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  1. Tell you what Tammy, I have no interest in continuing in a forum that operates under such ridiculous rules for "Some" and not others. I obviously hit a nerve with you. So, I will make it easy for you. Delete away!
  2. I would suggest you go back and read as much of this thread as possible to determine which vendor is the right vendor for your dress. There have been loads of successes with a few vendors. I used Monica Bridal and got an amazing dress - if you look at my profile pics, its the rum pink satin dress. I also used babyonline for the white lace and pink dress satin sash dress. I have not used any of the other vendors mentioned but am considering another for the holiday season. As far as the prettypig debate, it's very difficult not to feel something about her being banned. Especially for those of us who have been around this forum for a significant amount of time and have been active on this thread. She walked almost every one of his through this process either directly or indirectly and I guess for me, I feel like she was used for her insight and then thrown aside because people were "offended" by her ways. A little inconsistent, since her ways were exactly the same in the beginning. Oh I don't know say hundreds and hundreds of posts ago. In fact, I would recommend you go back and read her posts on selecting the correct vendor/dress from DHGATE. That is, if her posts aren't deleted. All debate aside, she did provide great step by step instructions. If you can find her posts, it will help you. Good luck. G
  3. So what is the difference between her comments and yours? You just compared her to a bad orange county or jersey housewife gone bad! What makes your comment less rude and relentless than PrettyPig's? You just launched a very personal strike at her. Should you be banned? Just sayin'.
  4. I agree 100%. This thread has almost died off completely. I'm sorry but HUUUUUGE hole in this forum without her! Like her or not, she was a valuable asset. I think there were a few on here that let their own insecurities get the better of them. Just my two and a half cents worth.
  5. Wow that dress is amazing. I've seen a few short dresses from knockoff sellers recently that really do not even come close to the inspiration dress but this one is bang on. Looks gorgeous on you as well. Congratulations.
  6. That dressilyme dress is amazing. Congratulations! you must be so happy. Even the packaging looks professional. Beading, details and fit are spot on. G
  7. I haven't been on here in such a long time. My bad, I was off getting married. Moved up my date but Wow! What has happened on here? This was /is my first thread to pop in on since I joined. Prettypig has been a staple since the first day I joined and from what I've read lately, I just don't get it. Her attitude and tact or whatever you want to call it has been the same since day one. I think we've relied on her experience with the vendors from China more than anyone on this forum. Cultures are different. Approaches and attitude may be different as well. I've never been offended. If it wasn't for her input, I would not have had a clue about ordering a knock off dress. Blunt and to the point got me a dress that fit me to a T and was the most flattering shape on my body type and for 140 dollars. I don't know, I guess others are more sensitive but now after two years of the same Prettypig, to say she may lose priveleges for being the same person she's always been, is just unreal. I think she genuinely wants to help brides or else why would she spend so much time and energy providing us all with so many tips and tricks? As a bride I wanted to look the best I could. Selecting the right dress and providing the vendors the proper information when ordering online were the main points Prettypig drove home. I solicited her advice and applied it. End result was an amazing knock off dress which I wore at my wedding. Thanks Prettypig. Ginger
  8. My my my and I thought your obsessing was limited to dresses only. I have never seen so much attention to detail. I luv it! As I've told you before, you looked AMAZING. And I need to know more about these water absorbing beads, beans or whatever they are. There is a Bowering close to me so I must have them for my centrepieces. You are simply too cute for words. hugs and kisses and just so's ya know, there is still four months left to my wedding and you know there will be more dress obsessing. G
  9. I think the only locations for ceremonies are the terraces. I received an email from the States based planners and the only locations showing are terraces. I don't think they have a beach location. Does anyone know how many weddings they do at beach palace a day. Once my wedding was confirmed, I went back into the reserve a wedding function and the entire day was blocked out. I'm four months out now, I sure hope I hear from someone soon. G
  10. Hi there ladies, Received my wedding contract tonight. Only took a few days to arrive. I sent a couple quick questions to the lady and she answered me promptly. No issues so far. Ginger
  11. I'm not liking that we can't book our ceremony location etc until after assignment of the on site wedding co-ordinator. I don't want to have the ceremony on the beach - I want the sky terrace and if I can't get it, I'll be moving elsewhere - so I may have an issue. How do they expect that you will sign a contract when you do not know if you can secure the locations you want? that's backwards in my industry. You iron out what you want first, then sign the documents.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking alysam. I'm very pleased with this schedule. I'm still waiting for my wedding contract. How long does it normally take to be emailed?
  13. 4pm would have been fine with me but the latest I could get the entire week we were planning there was noon. I guess it must be a busy week for Sun Palace. We decided to move the wedding to Beach Palace and stay at Sun. We were able to secure the 4pm ceremony slot at Beach. All in all i'm much happier with this. An evening ceremony with candles would have been exactly what I wanted but I asked the Floriada co-ordinator and was told they don't do them at Palace resorts. too bad.
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