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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by sandyphimp Hi ayansi08! Your pictures looks beautiful!!!!!! Do you have any complaints or tips you'd like to share with us? How did everything turn out? Which photographer did you chose? Thank you! Sandy Thank you so much! Yes I have some tips! 1. I was a DIY bride.....I regret that VERY much. I made our save the dates, invites, centerpieces, menus that were placed in each seat for dinner, & I brought a lot of my own decorations. I thought I was going to save money this way, but after it all, I really didn't. And the added stress of making and bringing all the stuff with me SUCKED. The only thing that did save me money were the center pieces. I felt the prices on flowers was really high. (Not only in PPC but all other resorts we looked into) I felt it was pointless to pay for flowers that would be thrown out at the end of the night. I ended up selling my vases to another bride getting married the week after me. 2. The romance team is AMAZING. I can't even begin to say how on top of everything they were. 3. Room upgrades- They updated us to the reserve. It was beautiful! The room was huge! But...it was very very far from everything. Which was nice because we had a lot of time away from our guests, but sucked when it wast time to take a trolley to eat, go to the pool, or bars. You have a private pool and bar at the reserve, but all the fun stuff happens in the other common areas. 4. Guest Rooms- I was shocked how nice the guest rooms were. All of our guests loved their rooms. My brother got a room with a jacuzzi in the patio (which he didn't even request). 5. Bridal Suite- I reserved it for the day of. It was great because it was very close to the Gazebo where the ceremony was to take place. They had stuff to munch on and champagne which was nice. 6. Make Up and Hair- The girls did a very nice job with everyone's hair and makeup so I wouldn't stress that at all. Just make sure to bring with you anything that might help them with your updo. For example, I brought with me the "Donut" to do that bun I had. 7. I do regret having done the ceremony so early. We had the ceremony at 2-3pm and it was very hot. Our guest were melting! So that's one thing I would've changed. 8. Ceremony Music- We hired the trio and it added a really nice feel to the wedding. They played while I walked down the isle, and at the cocktail hour as well. 8. Reception- They set up the tables for the reception exactly how i wanted and i was taken back when I saw it. It looked very romantic and sweet. We had our reception near the pool and everyone jumped in the pool after. It was very fun. We payed for the up lighting which I'm really happy we did. All of my guests really enjoyed the food. 9. Photography- We hired HDC. I loved how the pictures turned out, but wasn't happy with the video. The quality and editing was not that good, so I contacted them and they re-edited for us. They were very nice about it and helpful. ONE TIP- Make sure to tell them ahead of time exactly where you will be getting ready! The photographer didn't know i was in the bridal suite, so by the time he found me, i was already dressed and ready to go. Which I really wanted him there to take pictures of us getting ready. 10. Get an MC for the reception! Or get a friend to do it, but make sure to tell them what you want them to say and do. Our friend was our MC and it was a bit of a mess. For our walk in song they let the entire song play which was a bit awkward after a while. I thought they would have common sense to cut in after a minute or 2 and fade out the music, but that wasn't the case. Oh yes! I almost forgot! We hired Pastor York for the ceremony. He was VERY GOOD! He made everyone cry! He was funny and sweet and really made the ceremony special! Ok sorry that was long, but I never did a review on our wedding! I hope some of this info helps and let me know if you have any other questions!!!
  2. Hi Ladies!!! I haven't posted in while but wanted to share the following... My husband and I got married last year at PPC on October 27th and it was beautiful! Before deciding on having our wedding at PPC we were considering the Paradisus Cancun. (We had never visited either resort before making our decision) For our 1 year anniversary we used our complementary free nights and went to the Paradisus in Cancun last weekend. I just wanted to let you ladies know that you have all made an AMAZING decision in choosing PPC as your weeding location. The Cancun resort does not compare to PPC!!! I know how nerve wrecking planning a destination wedding is, especially if you aren't able to visit the resort before your wedding. I promise you, you all have made the best decision in having your wedding at PPC!!! I can't remember if I ever posted any pics but here are a few.....
