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  1. Angela, how many bridesmaids do you have? I think you said a while back that that price includes all your bouquets, is that right? If you have several bridesmaids, that might be right...that's why I didn't get flowers for my bridesmaids - I gave them parasols instead. I had pink peonies, orange roses, and white daisies in my bouquet - it was about 140 to 150. She did need me to definitely confirm about 2 weeks in advance for the peonies - they did ship them in from another country.
  2. jl- I had my reception outdoors and the lighting they had was plenty enough for us! We did rent the ipod system though. I know some brides have gone to costco for their OOT bag items. I know there are some threads about it somewhere in the Mexico section!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by angela040504 Honey do you just need receipts for the items for the welcome bags or everything you bring for the wedding? Cause i have gifts for the girls to do you think i need receipts for those also? Angela and ladies - in the Riviera Maya, Cancun & surrounding areas section of the forum (where this thread is), there are a few threads about customs and receipts. The best one I think is called Mexican Customs - an effort to gather all information in one thread - or something like that. YES, it only counts for items you have in bulk - it's really only for things they would consider you possibly 'reselling'. However, medicines (for those of you doing hangover kits) do not count towards your $300 total. Matt took $300 worth of stuff in his bags, and I took $300 worth of stuff in mine. Our OOT bags, favors, and decorations all counted towards our total. I had four bridesmaids - I didn't bring receipts for their stuff - I just packed it all separately so it didn't look like I was bringing multiples of the same item. I had three bags, a carry on and two wedding dresses, and I got a green light. Matt had three bags and two carry ons. He got a red light, but only because you could see the maracas in the xray machine. Customs checked every maraca for drugs. While they were checking the maracas, they asked to see our receipts. They really didn't even do any adding or anything, just kind of glanced them over. They were actually very nice. I would definitely recommend you check out the threads on this if you have questions still - they are really informative!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani1980 Ok, has anyone used MP's design company, Zuniga? I got a bunch of attachments from our onsite coordinator with different options, and I am looking at their website, Zúñiga Productions | Special Event Services for Groups and Conventions, and they have some beautiful options. I wanted to know how the service was, and was pricing reasonable. Thanks! Tiffani - I don't think anyone has used Zuniga recently. However, if you go way back in this thread, I believe there were a few brides that did. As I recall, they were very happy with them and their prices.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mrseddy Btw, i took cutierosie's idea/advice and typed up a word document with all of my questions and comments, broken out by event (welcome dinner, cocktail hour, reception, etc) and listed out in detail what I wanted or what I needed more clarification on. I listed out our menu (I mixed and matched from the options), pasted pictures of the bouquet and centerpieces I wanted, etc. I'll be sure to print this document out and have it with me when I meet with my WC. I'm also creating a binder where I'll put the word document, receipts and emails from certain vendors we've hired and all email correspondence with the resort as back-up. I did the same thing - it was super helpful. Up until then I had been keeping everything in separate documents. It was so much easier to use hers as a template to keep everything straight! For those of you looking for a template, cutierosie attached hers to her review in the reviews section.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz About the photographer: I emailed them and said I had a "family friend" staying at the resorts and taking my pictures for me. She said that was totally fine, as long as they are staying there. I also asked about bringing my own DJ and they said that was fine. Although this is Le Blanc, I think the Palace resorts all have the same rules. Definitely print out everything you have any writing!! I brought an American photographer. I paid for her to stay at the resort, and I never told anyone or asked if it was okay. No one said anything about it. I think as long as they are your 'guest', it's not a big deal, particularly if they are American and not Mexican.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by n&n112109 Thanks for responding!!! Did you rent the sound system? We are thinking about bringing an ipod docking station with speakers since we have such a small group.... Yes, we rented the ipod system. It worked fine with my iphone. I'm glad we did, especially because we ended up in the bigger reception area. I'm not sure if a docking system would have projected enough. And, I don't think my luggage could have handled one more thing! LOL.