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  1. I spend about 2500 for my videographer, but I know that photos and video are BIG investments, but totally worth it to me.
  2. OMG I am so happy to hear I am not alone. I am sooo behind! I still havent sent out my invitations. Although I sent out the STDs at the 6 mo mark. I'm so nervous about things, and yes, I am doing a bunch o f DIY stuff but thank god I have 2 MOH who are awesome...
  3. Thanks girls for the input. It's always nice to hear an opinion from an outside perspective. I guess what annoys me is that it's some of my close family and two in the wedding party who are not coming in when we suggested. And will miss a whole day excurtion, so I won't even get to greet them until the evening when they come in. - we are planning to be pretty much doing nothing the day guests arrive- just so we can greet them. Other guests I'm not as bothered by, whenever they comes, they come. I didn't really think about being specific about when to arrive, we have been laid back, but inside I'm really hoping they enjoy the full week with us!! It's also great to know I'm not the only 7 day wedding trip person out there, we may be a minority but I'm not completely crazy and alone in this.
  4. Thats agood rule. I guess why It's throwing me for a loop is that they have to take off 7 work days anyhow if they fly in on Monday and out on Friday. Why not just stay the extra days if hotel cost isnt an issue.
  5. Ok- So I'm getting married on a Wednesday, and have suggested that people arrive on Saturday. I understand most people do a weekend wedding, but were doing it differently. The thought was, that most of the places to stay are cheeper when you book 7 days. And since the cermeony is on a wednesday, then you have to be there until Thursday anyhow, and if your there until thursday you may as well stay until Saturday, assuming that our guests work mon-friday. Plus there are no flights tuesday and wednesday, so flying in the day before is a no-go. So now when talking to people they are coming on a monday and then staying until friday- and that is throwing me for a loop- am I crazy or are they? We have events planed starting Saturday- although optional, we would like to share these things with our core friends and family. I feel like there is a bunch of resistance and I'm not sure why. Once they get there they will be so sad to leave- I just know it. Typing this all out makes me sound like a crazy bride, but I just don't get these people! I wish there was a poll option because I would like to know if all of you are doing weekend weddings am I alone in having a weekend week?
  6. I like the idea of them opening up thier gifts the day of the wedding. But some of the stuff I think would be more useful before the wedding like I'm planning on giving some of the wedding part Lilly Pultitzer passport covers. I have a mixed gender wedding party, with some varraying styles and ages, (my fioncee's sister is 19 years older). So I have a bit of a challange too. I am not doing OOT bags, only bags for the wedding party and our vendors we are flying in. I was thinking about including towels, a postcard and a bottle of liquor. Possibly a deck of cards. But I want to give that to them when they arrive. And then I still want them to open up something the day of the wedding. Any ideas? Girls I'm a mess, sorry that I took over this thread.
  7. Just saw thats Old Navy has men's linen pains on sale for $25 for Easter weekend. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?searchCID=68131&vid=12&pid=111881&scid=111881022 Just thought you girls would like to know!
  8. OMG everytime I see the Cloisters I get soo excited for you!! ohh BTW thanks foe the heads up about the ON bags. I picked some up yesterday for my wedding party and vendors. (eeeek!!) Plus I got a beach volley ball on clearance for 97 cents!
  9. I am looking into lash tinting, for the days where were out in the water so I dont have to wear mascara. Also I am looking in to semi permant eyelashes. I have looked into the eyelashes and it seams only a Dr. can apply them,i have no idea if this is right. @Kristialilly i have light lashes and they are short too. I think I'll call my spa and see if they do it.
  10. Ohh fun! i think I'm gonna wait, I hate to get it, and then get another one at my bridal shower...
  11. That is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of. 2 days before you were leaving to notify that they were going?? How did you handel that?
  12. Whats the worst that will happen??? You have too many rooms blocked?? Use them for your vendors, plus ask her if those numbers are final or can they be changed.... assuming they can, I'd estimate higher. I don't think it needs to be set in stone, thats nuts!
  13. PS- I'm buying a corner cutter today with my 50% off Michaels coupon I got in am email for today only!! ohh yeah....
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