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  1. Our biggest expense was our travel/resort expense. Since it was just us we didn't have to worry about a reception or anything. But we did have other traditional aspects like dress, cake, bouquet. But looking back I think our most important budget item was photography and a DVD. I would recommend to any bride to budget as much as you can for those items because after the wedding is over you have those two things to remember one of the most significant moments in your life. I know me and my hubby have watched the wedding video over a dozen times already and we frequently look at our weddign album.
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum!!!! I think Aruba would be an amazing place to have a wedding!!!! Me and my husband visited Aruba in May 2007 and we loved it!!! We would have loved to have our DW there but it was just to costly for us. When we visited we chose May because as you said the summer is the islands off season so prices were lower and there were not a lot of tourist. If you do choose to have your wedding in Aruba or just plan a visit I recommend the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. That is where we stayed and it was amazing!!!! The resort is located in Oranjestad. It is right in the middle of the city so it is the perfect locations for shopping, activities and food. But the resort has a private island that guest get ferried to by boat!!! The private island is where Timberland hosted his wedding and reception. Not only was the resort fabulous but the island itself was beautiful! The island isn't very big which I liked because it gave us an opportunity to explore the whole thing. We visited the lighthouse, the dunes and the natural bridges. We did this all on a 4-wheeler we rented for a couple hours. And the weather was nice. It was humid but the constant breeze makes it comfortable. We also enjoyed visiting the shopping area in town and in the new resort area. We found one of our favorite places to eat was in the newer resort area. The name of it slips my mind right now but I will find it out for you. The food at this restaurant was delicious and the service was second to none. There is so much to do in Aruba you will never get bored! I could go on and on about Aruba but I'll stop now. But again I would totally recommend the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. When we initially were planning our DW wedding I contact the wedding department at the resort and they were very quick to respond to my request for information and help me in any way they could. I am sure that if you contacted them you would have the same prompt response and not be disapointed in their service. I also believe they have an additional resort at the opposite end of the island where the newer resorts are located. That one also looked very nice. If you like to talk more about Aruba or have any questions I would be happy to help you if I can. I also have lots of pictures that I could post of the island if you would like. Just let me know! And good luck!!!
  3. Awww I am sorry you had to cancell your first wedding date, but I am glad you were able to reschedual it! And it looks like you guys had a great time enjoying each other and your family and friends at you civil ceremony. And like you said love, family and friends is what it is all about any way. Congrats!!!!
  4. Very Cute!! Congrats on the engagement! Good luck with all your planning!! You are in the right place if you are in need of any help or suggestions or if you just want to share!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Also KellyWinter1, is that a Hines Ward Steelers jersey? HECK NO!!!! I wouldn't be caught dead in a Steelers jersey!!! lol That is our rivals!!! We both are wearing a Todd Heap from the Baltimore RAVENS jersey! I am sorry to hear about you cancelling your wedding. But I totally understand. I hope everything works out!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 KellyWinter1-Did you go on any of the free tours? If so, how were they? Jena- We did go on the Tulum Express Tour. We would have def took advantage of the free tours by doing more if we were there longer but we just didn't have enough time. So the Tulum Express Tour worked great for us since it wasn't an all day thing. The only thing we didn't like about the tour was stopping at this store on the side of the road and being made to get out and walk around. But reading trip advisor I expected the stop so I just sucked it up. Two things I would suggest if you choose to do this tour is bringing lots of bug spray for the tour because we were still being attacked by bugs even after we put on the spray and also bring your bathing suit so you can take advantage of the beautiful beach/ocean Tulum. I will go more into the tour once I post my review which I should have up by the end of next week. My internet at home is down and wont be ready until Wed of next week. We spoke with several other couples who took advantage of the free tours and they all suggest the dolphin swim. We didn't meet any one who went to Chichen-Itza or Ek-Balam/Valladolid. They all said the same thing we did that it was just too long of a drive to the site and they didn't want to use a whole day for one trip. We saw a lot of families waiting for the bus for Xpu-Ha and Wet N Wild so I am sure those two are other nice places to visit as well.
