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The ultimate summer drink: Watermelon Cooler

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It's that time of year again!!! smile29.gif


I make this Cooler every summer for different parties and BBQ's - it is off the hook! I am planning on making some for July 4th and wanted to share my recipe with my BDW friends...YUM


Watermelon Cooler


1 large watermelon, cubed and put through a juicer OR food processor OR blender - the bottom line is you need to turn it into juice. If you process or blend it, then strain it so you just get the juice and not too much pulp.


Absolute Citron or any other Citrus flavor Vodka, we have done it with Raspberry Vodka and plain Vodka but it is the best with Citron


Simple Syrup, sugar water




1 to 2 large Lemons


Fresh Mint


Club Soda OR Seltzer


Ok, so you take the watermelon juice (you can double or triple this recipe very easily) and put 3 parts watermelon juice in a container.


the other 1/4 part should be approximately 1/2 Vodka, the juice of the lemons (strained for seeds), water and simple syrup to taste. you can obviously change the ratio if you like thinks sweet or want to get completely drunk LOL.


When you are ready to serve the Cooler, take a glass, fill with ice cubes, fill up 3/4 way with Cooler, top off with Club Soda and garnish with a piece of Mint.


It is SO GOOD!!!! Here is the deal, i want pictures and report back on taste and ratios if anyone makes it! smile78.gif

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