day and will be sad when it's all over!

I'm planning and writing my own ceremony, since my officiant bailed due to swine flu. I'm also making my own wedding program and doing a boudoir drawing for my sweetie. After that, all I need to do is pack and that's it!

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