  7. So I went on ASP web site to see if I could figure out what the lounge was turned into and I discovered that the lounge is now the kids lounge where there is a dance machine, XBox, pool table and juice/virgin drink bar. While we were there they were putting the finishing touches on the room so I guess they will post pictures when it is complete. I will look through my pictures tonight and see if I have any of the new kid lounge.
  8. Congrats Lisa!!! I also was proposed to in Disney World! I couldn't think of a more magical place for him to have proposed!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 That is disappointing that she didn't mention that to you. We are also getting married at 6:00, and I am a little worried about the lighting as well. Yazmin said that the sun sets around 7:30...but we are hiring another photographer and he is going to get there around 4:00 so at least we can get the shots of me and my BM's, mom, etc. That way right after the wedding we can just do our wedding shots. Did you go to the lounge and night club there? How was it? We are a little disappointed in Yazmin. But we spoke with our travel agent on this matter and we are going to see if we can get a refund of some sort. Yeah the $180 difference in price didn't kill us but every little bit adds up. If nothing comes of it oh well.... Maybe if you can move your ceremony up an hour if you are really concerned? Since it was just my hubby and me at our wedding it was important for us to get the best and as many pictures as possible to show our friends and family. But I didn't realize how much light/time would be an issue. The resort is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!!! There are so many places on both sides of the resort that would offer great back drops to photos. I really wanted to get pictures by the water falls and then in this little jungle area that had a hut. I thought both those places would exemplify the tropical exotic feel we were going for. Plus I haven't seen one wedding picture taken in the jungle/hut area so I really wanted to get some there. Granted I am sure that location may not appeal to every one or be at the top of their list with so many other beautiful locations on the resort but it was something different. Any way both these places are on the north side of the resort and our ceremony was on the south side. Traveling from side to side would have been too timely. But if we would have had our ceremony earlier we could have traveled to the other side via golf cart/walking took our pictures and then made it back to the "beach" setting to have our sunset pictures that we ended up with any way. So I bring some disapponting news they do not have the martini/lounge bar any longer!!!! The lounge was one of the places I was looking forward to visiting while down there and was upset to hear it was done away with. According to several people we spoke with the lounge was on the south side (now the family side) and it was taken out to be used now for a family area. Boo!!! While down there we met a few couples that are in the time share program Palace resorts offer so they had been to ASP numerous times and they said the lounge was the best bar to go to and they were upset it was taken out. The night club/disco was used for one of the shows while we were there and that is the only time I went there. The night club/disco is also on the south side. As I had said before we found ourselve traveling down to the south (family) side frequently for dinner and other activities so I saw the disco several times. But besides the evening when the show was being held there I did not see many if any people in the disco. And I imagine since the disco was on the family side children would be allowed to enter it. In my oppinion I am not really sure why ASP made the south side the family side. The only reason I could see why is because of the Spa being on the north side. Most of the entertainment/activities were located at the south end. I think the changes have irritated some of the resorts more frequent guest, but I think if you never knew the difference it wouldn't bother you too much. Although taking out the lounge did make me a little disappointed. Also in previous reviews I saw how most people said the south side was the louder end due to the activities and the north was more relaxing, well now since the south has been made for families ASP has made one of the pools areas on the north side for activities for adults making it pretty loud and obnoxious at times but all in good fun! And there is still an area for relaxing by the pools that is pretty tranquil.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Thank you so much for taking those pics and for the information. Congratulations also! How does it feel to be married? Did you get an outside photographer or did you use the one from the resort? Were you pleased with your WC once you got there? Can't wait to see your pics! I totally feel like the wedding was just a dream. It felt like it went by so fast! And I think because of that its just starting to sink in that we are actually married! I can't believe I am a Mrs. !!!!! To answer your question we did use the resorts photographer. He impressed me with his professionalism and really took the time to work with us to try to maximize the time we had to get the best pictures. Now I haven't gotten the pictures yet so I will have to tell you then how good of a job he did. I wish I would have met with him when I met our WC because I think he would have talked me into having the wedding a little earlier so we could have more time to take pictures. Since we got married at 6pm we only had about an hour hour and a half to take pictures before it was dark. So he had told me afterward we should have made it for earlier in the day. My WC was Yazmin. She was nice and pleasant to us. But like other people it took forever to get a response via email. But once we met I thought she was attentive and helpful. That is until I got home and saw that while we were in Mexico Aventura offered new packages!!!!! Not once did Yazmin mention this to us! The difference between the free wedding packages alone was $180 for us. So having the new package could have saved us money. But looking at the new packages and the upgrade flowers/cake/decorations/fireworks we might have upgrade to one of those packages!!! So now I am kinda irritated that she didn't even mention those changes!! When we met with her we did an over view of everything and what we wanted based on the information we had. We had visited the gazebo before we met with her so we knew which one we wanted to have the ceremony at. And at the time I didn't think to ask her if we could do a run through of what we should do and where we stand and what would happen at the ceremony but I think it would have been helpful. Not until I was ready to walk down the aisle did she tell me where to stand, when to stop ect. But over all the wedding went well without any problems so I guess she did her job.