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  1. Hi Ladies! I just returned from Jamaica!!! Irene turned our return home into quite a little adventure. But, I just wanted to share some highlights and things that kind of stood out in my head. Wedding Date: 8/21/11 Host Resort: Iberostar Suites All 49 guests including ourselves stayed at the Suites, which I thought was the best move we made since Iberostar security was pretty vigilant with keeping guests from straying off. Our travel agent and I sent a guest list to the hotel prior to arrival with a bed preference, which was matched pretty well. If not, they fixed it immediately. Iberostar also tried their best to keep us together in one building upon arrival. I’m not sure if they were going to put us in an ocean view room, but we asked upon arrival and Iberostar said, “We’ll see if there’s any availableâ€. I wasn’t sure why our travel agent didn’t put us in one to begin with but we got one and it was gorgeous. So, that's all that matters. Welcome bags were left in the front desk and they distributed them very nicely...slipped the guy a few dollars. Ceremony: Offsite @ Rose Hall Aqueducts by Grande Garden (4:00 pm but moved to 3:00 pm because of possible rain) Like a few past brides, I fell in love with this venue. My wedding coordinator for this was magnificent. Grande Garden also provided my centerpieces for my reception. Very nicely executed. Restaurants: Welcome dinner: Aunt Ruby’s Steakhouse (6:30 pm) Set entrée menu for a large group. The wait staff was excellent. Appetizer buffet was great. Seafood was very fresh. Entrées came out very quickly. Very private even though other guests were there. No AC though. Guests were uncomfortable. Groom was very uncomfortable. Ceiling fans were not working either. Reception dinner: Calabash (private 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm) I had 5 round tables. Even though Nicole said max. 10 I was able to squeeze 11 at one. We splurged for an International bar, which was $10/person/hour. Again wait staff was excellent. Everything came out really quick it seems. We were served first and we were starving so we were eating and we didn’t really leave our head table too much. The reception went by really fast. We didn’t really have an MC so I would recommend having a friend or family member since the DJ wasn’t too proactive. We just told our toasters to go and grab the wireless MIC from the DJ between courses. Kinda just played it by ear. Not sure about past weddings, but the WC left after the introductions/entrances. My husband and I tried to get guests up on the dance floor after everyone was done eating which was around 9:00 or so. It was a bit bright on the dance floor so I asked the DJ to dim the light and he did. We were happy with the music he played. I'm sure if you asked him to play something to your liking he would. We weren't very picky. Photographer: Misha Earle Misha is very accommodating and easy to work with. Because we were expecting raining we pushed our ceremony time up an hour to 3:00 pm and Misha was very flexible. We did a 2-day package and met Misha during our honeymoon in Negril for a few more hours. Depending on the package you get she travels with a side shooter and lighting person. TIPS *Bring a cell phone that takes a sim card. We bought a sim card when we arrived that allowed us to call locally and internationally. Digicell, Lime, and Claro are all the cell phone companies that you can purchase a sim card and minutes from for under $25. They are everywhere. Complete LIFE SAVER during 2 week stay. *Bring lots of singles for tipping and have all your tips allocated in envelopes prior to leaving (wait staff, photographer, WC, etc.) *A JUTA licensed taxi/driver company was recommended by our travel agent. We used them a lot while we were down there. A driver was always just a phone call away whether it was for a ride to the mega mart, airport, or a private group tour. Prices were very reasonable and definitely less than the ones at the hotel. If you need any of the info. on the driver, photographer, Grande Garden, and etc. just message me. I'll try my best to answer your questions. I'll post some pictures as well.
  2. Yes free!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised when I heard this upon arrival. Not the greatest food but it's something. There's also a restaurant on the Beach and one in the Suites that's open til 6 am which was nice. Just for snacks but there was a cook there to make some burgers and hot dogs and etc.
  3. Hi! I just got back from Jamaica. I had an off-site wedding and dinner reception at the Suites. Message me if you wanted detailed info. I'll be happy to share as well.
  4. I wanted to share the menu for the Suites (again). Menus Suites.pdf
  5. Wow! Hmm I wonder if it's too late to ask my TA for all these perks if I mention that this company does this. I remember asking my WC at the Suites about it and she said "We do not offer FREE cocktail hours" and that was basically the end of the convo. I also asked my TA about upgrades, but she said "Well, we have to wait til the very end to see how many rooms we have and see if Iberostar will work with us. MAN, if I only knew about this company you're using. Good for you!!!! I have now 25 rooms booked. The TA lowered the room rates here and there and threw in free transportation to and from airport but that's basically it. Ques.- Is your company charging you a service fee or they just making $ off your room reservations and air? Thanks!!!!! Originally Posted by DeAngelis2be Hi Kim, My FI and I are inviting everyone to the destination wedding that we would be inviting if we had a wedding back home. We are also surprised by the amount of people that are interested in coming in to the wedding; it's looking like 50-75 people joining us in Jamaica!!! We booked a group rate (holding 25 rooms) through Beach Bum Vacations and they offered us great rates, plus amazing incentives for the Bride and Groom: for 25 rooms booked we are getting a free cocktail hour with hand passed food, welcome party, and 7 nights Ocean View at the Grand! I would defiantly look into group rates at the Suites with Beach Bum. Come up with a list of things that you would like Iberostar to offer you for free or reduced cost since you will be bringing 50-60 people to stay at their resort for your wedding. We made a tired list of incentives based on the amount of rooms that are booked i.e. 10 rooms booked free cocktail hour and 3 nights free, the incentives increase with every additional 5 rooms we book. Keep in mind that you can talk to other TAs about offering you such incentives for a group rate for your wedding. Before we went with Beach Bum we had 2 other agents trying to get us the same things but they weren't successful. Let me know if you would like Beach Bums contact info. p.s. From your last message: my wedding colors are fuchsia, lime green, and orange with 6 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, with a flower girl & ring bearer (them and their parents will be staying at the Suites, kids are allowed to come over to the Grand if you are hosting a private event i.e. welcome party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding ceremony and reception)
  6. Thanks! I was going to do a message in a bottle sort of thing where guests would place wishes or Mad Lib sorta things in a glass bottle but decided on this since my florist Grande Garden is able to supply the tree. So, yes it's a rental. Here's pictures of what they will try to replicate It will have flowers in it as well but she can also string crystals on the branches.
  7. Hi! I just wanted to share that I've been working with a fabulous florist/wedding planner from Grande Garden in Montego Bay Jamaica. The prices have been totally reasonable and the service has been great. . Message me if you want more info.
  8. I just wanted to let you know that I've been working with a fabulous florist/wedding planner. The prices have been totally reasonable and the service has been great. I'm having my wedding off-site and the reception at the Suites so she's providing me the centerpieces, a wishing tree (in lieu of a guest book), and services for the offsite ceremony. Message me if you want her info.
  9. I am also wondering what the menu for Calabash-Gourmet Restaurant was too. Does anyone know how early we need to notify WC about our guests' entree choices. My wedding is Sunday, Aug. 21 but most guests are not arriving until Sat. I was hoping to get it then.
  10. I am sure everything will turn out wonderful!!!! I can't wait to hear from you when you return!!! Congrats!!!
  11. i finally made it to 150 posts but i still don't have permission to download. WHY!!!!!!!!!!
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