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  1. Gianni Pattis pre-owned.Mermaid gown i size 8 (I'm a 6 in street clothing). Bustled and hemmed. Asking $700 obo. More pictures available upon request. Great as extra dress for TTD photos! Can stop by and see in person if in the Montreal area. Shipping extra, Dress already clean
  2. How is it that I am now finding this blog (after my wedding). Wonderful work you've done so far. wishing you all the best on you upcoming day
  3. Hey ladies, I got married at Dreams Punta Cana Sept 16 2011. We did the Saona Island excursion, the beach is beautiful. It starts with Hotel pick up at about 8am then you take a small tour to the beach destination pick. the driver gives little information about the area. then you jump on a catamaran to saona island. when you get to the island they provide lunch and hang out at the island for about 3 hours. after this you jump on a speed boat which takes you at a point in the ocean where you can swim with starfishes. the area is extremely shallow but it is i the middle of the ocean. It's about 30-45mins around that area and they do provide complimentry drinks. The price was $79 if booked with sunwing rep at the hotel. the other companies were charging aver $100 for the same excursion. We also did the buggy excursion the more the better cause then they will reduce the price, it cost us $40 per person. This one is for the adventurous ones cause it's muddy wet and dirty, but I loved every moment of it until I got back to the Hotel and realised my hair had loads of sand in it and my wedding was a day away...LOL I would do them both over again, except for saona island walk with more sun block. I was roasted! Hope this info helps
  4. Thank you so very much. Hope everything went well and Congrats to us again
  5. Congrats akamikey! you looked beautiful
  6. Thank you so very much Angie! I did my hair and makeup at the spa the are amazing there I brought an inspirational pic and they nailed it, as for Makeup I brought my own foundation, makeup forever HD line they pretty much did it exactly as I wanted. So fear not! We went with the free package and adding things we needed, we added the Gold cocktail and silver dinner package. The dinner was as expected, our main course was the chicken cordon bleu for us it was a safe choice, it was magnificent but was good. we went with the vanilla flavoured cake,and it tasted great. For the ceremony we had our music played on an iphone. During reception my friend was in charge of music and played songs from his laptop. I brought my own bouquet made from real touch flowers I ordered it from Wedideas I loved it! In my opinion the beach is not that private for a ceremony, yes they section it off but there are still activities going on around the area and it is a bit distracting. But that's a personal choice, we had our ceremony at the wedding gazebo and thought it was the perfect choice for us. Also if you have to pay for extra cake for guest I would suggest dividing the extra number in 2 then adding it to the total because the cake for 10 persons was really big we paid for the extra 7 and it was way too much cake for us. the top layer was left untouch, I took it back to my room but with all this food around us 24/7 it remained in the room until departure...LOL Please if there is anything else, please feel free to ask. Subbi
  7. Hey Ska2m Thank you so much. Regarding the paper lanterns I think a good number would be 25-30 in various sizes (medium to large). As I mention we used HDC for photos. Portofino Patio (used to be Bordeau) is absolutely beautiful. For the ceremony we did bring our own music.One of our friends was responsible for music I emailed him a list prior and the day of the wedding he added the music to his iphone and gave it to Jennifer the music went well except at the walk back down the isle she started playing the wrong song but quickly changed it. as for the details, the songs was place in the order they were supposed to be played. Hope I was somewhat helpful.
  8. One thing I thought was a waste of money was water bottles, Initially I was going to get travel mugs but kept putting it off until the time to travel was way too close so I got water bottles. But believe travel mugs or water bottles are useless at an all inclusive. Almost every you turn there is a bar or someone walking around asking if you'd like a drink. If I had to do it again I won't be buying any of those. Just for information we got married at Dreams Punta Cana. Every thing else got used especially the bags itself I was so happy. I also included flip flops, vitamin C, Pepto (a must have), Advil, Key Card holders(great addition) mini lotion and hand sanitizers.
  9. Hey Ladies I just returned from my wedding at Dreams Punta Cana. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, small glitches but nothing significant. We got Married September 16th, at 4pm at the wedding Gazebo. It's was beautiful, I really couldn't ask more of Jennifer my WC. Though I there was so much lack of info before I got there she totally put my fears to rest once we arrived at Dreams. My stay at Dreams was however another issue all together. From not getting my room the night before the wedding to $100 cad missing from my room, there was definitely issues there. But I certainly didn't let that get to me I decided I wanted a memorable wedding and that's exactly what I had thanks to Jennifer We had our reception and cocktail at the portofino restaurant, and luck had it that the restaurant was closed that night so we had the whole place to ourselves (the patio that is, but no other hotel guest try to get into the restaurant so that worked out marvelous). As it regards photographer, we went with HDC Photography based in DR. The Pictures are absolutely beautiful, however I thought they didn't take intimate shots of us having quiet moments but the pics we got were lovely. The Photographer was really easy to work with put us at ease from the get go. we got 570 pics on a DVD before departure, and we chose the basic package and added an extra hour to get the important moments for example first dance and cake cutting. After our reception we heading to the disco to party the night away, let me say the disco was the place to be every night we were there. Please if there is anything you guys like to know feel free to message me. Here is a pic of my husband and I at the portofino just as we entered the patio. Jennifer added all the decorations which I handed to her the morning of the wedding (might I add at no additional charge, partly because we were a group of only 17).
  10. Hey ladies, I am back from my wedding at Dreams Punta Cana. The day went by perfectly, a few small hitches but nothing the dampened any of our spirits so I conclude it was perfect as can be. Will try to write an official review soon but here is a pic of us on the day.
  11. Just wanted to take a moment to extend congrats to Justiner and Caboose hope your weddings came off without hitches and that you guys had a blast. Congrats again
  12. Hey Ladies, it seems so long since I last posted here, the countdown has really begun, Things are finally beginning to fall into place, Congrats to all of us September lovelies wishing you guys many years of marital bliss, and as the time approaches lets all remember the true reasons we are on this path, enjoy the journey, stop and smell the flowers. Most importantly remember the love for each other, family and friends. Will definitely pop back here to wish everyone individual greetings.
  13. oooouhhhh!...seems like you had so much fun. bring on the wedding now.
  14. Thanks 'H' for the app already using it.
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