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  1. so it's been awhile since starting this thread, but my love affair with Insanity still continues. the results I got with it were seriously insane, and I've been trying to find a way to duplicate them while avoiding the redundancy (I have memorized all the Insanity DVDs). last year, I did a P90X/Insanity combo, but I didn't shed pounds the way I did with Insanity daily. now I'm getting back in to working out and started with T25. my husband and I tried T25 initially and didn't see results in 3+ weeks so were discouraged. now I'm using it as a stepping stone to 1 - 2 weeks of Insanity which will
  2. no KIDDING?! the royal in cancun was purchased by hyatt (it's now the hyatt zilara). fortunately, according to the trip advisor reports nothing has really changed. maybe the same is in store for playa. sad for the change, but it's indicative of all the commercial traffic playa has garnered - I've been going there for the past decade, and it's really different today. but I'm still in love with it and would consider buying a condo there if not for the political uncertainty. as far as the beach, it all depends on what you're used to. I found it to be better than Hawaii's big island (the
  3. I'm headed back to the Royal (6th time - certifiable, I know!!). will anyone be getting married there over Labor Day??
  4. omg, I could not agree with you more! I tried to do another round of Insanity this year to prepare for our upcoming anniversary trip back to Playa, and I was so bored with the videos (this is my 3+ time through). I cannot WAIT for the new T25 and signed up to get an email when it's released this summer. : ) Shaun posted a video of it on his facebook page on Monday, and I think other videos were leaked to You Tube. this year I'll do the reverse and get in shape AFTER Mexico (but still during bikini season... ; )
  5. Like so many other brides, I’m finally cleaning out the wedding supplies in preparation for our anniversary trip to Playa del Carmen. All items are in brand new, never used condition (except where noted below). I’m not opposed to shipping to Canada but would prefer if the order total is at least $30. Shipping will be the actual cost to your destination based on the items ordered. I’d love it if you want to order multiple items – please make an offer! 9 Eco-Wish Lanterns – $35 It was too windy for us to release these at the wedding. All are brand new in original packaging.
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