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OMG!! I love these!! They are sexy!! Where did you get them...the color rocks!

Originally Posted by KeraSmiley View Post


Here are mine! Love love love them!!


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These are absolutely adorable, however they look red here...are they red or hot pink.

I would love to get a pair of those for my wedding

Originally Posted by sposa View Post

This are my shoes

They are from Coast,in England.

I wanted something hot pink and took me ages to find them.When I did I just felt in love with them.



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I would really love to know where these barefoot sandals are from! They're so cute and I'm only able to find ones that are kinda on the cheesy side.

Originally Posted by RedIByChelsea View Post

I could not decide which shoes to wear, so I bought 3 pair plus barefoot jewelry! I've included some pics of all of them. I ended up wearing my barefoot jewelry for the ceremony and then right before walking into the reception, put on the gorgeous gold egyptian-esque stilletos pictured here. All of my bridesmaids ended up keeping their foot jewelry on for the ceremony and through the reception since they were so comfy!







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