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  1. Hi nicolej518, The bar was all included in our wedding package and at the time it was whatever drinks you wanted, it didn't matter on the package option. To our delight, they had also made all of us a special drink when we arrived at the reception-it was really good! I hope this helps
  2. Hi daniellemv, The same flower piece that was used during our ceremony, was also used as the centerpiece for our reception table. That was part of our package though
  3. I finally had the chance to add my name to the list -now that it's 8 days away!
  4. Hi Andrea28, As far as I understand it, the package price is the price- no adjustments or substitutions! So, get as many people to go as you can and just know that one photographer might get a shot that the other couldn't. That's what we're hoping for As far as the booking goes, I believe they credit you toward any incidentals you may have, but you'll need to confirm that because I'm not for sure.
  5. I am relieved to tell you all, that I got a call from another judge who could do it at our original time! I'm so thankful!
  6. Hi Ladies! We are coming down to the wire and having a hard time deciding what to do for our hors d'oeuvres and reception meal! Can you tell me what you ate and if you liked it? We could really use some help!!! Thanks!
  7. Turned out great! It probably feels good to have them done...I can't wait til I am
  8. It's amazing all the different stuff you can find and how creative people can get!
  9. I can't decide if I should do a fan for my guests....our wedding is in the evening, but maybe at that price, I will!
  10. I haven't heard of either of them, but I check them out! thanks
  11. I wish I would've seen this thread earlier! Good idea though, I will keep my eyes out for future steals
  12. We decided not to do one either! I'm still kind of torn because I know my grandma would love to be there, but she's too old to travel that far now. But, my FI doesn't want to do one because he says we are having our reception at our wedding! I agree...but maybe I can get some of the family together this summer for a cookout, but not call it a reception!
  13. Love the scrapbooking idea! Is it faster than real scrapbooking?!
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