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  1. I did it a few years ago. It's a great program and I believe it's the reason I was able to run 3-5 miles daily (eventually). I need to start it again!
  2. ah, I see! That's a good answer.
  3. out of curiosity, why are you so concerned with someone seeing who your wife is?
  4. I had a sand ceremony and none of our guests thought it was "cheesy." Your post was rather inconsiderate of people that had (or are planning to have) a sand ceremony and/or wear a garter belt. Try Google.
  5. Ann, I am sorry. I meant to post yesterday that I am going to drop out of this season. I got sidetracked and didn't remember until this morning that I never posted. I have lost 15 pounds and plan on continuing to lose....Good luck, ladies!
  6. Thanks, Ann! I wasn't able to post last week, which is probably the only reason I won this week! I had two weeks worth of weight loss....but, I am doing well, so that makes me happy! The weather has been great here so we have been walking a lot, plus I cut out A LOT of carbs, so I kow that is helping. WOOOHOOO! Oh and I don't know why my signature wasn't included in my text! I'll have to check on that. Sorry about that!
  7. ANN!!!!!!!!! I text'd you my weight last night @ 11:00 and my phone shows it went through! It was sent so late because Noah had a rough day. Ugh! I am so upset...I actually had a good weight loss!
  8. That sucks, Ann! I am dreading weigh-in today. I still need to run out and get a digital scale. My new phone hasn't arrived yet, so I may just email ya the picture since I know the text is hard to read cuz my phone sucks!
  9. You guys are doing great! I have yet to weigh myself....I should go do that now. Ann, if you get a chance to read this, do you mind if I text you my weight again? It's just easier for me to do with Noah. KWIM? Gracias!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR ummm, 40 degrees? i'd be outside in a short sleeved shirt in 40 degrees! lol i guess it's all relative. it's like 20 today and i am tempted to take gwen out for a walk, it feels warm! but really, those walks helped me a ton i think. now i just need to find a better place indoors. It's so funny how thins vary...I wont take Noah for a walk if its colder than like 65. It just feels to chilly. When Jay used to travel for work, he would say that 40 degrees in like North Dakota or Wyoming was different than 40 degrees down here. So weird.
  11. Ann- You are so right...you are way too busy for this to be a full time job! If people don't follow the rules, then they shouldn't participate! Okay, so I suck. I have so much to lose and earlier this week I was so ready to lose it....then I just kinda was "bleh" about it. I gained 26 pounds while pregnant with my son (I had to drop out of BL2 because I got pregnant!) and I already had weight to lose before this...I NEED to do! I have to get healthy for the sake of my son! But, I did go walking with Noah twice this week...which isn't much, but the weather was too cool to take Noah out the other days. I am sure my weight will be up on Wed. blah!
  12. I've been here almost 2 years and I don't have any "perks." Well, I guess all the great friends I've made are the perks! Cheesy, huh? but, true!
  13. Ann, I just sent ya my money! I am SO freaking excited about this....I do not plan on getting pregnant this time!
  14. I am DEFINITELY in this time....since I had to drop out of BL 2 due to Noah! I have TONS to lose and really need the motivation! I'll paypal ya before the deadline, Ann!
  15. I don't like Spencer. At all. So, hopefully they just did a religious ceremony and then it wont be legal here in the US.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by STACEY I dont have a good suggestion. But welcome back to the forum!! How is little baby Noah? He is adorable. Thank you! He is doing great! I am still adjusting to his sleeping habits, so I don't get much sleep these days, but all is well! I kinda lurk BDW as of now, kinda hard to post while holding baby in my arms! Quote: Originally Posted by rach220 This happened to a friend of mine and her doctor suggested "Purpose" brand soap...I remember her finding it at CVS, but not sure if it ended up working or not...not sure if it's the same thing, but it's worth a shot...? Good luck! Ah, I will try it! Thanks!
  17. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started getting these little bumps on my triceps. Well, they have only gotten worse since Noah's arrival. I need a super good body scrub! Suggestions?
  18. Karma! She is beautiful! I don't think she looks jaundiced at all! She does look like Steve....Noah looks like Jay! I am so glad you had a super quick and easy delivery! I can't wait to see more pictures! I am glad you are both doing well!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by anacgarcia I hate onion so I make it only with tomatoes and chile and lime juice.. ditto this and add salt. yuuuuuuuum.
  20. Thank you!!! I can't stop staring at him...well, I stop staring once my eyes close while feeding him from lack of sleep!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica Thank goodness I get to see Noah pics before I leave. I was getting worried I wasn't going to see the little man till I got back... he is adorable Martha... look at his long skinny fingers.. soo cute!! I'm so happy for you. Noah is totally living up to his name = rest and stength depends on the book... but he is just that Little Noah Joseph!! Aww, thank you! I love his name and am so glad we never changed it! Quote: Originally Posted by SusanK Congratulations Martha on a beautiful baby boy. I'm so happy he's being cooperative so far. You sound like you are doing wonderfully. You're right... it's a love like to other, and impossible to adequately describe in words. As impossible as it seems, it gets even better. Enjoy! You are right, Susan. It does seem impossible that it will get even better. I can't even begin to imagine my life without him and he has been here a little less than a week! Quote: Originally Posted by REBECCA OMG Martha....I have tears in my eyes. He is just beautiful...congratulations!!!! I often get teary-eyed thinking about him! I am so blessed and so thankful that I have him. And to everyone else, thank you so much! Your words are so kind. I may just print all these out and put them in his baby book along with all the baby shower cards! I am truly glad I got to share my pregnancy (even my anxiety, fears, and insomnia) with you guys!
  22. Lisa, You are so right....I even told him he knew I was right! I have to give a lot of props to all the L&D nurses out there. I felt so bad for the nurse that had to clean me up and change my pads every day. They def. have a hard job!
  23. Thank you! I love this little guy so much! I am feeling REALLY well! I was so scared about the c-section recovery, but the minute they let me get up at the hospital, I have been on the go. The first two days were not great, but they have gotten a lot easier. I only had pain the first 3 days but since there almost no pain at all! We have gone shopping, to dinner and to the doctor's office and with the exception of walking a little slow, I am doing well!
  24. Thank you, Courtney! Hard to believe Noah is FINALLY here! Jay hates to smile in pictures and I am so not photogenic so I am surprise we actually got a few good ones!
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