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  1. Oh and I bought them online somewhere (can't remember where...maybe Ebay?)
  2. Hi! I do still have these...but I just posted them on Ebay this afternoon...I think I can cancel them there if you are really interested since no one has bid yet. I totally forgot I had posted them here a while back. I will have to check about the heel being metal (I'm not home at the moment) but I would not say they are wobbly (as long as you are comfortable walking in heels, I remember it being pretty sturdy for such a skinny heel. For me, the shoes were very uncomfortable at the front straps...dug into the sided of my toes, but I also have wide feet. Let me know if you are still
  3. So I've opened up this box from storage again...all my leftovers from my 2009 wedding...hate to throw it out! All are free, just pay shipping costs, ships from CT I will describe in order of the photos... Initial keychains (H, B, J) for bridesmaids Tissue Packs (6 designer, 3 bright Kleenex) Bridezilla Voodoo Doll (2) 52 Tips for Bridesmaids Cards (3 Decks) Wedding shower invitation stamp (never been used) Nail files 3 pack with charm on one Sudoku, Word Search and Crossword books (4 total from Target $1 bin) Wedding cake shaped cookie cutter, new in package Fake whit
  4. Hi Ladies, This dress was purchased in November of 2008 from a boutique shop. Cost was $1500, and I payed $150 to alter it to my size. Dress tag says size 12, but has been altered to a size 2ish. My measurements at the time were 34-36 bust, 26-28 waist, and 36 hips. I am 5'4 and planned to wear 3" heels for my wedding, so it is hemmed to about that length. THIS DRESS HAS NEVER BEEN WORN. I decided to go with another dress for my wedding. It was purchased off the rack, so has been tried on, but when I bought it I had it dry cleaned. It has been sitting in a dress bag in the back of my clo
  5. Hot Pink heels by Amelia Jane - new in box (box is a little crushed) size 8.5 removeable ankle strap Buyer pays shipping
  6. Sweet Sixteen Brand Shiny Silver Stilettos Size 8.5 New in Box Buyer pays shipping
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomasjsgirl I have to agree with you and found there were more than a few key shots missing from ours. Now, when I compare my pics to some of the other couples on here, I realise just how amateurish mine are. She was inexpensive, and it shows in the quality, substance and style of her shots. I can't say that even one was original, and I hardly have any of just my husband and I and of those few, I can truly say none wowed me. NONE. Hiring her was the biggest planning mistake I made. As for the $150 refundable deposit -- I missed out on that too! GEESH!!!!!
  8. Misti was our photographer for our July 2009 wedding in Mexico. I had some issues with her as well, but made a lot of excuses for her at the time. She was professional, and we did get all our pictures on a disc. I hadn't ordered anything extra so I can't speak to that. I was a recipient of the special she ran on BDW and only had to pay travel costs. I was able to split her flight with another bride getting married a few days after us, and I think I ended up spending $1300 total. Overall I was happy with our photos, although there were a few key shots that were missed. Getting the discs took lo
  9. I like the wine glasses, but I received a couple of similar ones as gifts and have yet to use them. When I have a glass of wine I reach for the classic (clear) glasses. I'm worried about being able to throw them in the dishwasher, so they just sit on my shelf. Love the idea, but I think the jewelry box is more practical and will get more use.
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