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Does anyone know which reception areas allow kids? I have emailed my WC a few times asking her to send us the options for our private reception and she has yet to respond to me. I have some questions for you ladies that are all ready married...and perhaps you girls that may have found out this info. How long did it take to get your hair and make-up done? Do you recommend getting it done early or close to the ceremony? (We are getting married at 6:00). How was the pedi and mani? Not sure if I am going to get the mani because I am getting my nails done the day before we leave, but then again that is four days before the wedding. Thank you for your help. I had my hair and make up done for the wedding at the spa and I was there for a good 2 hours. The "bridal hair" appt slot gives you 80 min and the make up was for 45 min. My appt was at 3pm I got back to the room a little after 5pm. The photographer and DVD guy was at my room around 5:45pm to take some pictures and video and then we were off to the ceremony site for my wedding at 6pm. I got a mani and pedi before I left for Mexico as well and I found I was needing to touch up the polish by the day of the wedding. It was 5 days in between when I had my nails done and the wedding. I would suggest to go ahead and expect to get them done. While I was getting my hair/make up done a few ladies were having their nails done and they left pleased. I will give you a heads up on the hair and make up part. I came prepared to have to explain/fix my hair and make up after hearing the stories from the prior brides and the language barrier and I would suggest the same to you. I brought pictures but in the end I still had issues. The lady had to redo my hair but she did do well on my make up. I will go more into the story in my review but just beware and don't leave until you get what you want!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by rbarzu Dear taxchick, How exciting. Please take lots of photos. I plan to get married at ASP in November. Now that the Cove Palace is allowing kids, we have a 14-year-old cousin joining the group of adults and have to perform the ceremony and have the reception on that side...can you jlet me know any details if you scope out the "Cove" area? THANKS a million!! And have fun!!! Raluca rbarzu, I just returned from my weddingmoon at the ASP/ACP and I honestly think you have nothing to worry about. The Cove side is just as nice as the Spa side. The only down side to staying on the south side is that the spa and beauty services are only on the north side. In fact I think my hubby and I enjoyed the south side more than we did the noth (adults only) lol. The south side is where both ASP and ACP shows are held. The dico is also on the south side. We also like the pool better on the south than the north since all the pools on the south side connect where as on the north side they do not. And both the south and the north have a pool bar. Also the "Cabo" wedding gazebo and the Pandora are located on the south side. They also have the terrace over Mundaca (steak restaurant)which can be used as a private reception area. The south side is also where the La Hacienda (Mexican) restaurant is which is the resorts most popular restaurant and where the honeymoon dinner is held. All in all most guest found themselves venturing down to the south side more often than not. For your younger guest the south side offers a game room that has XBox, a dance machine, pool table and lounge area where non-alcoholic drinks are served. I hope this helps a little. If you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer any I can.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Kellywinter1, Can you please take pictures of the garden area? I believe that the garden area is available for a private reception and I would like to know if it's nice, secluded, etc. Congratulations! I bet you are so excited! Are you ready? Jena0609, Here is pictures of the garden area. It is located on the Aventura Spa side (adults only). The garden area is surrounded by pools, the lobby and lagoon area and a restaurant. So the area is not so private.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Kellywinter1, Can you please take pictures of the garden area? I believe that the garden area is available for a private reception and I would like to know if it's nice, secluded, etc. Congratulations! I bet you are so excited! Are you ready? I will get pictures of the garden area for you. And totally scope out the location and give you all the details I can! I am so excited to get away with my fiance and experience our wedding day. I think this was the first week that it really hit me that we are really getting married and begining our life together so I have been very emotional. lol So in between my periods of crying (out of joy and happiness) I have been trying to get all our loose ends tied up. The majority of our stuff is packed I just have to organize and make sure we have everything we need. I have a 5 year old so I have also been worrying about making sure she has everything she will need while we are away and she is with my mom and getting all the phone numbers and emergency contacts together. But I think once we make it to the resort all the nerves will melt away and I'll be ready to relax and enjoy our stay.
