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    Am I being ungrateful?

    i would go directly to the fmil just because i don't think she gets it. i don't think it's rude to say that you may want your mom to take a bigger role in this - or something like that since she is YOUR mom. you can say it in a way that won't offend her like: i really appreciate you planning this shower for me, but i would really like my mom to be a bigger part of this event (for whatever reason: you're really close to your mom or something). also check with your fsil to see if she mentioned your boundary conditions to your fmil. if not, you should ask her to do so... just my $0.02
  2. these are so cool! great idea. i'm checking out the website to see what else they have
  3. we're thinking about hawaii. not sure which island yet - we're still trying to figure that part out. we've been to oahu, maui and kauai. we like kauai best, but keeping in mind our guest, i'm thinking maybe oahu makes more sense? we still trying to decide
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  9. wow - these are beautiful! in terms of colors, i think it would depend on which one is your primary vs. accent color. i would use your primary color for the pocket.
  10. thanks for posting this!
  11. wow! i love love lvoe your pics1 the photographer did a great job capturing the emotions. everyone looked like they had a blast!
  12. happy hump day (wednesday)! does anyone have pics you can share with me on your floral arrangements for a tropical location like HI? i did a search, but couldn't find it in one location. i was looking for bouquets, bouts, flower girl flower balls, centerpieces, floral decoration for cake, and aisle... the colors i'm looking at are the bright green, pink, orange, and brown. if you have some pics, please post them here so i can get more ideas. the pics i have seen in the past have been more classic. i'm looking for something that is more modern and clean. thanks!
  13. hello ladies! i just saw the first posting for 2009 brides (january) and i though i would give july 2009 a try since that's when my wedding is going to be - yay! i know, i'm planning way ahead, but we've been engaged for about 6 months already so ima itchin' for some plannin' let me know what you've done already and where you plan to have your wedding! i've done some research (for islands in HI), but haven't booked anything yet.