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  1. If the charge isn't for the weekend then I'm not sure what it would be for. I was just married two weeks ago and I did not have to pay a fee to use the gazebo. I'd argue with them and ask for specific documentation as to what the charge is for and to show you where it is in your contract/package.
  2. I think you just need to tell them that your aunt is marrying you and they shouldn't charge the fee. As for the gazebo fee, is your ceremony on the weekend? I thought I saw somewhere that they charge for weekend weddings.
  3. We got our guys' linen shirts at old navy for super cheap and their linen pants from Macys when they were on sale (Cubavera is the brand). We got their flip flops from American Eagle. I think the whole outfit was $50-75 each. Groom got his attire and shoes from Tommy Bahama. Here's a pic. pic.
  4. I was listening to our wedding playlists last night and started crying lol. The memories are all so still fresh and raw-- good memories and happy tears though
  5. I tipped the service staff at the reception $100 because they were phenomenal and deserved it. Tipped the coordinator $50 because she did great as well.
  6. I just got back from my wedding last night. I used Flores Riviera Maya as well for the bridesmaid bouquets and they were beautiful and matched my bouquet perfectly! My moh met them out front and so we did not pay a vendor fee. I took tall galvanized pails to keep the, in before the ceremony in and to put them in on the tables during the reception. It worked perfectly and was beautiful.
  7. In lieu of a bag, I'd suggest getting guests 32oz bubba kegs to take. I got them for our bridal party and everyone lives them and used them.
  8. Congrats!!! That's so awesome you aren't letting that added stress get to you. I leave tomorrow, yikes!!! Actually we don't fly out til Friday at 6am but the airport is a couple hours away so we are going tomorrow and staying at the hostel by the airport so we can relax and not have to get up quite so early. All my wedding goods took 2 suitcases and now I have to pack for myself so We are probably going to 4 suitcases plus our carry ons. One friend is able to take a 2nd bag for freest she's taking one. The only thing I'm stressed about is the weather in playa del carmen. The weather channel says rain, rain, rain but I'm trying not to look at it since I can't control it anyway. Also a little stressed about music. We are using iPod and the reception list I just sort of through together. I'm thinking of just making another play list and putting it on shuffle. Can't believe the time is finally here for all of us!
  9. I'd love to see pictures!!! I don't know how to get to it on FB though? Is it a page?
  10. Happy wedding day!! Enjoy every minute of it, Im sure it will be perfect!
  11. One more question-- if you happen to go to the Mega store or Walmart, could you let me know if they have things like mason jars, candles, vases etc? I'm leaving next Fri and I am so stressed about centerpieces. I was going to take lanterns that I bought but am rethinking that because they are going to be hard to pack. I was hoping I might be able to get something there..
  12. Those little envelopes are so cute! Do you happen to have a template? Would you mind sharing what you tipped them each? I have no idea how much to tip. Thanks much!
  13. Thank you so much for the info about the weather, it was really stressing me out! Sounds like you have everything ready to go and can relax and enjoy yourself now!
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