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  1. Our biggest expense was our travel/resort expense. Since it was just us we didn't have to worry about a reception or anything. But we did have other traditional aspects like dress, cake, bouquet. But looking back I think our most important budget item was photography and a DVD. I would recommend to any bride to budget as much as you can for those items because after the wedding is over you have those two things to remember one of the most significant moments in your life. I know me and my hubby have watched the wedding video over a dozen times already and we frequently look at our weddign albu
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum!!!! I think Aruba would be an amazing place to have a wedding!!!! Me and my husband visited Aruba in May 2007 and we loved it!!! We would have loved to have our DW there but it was just to costly for us. When we visited we chose May because as you said the summer is the islands off season so prices were lower and there were not a lot of tourist. If you do choose to have your wedding in Aruba or just plan a visit I recommend the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. That is where we stayed and it was amazing!!!! The resort is located in Oranjestad. It is right in
  3. Awww I am sorry you had to cancell your first wedding date, but I am glad you were able to reschedual it! And it looks like you guys had a great time enjoying each other and your family and friends at you civil ceremony. And like you said love, family and friends is what it is all about any way. Congrats!!!!
  4. Very Cute!! Congrats on the engagement! Good luck with all your planning!! You are in the right place if you are in need of any help or suggestions or if you just want to share!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Also KellyWinter1, is that a Hines Ward Steelers jersey? HECK NO!!!! I wouldn't be caught dead in a Steelers jersey!!! lol That is our rivals!!! We both are wearing a Todd Heap from the Baltimore RAVENS jersey! I am sorry to hear about you cancelling your wedding. But I totally understand. I hope everything works out!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 KellyWinter1-Did you go on any of the free tours? If so, how were they? Jena- We did go on the Tulum Express Tour. We would have def took advantage of the free tours by doing more if we were there longer but we just didn't have enough time. So the Tulum Express Tour worked great for us since it wasn't an all day thing. The only thing we didn't like about the tour was stopping at this store on the side of the road and being made to get out and walk around. But reading trip advisor I expected the stop so I just sucked it up. Two things I would
  7. So I went on ASP web site to see if I could figure out what the lounge was turned into and I discovered that the lounge is now the kids lounge where there is a dance machine, XBox, pool table and juice/virgin drink bar. While we were there they were putting the finishing touches on the room so I guess they will post pictures when it is complete. I will look through my pictures tonight and see if I have any of the new kid lounge.
  8. Congrats Lisa!!! I also was proposed to in Disney World! I couldn't think of a more magical place for him to have proposed!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 That is disappointing that she didn't mention that to you. We are also getting married at 6:00, and I am a little worried about the lighting as well. Yazmin said that the sun sets around 7:30...but we are hiring another photographer and he is going to get there around 4:00 so at least we can get the shots of me and my BM's, mom, etc. That way right after the wedding we can just do our wedding shots. Did you go to the lounge and night club there? How was it? We are a little disappointed in Yazmin. But we spoke with our travel agent on this matter an
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Thank you so much for taking those pics and for the information. Congratulations also! How does it feel to be married? Did you get an outside photographer or did you use the one from the resort? Were you pleased with your WC once you got there? Can't wait to see your pics! I totally feel like the wedding was just a dream. It felt like it went by so fast! And I think because of that its just starting to sink in that we are actually married! I can't believe I am a Mrs. !!!!! To answer your question we did use the resorts photographer. He impress
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Does anyone know which reception areas allow kids? I have emailed my WC a few times asking her to send us the options for our private reception and she has yet to respond to me. I have some questions for you ladies that are all ready married...and perhaps you girls that may have found out this info. How long did it take to get your hair and make-up done? Do you recommend getting it done early or close to the ceremony? (We are getting married at 6:00). How was the pedi and mani? Not sure if I am going to get the mani because I am getti
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by rbarzu Dear taxchick, How exciting. Please take lots of photos. I plan to get married at ASP in November. Now that the Cove Palace is allowing kids, we have a 14-year-old cousin joining the group of adults and have to perform the ceremony and have the reception on that side...can you jlet me know any details if you scope out the "Cove" area? THANKS a million!! And have fun!!! Raluca rbarzu, I just returned from my weddingmoon at the ASP/ACP and I honestly think you have nothing to worry about. The Cove side is just as nice as the Spa side. The o
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Kellywinter1, Can you please take pictures of the garden area? I believe that the garden area is available for a private reception and I would like to know if it's nice, secluded, etc. Congratulations! I bet you are so excited! Are you ready? Jena0609, Here is pictures of the garden area. It is located on the Aventura Spa side (adults only). The garden area is surrounded by pools, the lobby and lagoon area and a restaurant. So the area is not so private.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jena0609 Kellywinter1, Can you please take pictures of the garden area? I believe that the garden area is available for a private reception and I would like to know if it's nice, secluded, etc. Congratulations! I bet you are so excited! Are you ready? I will get pictures of the garden area for you. And totally scope out the location and give you all the details I can! I am so excited to get away with my fiance and experience our wedding day. I think this was the first week that it really hit me that we are really getting married and begining our
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