  3. Hi!!! We didn't get to do a site visit either which had us very worried. But as soon as we got to the resort......we were absolutely happy with our decision to get married there. I had read several negative comments, like about bugs, bad food, etc. I swear none of our family members our friends complained at all or had any problems. Also- we got upgraded to the royal room. And it was BEAUTIFUL....BUT.........had we not seen the Royal room, we would have been just as happy in one of the regular rooms. The Royal rooms are very nice, but they are super far from the beach and all areas where most of the activities take place. My in laws had a room right near the beach in a regular room and it was a lot easier for them to walk to go eat rather than waiting for the trolley. We don't regret for one second having gotten married at PPC. We got married this past October and our friends still talk about how much fun they had. Hope this helps!!!
  4. Hi Katie! I have yet to write my review.....I promise I will though and post pics too. But I read your post about the weather in October. We got married at PPC on 10/27/12. Honestly, STOP STRESSING!! The weather on our day was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Weather was breezy and clear skies! I'm not going to lie, weather wasn't as nice the day before, but thankfully it cleared up! And when it does rain, it stops quickly. Actually I regret not putting raffia fans on my guests chairs, but w/e. And also the back up areas in case it does rain are very nice as well! I hope this helps a little! Are you using Theresa???? I hired her as my planner and she was AMAZING!!!!!!!
  5. Ladies ..... I got back this weekend from my wedding on October 27th.....and let me tell you...it was amazing! All of my guests had an amazing time and loved the resort! The Romance team was AMAZING!!! All the wonderful things you've heard about Miguelina are true! As some of you know, I hired Theresa as my planner, and flew her in to PPC. Between the both of them, they made our day perfect!!!! I will be posting up pics and review soon!!! One suggestion I do have is bring mosquito repellent!!! We didn't have a problem the day of the wedding, but in some areas there were mosquito's, and we got bit. Other than that, we had an amazing time!!!
  6. Hi Ladies! Does anyone know a resort or artist that does airbrush make-up in Punta Cana???? Thank you!
  7. Well when Theresa (previous planner with Paradisus) was no longer with the Romance Team, I wasn't informed of it either by the Miami team. I called her and got a HUGE run around and felt they really slacked in telling the brides that we had no planner. I suggest you all call Marlyn ASAP and try to get some one re-assigned to you. I waited 2-3 months until they found someone, & I was furious! This similar situation is what lead me to hire Theresa on the side.
  8. FYI!!!!! I heard there is a new road opening from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana that will cut the drive time to 2 hours. Just throwing that out there because flights are cheaper to Santo Domingo (most of the time). I'm just trying to find out now how much those big tourist air conditioned buses cost pp! = / SUPER FRUSTRATING!!!!
  9. I can't believe a flight to DR from Miami is soooo high!!! And I don't understand why Spirit hasn't posted their flights from Miami to Punta Cana yet for October!!! = /
  10. Does anyone know if the airport transfers also qualify if you arrive to La Romana Airport??? I've been finding that flights are cheaper in to La Romana which is an hour away instead of arriving to Punta Cana directly.
  11. Congrats!!!!! We're getting married at the Paradisus Punta Cana. I think it's beautiful and has great ceremony and reception locations. You should look at both resorts, Paradisus Palma Real and Paradisus Punta Cana- www.paradisus.com If you want more info PM me. I've gotten some great money saving tips ; ) Good Luck! Hope this helps!!!
  12. Wanted to give a heads up! Our wedding is on October 27, 2012. My brothers girlfriend lives in DR, so I will be shipping a box FULL of stuff. To save money, I'm planning on shipping- -Ivory Table Linens for 5-7 tables -Sage/Willow green table runners for 5-7 tables -Several cylinder vases with latex flowers to do submerged flower centerpieces -Decorations for gazebo I wanted to put the word out! If there are any brides getting married soon after Oct 27th and are interested in purchasing any of the items, let me know! I'm sure we could work something out and I could leave the stuff at the resort for you. I'm still in early planning but thought it would be great to touch base with a bride that may be interested so you won't have to stress taking some items I may already have there! I have inspiration pics I could send = ) Isnaya
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