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mrseddy For those of you who got married, how much luggage did you take down with you? Did you give your OOT bags out before you left to Mexico or distribute them all there? I'm getting nervous at the amount of things we are taking down!! mrseddy - We had 6 bags (3 for each of us), plus carry-ons and my two dresses. Customs went very smoothly once they figured out it was for a wedding. They did stop Matt because they had to check the maracas - every single one of them!!! For drugs I guess. They were nice and very careful with them. They then glanced at our receipts and sent us on our way. Didn't even take 10 minutes! I would definitely bring the receipts with you, just in case.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by n&n112109 For those of you who had a cocktail hour and private dinner...... * When did you have your first dance? * What music did you have playing during the cocktail hour? * Did you have dancing AFTER the dinner? Thanks!! Hey!! We had our cocktail hour from 2 to 3, then a break, which everyone greatly appreciated - then we started our reception at 6pm. We didn't play music during the cocktail hour. From 6 to 7 we did dinner and dinner music, which I just had on my ipod. Then we did the dances, the cake cutting, and then the dancing!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 I know this has been discussed before but I can't find a clear answer. For those of you who have been married at MP, where you able to decide what wording was used for the ceremony? Or change their standard "script"? Yes, I did! I added readings and our own vows and took out a few things I thought were a little sexist! It was not a problem.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy I was wondering if you could share your experience with the different outdoor locations. I was emailed this file with the different terraces. The moon and fountain terrace are out b/c I want dancing and they have a weight restriction. What is that blue thing in the pic with the selva terrace? Do the lake, venado, and tucan overlook the water? Also now my FI is giving me grief for wanting it indoor because of the air conditioning. Our wedding is in August at 5 pm, so the reception will be from 6-10. Will it be cool enough outdoors to dance? I told him that you all said it was really hot even that late at night but he wants me to double check. Thanks! Hey Lady! The blue thing in the Selva Terrace is a pool. My reception was originally booked there, but I chose to move it to the Moon Light Terrace because I didn't want to be next to a pool, even though it was wayyyy big for my group. I know the Tucan overlooks the water - I'm not sure about the other two though! I had my July 18th reception outdoors from 6 to 10, and the weather was fine. We all loved being outdoors on the ocean - it was the reason we went to Mexico so we really wanted to stay outside. It cooled off really nicely and the breeze was great! We all danced and partied and no one got too hot!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! Thanks for attaching those files - there are a few that have been updated since I last seen them! The meals are very confusing - we are planning on having an outdoor reception, which I've known all along, we can only have a buffet for...which is fine with us...but then on this attachment it says for the buffet we need min. numbers of 40ppl!!! we only have 24!!! jeezzzz! what am I supposed to do with that then?! Mrs D - they don't use the min/max numbers for weddings - I only had 28 people for an outdoor buffet and it was not an issue.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by angelalanahung Hi girls! I am getting married at 1pm in May. I was considering getting married later in the day in the hope it would be cooler but I have looked at weather underground and the temperature only drop's 1 or 2 degrees so it's not going to make much difference. I have got my dress and had got an underskirt to go with it so hopefully it will let in a little air. Does anyone know how bad it will be in May? Is there any breeze in the gazebos or on the beach for the photos? Do you think I am crazy for wanting to wear this dress? It is my dream dress!!! http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t...resspc7958.jpg I think that dress is gorgeous! Wear whatever you want! I got married at 1pm in July. It was hotter than you would believe - but it should be cooler in May. However, at 1pm the sun is so bright it makes pictures difficult. You'll be squinting a lot and the sun reflecting off the sand makes the contrast in pictures not so great. That's something to definitely consider. If you can take a later time, I would.
  14. Jodi - Shop around for a new TA - I checked rates with several before settling on one! AND, it doesn't matter where people book their airfare! So, find the cheapest MP price possible and tell them to book their airfare on their own. That's what I did. I used Tammy Host here on the forum and she got me an excellent price!!!
  15. I'm sorry Abbie! I had to password protect it at the request of Claudia. If you want to see them, PM me and I'll give you the password!
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