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Phew! smile36.gif After multiple emails back and forth with proofs being weird and them not correcting corrections i'd sent... they are finally done!


Here they are! I hope that we'll be getting them in the next 2 weeks. They're coming from Australia :)


Click the image to open in full size.


And what they will look like with our names on them bunny_4.gif


Click the image to open in full size.


Frangipanis are one of my favorite flowers!


The trouble (with the proofs) was worth it to me, because I really like these invitations, but seriously, I could not believe how long it took them to get the invitations right. (And I'm not just being bitchy - they had a completely different date on the RSVPs several times in a row...) LOL!


Andrea :)

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Oh man am I ever hoping they're right :) LOL! I half expect them to mess up the numbers of our order...

Anyway, hoping for the best.


I'm going to try to incorporate them into the wedding details (frangipanis), but unfortunately I won't be having a bouquet with them in it... I'm only given a few options of flower types for the flowers, which is a little weird, but probably par for the course getting married somewhere small. I could take things into my own hands, but really do want to use the awesome coordinator for most things!


Since my mother and sister are both in Australia, and there are TONS of frangipani things there, I may see if they can find anything great down there.


CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM IN THE MAIL!!! :) It makes it really official, you know?

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