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  1. Oh yah Tenny...gorgeous pictures!! you look beautiful!
  2. Okay ladies.....hello hello hello!!!!!! I am now a MRS.... Brandy your pics are amazing. Gorgeous!! Tris..you look like you guys had a blast! Okay so the trip was great....wedding day........oy vay!!!!! I was sick in the morning but I wasn't too bad for the ceremony and pics....then it hit!!! I was in the bathroom in our room for most of the evening..I missed dinner, I tried to go but ended up leaving and going back to the room until 8:30 (reception started at 7:30), I managed to stay untl 10:30 and I did get a few dances in. Overall it was an amazing day but kinda sucked that I felt so crappy.......funny thing...I was prepared for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING....what I didn't plan for was heat stroke on my actual wedding day. Oh well we are still recovering from the wonderful trip and I wouldn't change a thing about it.....ok not true I wish I didn't miss out on alot of my special day!! Anyway.....here's the link to my pictures I posted on Facebook!! Let me know what you think!! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=303324&id=518063185
  3. Great job!!!! Everything looks fantastic! It is going to be a beautiful day and well worth all the hard work (and moolah)!!
  4. There.....man I am a nerd!!! I guess I should have read further back to see what was going on with the list. lol So......I had my BD shots done.... I am hoping they turn out good. I had an old friend do them and she has only been doing it for a couple years. I didn't really like the way the hairdresser did my hair but as soon as I get them. I 'll post a few and then send the link. I picked up my wedding dress..yay that went great. I sent my ring away to get replated so it's just as shiny as my wedding band. Made all my beauty appoinments ie. nails, hair, eyelashes. Took all my clothes out and put them in the spare room so I can go through them. Got most of my wedding stuff in the extra luggage Called credit card companies and let them know we'll be gone called phone company and got unlimited texting Need earings for wedding Need sunscreen/ bigger bottle of aloe hmmmm still lots to do ahhhhhhhhhhh it's coming up so fast.....I have about a million lists for everything! I think it was maybe Mocha....someone told me about Options Plus through AirTransat, I can't thank you enough!! Everyone in our group opted for it and we all have our seats now and we are all sitting in a big group. I am so excited! Brandy: I while ago you posted about Rimmel 24 hr foundation.......I'm in love!!!! Thank you for the tip!!
  5. Brandy Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Beaches Turks & Caicos Teneshia (Tennyt1) Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, Jamaica lsmith211 (leah) Wedding: April 5 Leaves: March 31 Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay JA Char (bryanandchar) Wedding: April 5 Leaves: April 2 RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica Monica (baileybride) Wedding: April 6 Leaves: April 1 Mayan Riviera, Mexico Christina Wedding: April 7 Leaves: April 2 Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica Teira Wedding: April 7 Leaves: April 4 Dreams Los Cabos Laura Wedding: April 9 Leaves: April 6 Riu Negril, Jamaica Kiwibride (victoria) Wedding: April 11 Leaves: April 2 Dreams Los Cabos greysgirl(shelley) Wedding April 11 Leaves April 9 Maui, Maluaka Beach JWetli (Jenny) Wedding: April 14 Leaves April 10 Riu Palace Mexico, Riviera Maya Hutchets (Theresa) Wedding: April 16 Leaves April 13 RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica MonicaMai Wedding: April 16 Leaves April 10 Ladera Resort, St. Lucia Lesee(Elese) Wedding: April 18 Leaves: April 14 Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana, DR Meggers (Megan) Wedding: April 19 Leaves: April 12 Barcelo Maya Palace, Riviera Maya Mocha(Sherri) Wedding: April 22 Leaves: April 16 Moon Palace, Riviera Maya Fmichelle (Francine) Wedding: April 25 Leaves: April 20 Excellence, Punta Cana, DR LisaDias(Lisa) Wedding: April 26 Leaves: April 23 Now Jade Riviera Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya Tris (Trista) Wedding: April 28 Leaves: April 23 Gran Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay Jamaica Ellabaja1983(Erin) Wedding: April29 Leaves: April 27 Grand Palladium Kantenah, Mexico
  6. I didn't make the list bu tthat's ok.....my wedding is April 6th and leave on April 1st.....soooo close . I have so much stuff to share but hardly any time for anything anymore...
  7. Mocha...Love the Caramilk labels....so cute. Meggers...I am having a few issues with our TA as well.....sucks!!! I hope it all works out! Lua...Where is your dress posted I haven't been on for a while and so I have no idea where to look. I tried to catch up but just figured I'd jump in at the end. Otherwise I have so many comments on other ppls comment but of course they were 3 or 4 days ago lol!
  8. Thanks ladies...it went by sooo fast we went first to get mani/pedi's and the we all (9 girls) went to this place called 'blo'. They only do hairstyles, they don't cut or dye hair so we were all glammed up. Then hit the liquor store (a must) and the grocery store (snacks) then back to the hotel to get ready. Then for supper we went to a great place called 'sip' where everything they make is made with alcohol. lol. And then off to an improv/comedy club....so up my alley!! And then we hit the bar. It was sooooo much fun, we drank 4 bottles of champagne throughout the first part of the day...everywhere we went, inc the salons, let us drink champagne so by the end of the night I was pretty tipsy. But we got a hotel downtown (this was all in Vancouver) so noone had to worry about driving or getting a ride. The hotel was close to the bar too so it was in stumbling distance, so no cabs were required for later. We were all at the hotel and in bed giggling and wathcing TV by 2:00am. I couldn't have planned it better myself. My sister actually planned it and I had no idea what was happening until we got to each place. GREAT NIGHT!!!
  9. On either side of me are my sisters and on the end is my best friend Kerri. Here is one of me being silly in the hotel room with my outfit on!
  10. Okay so super busy week again!!! But on a brighter note I had my stagette over this weekend. So much fun here is a pic of me in my cute little outfit and my bridesmaids!!
  11. Okay so does anyone have any cute ideas for a couple sentances thanking the guests for coming? I am attaching a card to the gifts I'll be putting at the tabel for them, but I wanted to write something that sounds good on the cards. I am completely uncreative when it comes to stuff like that!! I had seen a nice one somewhere on this website before and I'll be damned if I could find it again!!
  12. Well it's weird that my travel agent hasn't mentioned ANYHTING like this at all!! I even asked as Bride and Groom if we get extra bag and she said no! I wonder if I should (if I am allowed) to call the tour operator myself and ask. Well you guys have given me something to run on anyway! REALLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!
  13. Meggers this was for you!!!!!!!
  14. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I had no idea about this option at all!!! Good travel agent Oh well......I am sooo calling her tomorrow to upgrade. Again THANK YOU
  15. Again with the spelling errors...seriously!!!!
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