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  1. Thanks for the info. I wish my city recycled 1 and 2 plastic. They only accept narrow necked bottles. I have stacks of large yogurt cups that I've been saving, because I feel guilty about throwing them away. I don't know what to do with them!
  2. Thanks girls. Heather, you'll have so much fun with him. He's got crazy amount of energy, that guy!
  3. You should totally do it if it's what you want! I wasn't planning to ruin my dress on the day-after photo shoot, but somehow I ended up covered in mud. But it was one of my favorite memories from my wedding. You can send the dress to fabric restoration afterwards if you're planning to keep the dress. It'll run you a few hundred dollars, but it's worth it!!
  4. Holy crap they are gorgeous! I wish I could've done that too!(although laying in a dried mangrove, covered in mud was pretty awesome too)
  5. Oh man...this is unreal! I hope things settle and get better in the next few months.
  6. Speaking fo Pixar... Our dear friends painted this at the pottery painting class in our resort. Very appropriate, since my husband's working on "Cars2" at the moment. I love it that he looks like a sleazy, perverted car salesman! Maybe it's McQueen's estranged Mexican uncle!
  7. I found the masks at <font color ="41A317">Lucha Libre Masks</font> for 19 bucks each. I pondered about buying them when I got to Mexico (thought it may be cheaper) but my time there was taken up by other zillion things to do, so I was glad that I got them beforehand.(although the guy at customs gave me astrange look) I also got tin nichos for girls from this site https://boar.he.net/~meixcanf/episto...s%2FTin+Nichos BTW, the luchador book that you saw in one of the pics was my guest book. It was a big hit! I gotta look up Daiso in serremonte...
  8. Thank you Ms. island bride! You're so kind. Underneath all that I was frazzled and happy at the same time! My photog did a good job at hiding my pimples from 3 days of stress and not sleeping!
  9. I work in the same industry, but only my husband works for Pixar. He does story boards. It seems like you can't live in the Bay Area without knowing someone from Pixar, the company's HUGE (and growing).
  10. I finally got my professional pics from Fer Juaristi, and I couldn't be happier! My pics are posted on the August 26th entry Fer Juaristi Blog. Rockstar Destination Wedding Photographer, Mexico, Riviera Maya, Monterrey, Worldwide. For a limited time, here's the full slide show with LOTS of pics http://ferjuaristiproofs.com/darkroo...e/?n=ikumibill Man, what a crazy day it was!
  11. Also, if you hire a good photographer, they'll take pictures from angles that won't be visible or they'll edit the pics so the sandbags won't be so obvious.
  12. Hi Karen. I got the fan at a lace store in Berkeley called Lacis. You can find similar (actually identical) ones on ebay.
  13. Eek... sounds like this person won't be happy no matter what situation she's in. Just keep your head high- if your other relatives let her opinions ruin their glorious vacation, that's their problem. Some people are addicted to complaining, even when they're in paradise, and you shouldn't let them ruin your special day!
  14. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing! So much love and happiness eminated from every picture! You, me and so many other brides are so blessed to have had the wedding of our dreams. I often day dream and wish I could replay the day over again!
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