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  1. Hello Ladies! I am leaving in 3 days! I can't believe it!!! I have one more question to the previous brides! I would love to have rose petals on the aisle at the beach, and I was quoted $10 per bag of petals. Is it a good size of a bag? would 3 bags be enough to cover the aisle, not fully, but good enough? and also do you know if there a flower shop close by?? In case it will not be enough rose petals, I thought to buy roses myself and just tear off the petals! Also is there a bar right on the beach by the hammock location?? Would you recomend to pay for the champagne toast after the ceremony? Thank you so much!!! you all have been a great help!
  2. Hello Nikki 17. I am getting married at Gran Bahia Akumal, and we are using Dj Bob for our reception! He was pretty good in keeping in touch with me. Here is his e-mail : boradem@aim.com. Good Luck!
  3. Hello Ladies! I can't believe, only 10 days until my wedding! I have a very important question. Brides who got married at Akumal beach, you probably would be able to help me better. My package remember does not include the champagne toast, and it would be strange not to celebrate our marriage with a champagne right away after the ceremony. Eugenia quoted me $3 p/p service charge for champagne toast if I bring my own champagne or $5 p/p open bar ( i guess like a cocktail hour). I am just confused! I have about 42 people, and i dont know if it is worth it. I just have to pay for drinks when they are already included! Is there a bar right there at Akumal Beach? whoever had a champagne toast, let me know please how that goes! And I also have one more question: how many rose petals would I need to cover the aisle, not moderately, but enough to look pretty? Thank you beforehand!
  4. Sunshine 2680 , I was going to ask you what florist are you using in Play Del Carmen? I was thinking about using an outside vendor for my flowers also, because the prices I was quoted at the hotel were a little bit high for me. Were you offered reasonable price in Playa? could you please send to me the info about that florist? thank you so much beforehand! Also if somebody knows any place I could buy just loose flowers, like 100 roses , I was also thinking about making the bouquets for bridesmaids myself, I would appreciate the information!
  5. Thank you so much Julie! I know it is less than 2 months left, and I still have so many things to take care of! Oh well! I am sure it will be great no matter what:)
  6. Hi Julie! thank you so much for the links! your pictures are beautiful! you were a gorgeous bride! thank you for answering my questions! I wasnted to ask you about the paper lanterns, did you have candles or battery lights in them, or you just had them plain? and also you said that you had to pay $3200 for the pics, and you got 1700 pics, but how many touched up pics you got from reception and how many from trash the dress? I also saw your bridesmaids had bouquets and groomsmen the boutinnaires, how much it cost you for every bouquet and boutinnaire? thank you beforehand! I am getting married on Aug 5th, time is just flying!
  7. Hello ladies! I have a question, whoever had a wedding at Gran Bahia Principe Akumal or is going to have a wedding there, do you know how they set up the tables for the dinner reception? I am going to have my dinner at Frutos Del Mar, and I was wondering how they set it up, do they provide the round tables, how many people per table, what kind of chairs are used? I receieved a picture from Eugenia of Frutos Del Mar restaurant, and the chairs on the picture are straw chairs, I was wondering if they use same chairs at the weddings? I wanted to bring the chair sashes but if the straw chairs are used, it will look weird. And also if you know ladies, what kind of basic table linen they use? On the picture that Eugenia sent to me, they use white linen with blue trim, is it the same at the weddings? Thank you so much beforehand! I would apreciate some pictures of the dinner reception and poolside reception if you have them available! Thanks again!
  8. hello Julie! your pictures look very beautiful! I have my wedding at the same location on August 5th, 2011, and I loved the way you had the chairs decorated, and I guess you brought down some fabric also to decorate the gazebo. If you don't mind , could you please send me more pictures where you can see how the chairs are decorated with the sashes, and if you had the gazebo decorated too, how that looks? Also if you did have the gazebo decorated, what type of fabric you used, and how many yards is needed for the gazebo? Thank you so much! my e-mail is sunmoonstar111@hotmail.com You were a beautiful bride!
  9. Hi how are you ? I think about using Photos in Cancun photography for my August 5th 2011 wedding and I would love to see more of his work! Could you please send it to my e-mail : sunmoonstar111@hotmail.com I really appreciate it, thank you so much!
  10. I have my wedding on August 5th 2011, and I am deciding between having my wedding dinner at Dolce Vita or Frutos Del Mar... i really want a pretty view, if somebody had experinece havind their wedding at those restaurants , what would you recomend??? Thank you beforehand!!!
  11. thank you so much for your response, so as I understand you are allowed to choose only one entree? What about the table decorations and set up? Do they locate the wedding party separated from all other hotel guests? I would love to hear about all little details Thanks again!
  12. Hello everybody! I am getting married in Gran Bahia Principe Akumal on August 5, 2011, and I am trying to choose between Dolce Vita and Frutos Del Mar restaurant for my dinner reception, can somebody suggest me one over another? Which one has a more sophisticated interior and closer to water? I would love to hear all suggestions! thank you so much beforehand!
  13. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    Wonderful time with wonderful people

    Pros: comfortable feeling, lots of pictures, great communication, perfect make-up, good quality
    Cons: none
    I got married on August 5th 2011 at Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. I was in charge of the whole wedding planning, including the choice of the photographers. I did a huge research trying to find the perfect photographers who give all pictures plus good amount of edits taken from the entire wedding day for the affordable price. It took me months looking at the websites and portfolios of many many photographers, until i came across the work of Derek Campbell and Lorena Jaimes. I was very excited that
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