  15. Calling all Aventura future brides!!! I am leaving in 3 days for my wedding at ASP!!!!! I have found that all the information on this site has really helped my decision making for the wedding pretty easy. Since its going to be just me and my fiance we didn't have to go too indepth with planning. Actually we are going with the free package and are just adding a few extras like cake, pics and dvd. And due to our budget everything will be done through the resort. So because my wedding has been so basic I haven't really been able to answer any questions or offer info about all the extras. So in effort to do my share and help my fellow BDW brides I would like to offer to take pictures/visit different places on the resort that any one may be having questions about. And then once I return share what I have found out! I have seen and participated in this on a similar thread for Dreams Cancun when I was originally planning my wedding for there. I was having questions about a location I was considering on the resort for my reception. I was finding little info/pics on it and my wedding coordinator was not responding so when I saw one of our brides was offering to take pics and get info I jumped on it! Those pics/info helped a lot. So I am now extending the offer to all of you. Feel free to post your request or PM me!
  16. Congrats on your dress. It's beautiful! I also purchased my dress from a wore once wedding dress site. The difference in price between new and used was too huge to pass on.
  17. Thank you for your review. It sounds like you guys had a great time. Congrats!!!
  18. You look amazing in your dress! You can really tell how happy it makes you! Congrats I'm glad you went with buying the dress you really wanted even if it meant having 2 dresses.
  19. Thanks for the review! It sounds like you guys had a great time! Your wedding set up was beautiful and I am totally impressed by the cake! I am glad you mentioned the whole blood test because I was a little worried by it as well, but it seems like from what you said it was nothing to worry over. I am even more excited now for my wedding! 3 more weeks left!!!! Oh and yes please share the military story. I would like to know what I am getting myself into!!!!!!
  20. Welcome to the forum and Congrats!!!!! I am eloping as well! Our wedding is scheduled for a little more than a month away at Aventura Spa Palace. Originally we weren't planning to elope but rather a destination wedding that included every one we knew. But after financial issues and all the stress of making every one else happy we decided to elope. I chose the Palace resorts due to their free package. I have found that most resorts who offer wedding packages seem to have a basic package that would work for an elopement. I was origianlly booked with Dreams, when we were planning a big wedding, but then when we decided to elope we went with Palaces because they offered a free package with out a stay requirement. A lot of resorts require you to stay a minimum amount of nights in a upgraded room to be eligible for a free package so beware you may end up saving more money by actually paying for a package. I would suggest looking at Dreams Resorts, Palace Resorts as well as Sandals and Couples. Also talk to a travel agent. There are a lot of good ones on here. Tell them what you ar looking for and I am sure they can point you in the right direction.
  21. Ashey I am in complete agreement with you on the fact that many bloggers, travel sites and the media are exagerating this "ALERT." I am a Mexico DB and I plan to travel with little worries.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by irishmatrimony I LOVE this but am looking for a cheaper version if anyone can help! Designer Pearl Necklace -- Beach Wedding Jewelry Sorry I cant help you with finding a cheaper version or the necklace, but I wanted to say that I think it is gorgeous!!! I hope you can find a way to get it!
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