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**If you want to help - Nugget and Ann**


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Hi Ladies,


I am the mod in charge of our emergency fund and while I hate to have to be making this thread, we do have a member who is going through a serious life emergency. Our dearest Ann has gone into pre-term labor with her little nugget and we want to make sure that they are taken care of since they are in California, which is far away from their home in Minnesota. Since they will have to stay in CA for a while we want to help them out with what they might need.



if you would like to make a donation, our emergency fund paypal is christine-hull@hotmail.com any amount is appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping out.

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to PM me.


*Update* 5/17, 4pm EST:

This is from Sarah...

I just got off the phone with Ann, and she is now off the Magnesium Sulfate (the medication to stop her contractions). It's just a waiting game now. She is still having contractions, but they are infrequent and not painful to her. She was eating lunch when I called her, and Paul was there. Ann feels so much better now that she's off the Mag because it makes you feel hot and weak- it's really a terrible drug in terms of side-effects. She has had some issues keeping her blood sugar under control and they are still working on that, but otherwise she is doing as well as she possibly can in her situation. She is in good spirits and definitely sounds upbeat on the phone. I'll update tomorrow afternoon when I call her again...

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Thanks Christine. It's sent.


Ok, on a side note... what is with the siggy strike until TammyB is back...? She just posted, where did she go? Did I miss something here?

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