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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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Ditto Ditto & Ditto, I agree with all the ladies above!!  I have been very lucky & 32 people booked with us at the time, since Christmas another 16 have booked so now have 48!!  I can't believe it, am so overwhelmed by how many people want to share our day.  I think we all sometimes forget its OUR day, you try to please everyone else BUT it is OUR day & you only get to be Cinderalla once so you have to make sure it is your fairytale.


Welcome to the site though, I wouldn't know half the things I know if it wasn't for here!!


On that note ladies, I can't find the contact details for the spa if anyone has them, need to book my hair as only 17 WEEKS TODAY OMG!!!!!!!!  Time is just flying am already thinking about when it is over, don't know what I will do with myself, have enjoyed every minute of planning the wedding!!

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That would have been a smart thing to do, but none of my BM live near me so they just had their sizes taken by a seamstress. I ordered based on matching their measurements to the sizing chart on the site, but the dresses all ended up being really big. Better than too small at least, but now they all have to pay to get them taken in! So if you are deciding between two sizes for your girls, lean to the smaller size!


Originally Posted by cdlillad View Post

Nikki&Owen: thanks for sharing that website. I will try it. So did your bridesmaids try on the dresses in another store first before ordering online?

Melmed: I have a copy of the flower catalog that my wedding coordinator, jazmin, sent to me. What is your email address?


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I bought flameless candles for the tables, the fake ones that are battery powered. You get get really nice ones that flicker adn look real, and the will never blow out!

Originally Posted by melmed View Post

Thanks Tlseege!


I never really thought about breezy conditions during the reception. 

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Nikki - where do you get your flameless candles? Do you know what we have for centerpieces for our private dinner or do we have to bring something ourselves?


What are people bringing for decorations for the ceremony location, dinner, and reception? For the ceremony, I'm brining fabric to add color to the wooden hammock thing (not sure what to call it haha) on the Akumal beach and I'll make some programs. I was going to order fans but te ceremony is only 15 min apparantly so I'm not going to waste my money. For the dinner and reception, I just have a cake topper, some sea shells and starfish, and LED japanese lanterns so far. I wasn't sure what kind of things I should be taking down with me and just curious what others are doing. I figured most of the things would be taken care of by the WC. I hope so because I don't want to bring down too many things with me. I'm still trying to figure out where to get the maracas for our wedding favours.


Is anyone else starting to feel a little panicked? I can't believe how fast the time is going by and I feel like I have so much that I didn't do yet. I ordered a flower for my hair today on Etsy and my luggage tags should be in this week. I'm going to work on my pretravel brochure this weekend. A girl was making my earrings and they were supposed to be done the first week of Feb but she keeps ignoring my emails. I'm thinking it's pretty safe to say she forgot!!



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Abbie32, I am definitely getting a little panicky.  I'm glad someone else feels the same way! 


Karla, my WC, told me that the centerpiece used during the ceremony will be the only centerpiece provided for the reception.  She said that if you wanted additional centerpieces it will be $45.


I was thinking of doing a floating flower centerpiece.  However, I'm not sure whether it's practical to lug down vases to Mexico in my suitcase.  To those of you who are bringing down centerpieces, how are you planning to transport your items?


Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by kitchenwitch View Post


You can choose between two three entrees, soups and salads.  We had three pepper soup and for the life of me canâ€t remember the salad but the food was great as was the service.   Eugenia had decorated the tables for me with rose petals and our giveaways at each place setting.  There was a separate small round table near the entrance with our guestâ€s book, champagne for me and hubby to toast again and more of my fuchsia pink roses.  After dinner, our cake was put onto this table.  We had four tables set up.  Our table consisted of parents, maid of honor, best man, groomâ€s sister, my brother, ring bearer and a cousin.  We let our guests sit where they wished at the other three tables. PM me with your email so I can send you more details.




Originally Posted by Tanya-Karolina View Post


 thank you so much for your response, so as I understand you are allowed to choose only one entree? What about the table decorations and set up? Do they locate the wedding party separated from all other hotel guests? I would love to hear about all little details :) Thanks again! 



Thanks again for the information! I will really appreciate if you can send me more info to my e-mail adress : sunmoonstar111@hotmail.com If you have any pictures from your wedding or the ones that the wedding coordinator sent you, I would love to see those. Eugenia just sent me 3 pictures of different wedding locations, and I would love to see some more pictures from the beach location at the Akumal beach and more pictures of the restaurants and poolside reception! Also if you have any flower and cake catalogues, I would love to see those! Thank you so much! Your information was very helpful! :)


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Abbie32.... Are you doing a 'sand ceremony'?  I hadn't planned on it but now I don't know after reading some other forums and alot of other ppl are doing it.  Ughh just seems like more stuff to bring down.  Are you wearing a formal dress for the cremeony or something more beachy?? 


I can't wait....it's coming up sooo fast!!!  Have you guys all paid your final payment?  How is your turn out?  I had a bunch of ppl cancel last minute :( oh well!! their deposit went back into the group so everyone is going to save about $150pp...what can ya do!? 


Abbie32 again...I have been emailing Eugenia for over a week and havent received a response.  Have you been having a hard time getting ahold of her?  I was getting a response the next day and now I'm not at all...hmmmm

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OMG Girls am majorly stressing out!! 


Had an email from Jazmin yesterday saying that as of May 2011 anyone that booked through first choice will now be staying on the Akumal side!!  I booked Tulum & have booked the gazebo at Tulum for my wedding!!  As the rule is you have to stay on the side you are getting married in the email it said I may have to change wedding location.....excuse my french but WTF!!!!  So I called Mexico straight away & got through to Jazmin.....she basically said it was due to room allocation & that now Thomas Cook have the contract for Tulum & First Choice have it for Akumal?  My answer was but I booked last May!!!!  She has told me to put it all in an email & she will take it to her superior & see what she can do.  Meanwhile I ran my TA yesterday at Cooperative & she is calling First Choice head office this morning so will keep you updated.....but what a major stress....I have threatened that I will cancel the whole booking if they stick to their decision....god just what I need 17 weeks before we go!!!!


Also on the whole DJ thing....I booked DJ Bijan 11 months ago, at the time I emailed Jazmin & asked her if there would be a charge to use him, she replied that there is a charge for any DJ other than Bijan & the resort one Bob.  In addition to the email about Tulum yesterday I received another email saying that there had been a change in their policy & all DJ's other than Bob will be charged a $90 outside vendor fee  again WTF!!!! So I mentioned this in my phone call to her & again she said put it in an email & she will take it to her superior & see if on this occasion she can get the fee waived as I booked so long ago!!


I have to say she was really lovely but it seems like they can change their mind whenever they feel like it!!


On a different note....Abbie.....another bride I met on here got her maracas when she arrived in Playa Del Carmen for $1 each, I think I may do this as all the ones online seem really expensive.


Sorry for rant but am really stressing out now!!!! :(

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Wow Waybuloo... That does sound stressful. I'm sure if you push enough, Jazmin's superior will agree that you should keep your wedding location. Sunmoonstar - I will send u an email with the flower catalog, pics of tulum site locations, and pics of the cake. Maybe other girls will have the other info you're looking for. Christi

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