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  1. I need to chime in on this. I am already married a whole month. My wedding was in August and I ordered my stuff from Bitter sweet since May. ofcourse the chic was quick to reply and get my cash, but now that she did not follow through on any of the items i ordered, I asked for my deposit back. She has been giving me the run around. Her e-mail sends an auto-reply that she is out of office. I am done. I am reporting her to the BBB of canada. I am just trying to figure out her zip code. I should have know something was no good when a website does not have an address to the company or a phone number. I am so angry. She was the worst vendor I delt with.
  2. Wow, this really helps. Thank you all. This is a great question.
  3. You looked Amazing. The photographer did a great job. Its jist something about the sun that just makes one shine.
  4. Shu I was born there and man, you taught me a few things from this package. Thanks so much. Great job.
  5. I am using Tai-flora in ocho Rios, I talk to Jennivie once a week through this e-mail address-salesochorios@taiflora.com Hope this helps.
  6. I am buying a set that comes with an opening that is wide and comes with a cap to cover. I hope it works. Here is what I will get Kensington Classics: Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set
  7. Can someone help me?! I also went with Bittersweet, and spoke with Crystal upto the point I placed my order, made my 50% deposit and now she is missing in action. All of this over a month now. I have been sending her numerous e-mails and no reply. Also hunted down her number because on the site it has no area code.Been calling, left messages no answer. I am about to panic, leaving in 4 weeks. Any advice?
  8. lol, all the guys are nuts (including mine). But, its their way of adding their boyish side to the wedding. Let them have fun. I wont say its a great idea, but it is different and unique, who doesn't want to be apart of that.
  9. Oh, yeah we have decided due to the amount of guest now heatting a high of 80, OMG, we will just give everyone a nice thank you for supporting us card in the room, and a list of weekend activities they can do, which I get free from the jamaican consulate. They always want to promote, so... Also, I think I will have to fire a few bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, they have not bought there dresses, no shoes, nor their flights, nor have they finalize their room. I am so over this whole thing, I am not going to let them get me in a bad mood. Is everyone bringing their wedding coordinator down with them to over see it all? Get ready ladies, time is here. Good luck all, incase I get too busy and don't get back before we leave off to the big day. I wish you guys the best of luck, and I hope it all goes smoothly and beautifully.
  10. Hi, Guys I am back. I must say things are going much better. The new dress maker is wonderful. She has been doing great on my dress. Though I had to buy all new materials and everything, but it was worth it. Well, we are on our way ladies. Let me ask, will you change your last names or will you add? Big debate in this house hold. We are now looking for our wedding bands, trying to get a big break on price before heading back to the guy he bought my engagement ring from. I also need to finish my DIY project, the menu for each table. I designed it but need to get it printed and cut the way I like.
  11. Hi, Guys I must give you all the update of my dress 4 MONTHS into this. I am screaming in my head. I have been breaking out and loosing hair, literally, because of all this stress. I think someone needs to call BRIDZILLA for me. lol (at least I can still laugh, right) Well, my dressmaker has not made any progress with my dress, it is in pieces and I have nothing to try on and she has had my dress since December. I decided to find a new dress maker, which I did, and take my materials or my money back from her. I went last night and my FI had to step in because she was not letting go. She wanted to finish my dress and use it as an example for another bride she plans to make a dress for in December. Well, this was a lesson to me. When people say never tell someone you are doing business with for your event the exact date, do just that. She felt because my wedding was in August she had ample time and could do other projects in the mean time. Bottom line, I am happy that my man got the materials from her for me, after threatening to take her to court; she gave it up right away. So, now I am on a new escapade with the new dress maker. She is young, fresh, interns at a designing firm and has a degree in designing, she has also made dresses for run way shows in the fashion district in New York, and I have seen some of her work. I hope to breath easy from here on out. On another note, I plan to do a small welcome basket or bag for everyone and I do not know where to start. I have ideas on what to put in, but it seems really costly being that I now have 100 RSVP. What can I do ladies, who can I use for this? I had a drawstring backpack idea, but look costly...... Welcome to the thread newbie’s and hope to see pictures when we get back.
  12. Purrfected- the mini ones are actually almost the same size as the US passport, it is just maybe 1in off on both sides. I had 4 pages inside. I also did a mini boarding pass inside with the list of activities on it. It held a lot of information. I have them on my album on here, I am still not sure how to post pics to threads.lol I am glad you like the workshe does. Merocket59-The size was just right for the event. I just didn't get the bigger ones due to the cost and trying to save on money. Not that she charged a lot, but didn't know what my budget will look like, so anyway to save on cost I took it.
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