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  1. I have not seen that exact dress before, but it reminds me of some of the Watters & Watters or W Too dresses. You should check out their site(s)!
  2. Appletinis are a crowd pleaser and lime green in color. Midori Sours are also lime green and tasty. They remind me of the sour apple straws. I agree with sxcT that most blue drinks I came across have Blue Curacao in them. I've never had Blue Curacao, so I don't know how it tastes, but it looks good!
  3. Ok, here are the prices... Bamboo Arch with white drapes (for ceremony): $325 Plastic chairs with white cover and colored sash (for ceremony): $7.25 Vase with clear marbles (for center piece): $10 Colored table overlays (for reception) $10
  4. I started reading this thread TOTALLY expecting to think that whatever I read, I would probably think it was cheesy. But I agree with ska2M: This idea is a really good one! It's something specific to your destination and it's alcohol! Hard to beat that combination!
  5. I'd vote for head piece. If the destination is windy, and many beach destination are, the veil could become a distraction.
  6. Thanks! It really was easy and inexpensive. I would recommend telling your WC about your plans and asking her to make sure that the length of the stems match the height of the vases. You don't want stems that are too long and then they look weird in the shorter vase.
  7. Just remind him how much it cost to get your makeup done! It'll probably zap that idea right out of his boy brain!
  8. The hotel was the Divi Aruba All-Inclusive, in Aruba. However, to be honest, I'm not sure if the hotel or other vendors were the ones renting me the supplies. My WC was not a hotel employee, but an independant WC who is contracted by various hotels in Aruba (Lissy Lampe of Ceremonies and Celebrations). She took care of everyting. It may have even been her company that owned the supplies. As for the pricing... That information in on my personal laptop, which I don't have with me right now. I'll send include the prices in another post.
  9. I say #1. I love how the orange pops against the white. It's really stunning.
  10. I rented everything: white chair covers, colored chair sashes, white table clothes, colored table overlays, vases for the center pieces, an arch draped in fabric for the ceremony. I wanted to bring as little with me as possible (but I still ended up with 2+ suitcases of JUST wedding supplies). I think it worked out very well. I would explain what I wanted to my WC, and then she would send me a picture to make sure I liked what they were going to rent for me.
  11. There are probably some inappropriate cake cutting songs out there, but I'd be hard pressed to think of one. I think any song you like will be fine. Let's be honest, most of the guests won't notice or remember the song being played while the cake was cut. So if the song makes you and your FI happy, then it's a great one!
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